August 11, 2012

Mitt Romney has made a bold choice by tapping Paul Ryan to be his running mate. People will argue whether it’s a good choice. But it basically will energize conservatives. The Tea Party loves Ryan. He’s the most substantive of all the House members.

This choice gives the Republican Party someone who will go out and give us what the Republican plan will be for our economy, whether Romney wins or not. He was the architect of it.

He gives Romney the opportunity to go after young voters on fiscal issues. Saturday’s announcement will make this a substantive campaign for the next couple of weeks. This is a guy who is not going to make mistakes. He knows the substance of the debate over our economic future better than anyone else.

He is the Jack Kemp of this generation. Kemp was the great creative architect of the Reagan tax cuts. He has the opportunity to do what Reagan didn’t do. Reagan had the opportunity to pick Kemp, which he didn’t do.

Ryan clearly is the conservative thought leader in the House today. The Democrats will go ahead and attack Ryan for the next two weeks, but I counter that he will get Romney up to speed. My sense is this has been a very thoughtful plan. Now, it’s got to be sold. It certainly creates a contrast with Obama. Now there is a way to challenge Obama on the fiscal deficits and health care.

There will be no harsh criticisms from Republicans over this choice. And it also brings along two elements: He’s a Catholic. He can go out and take up some of the fight. He also has the ability to appeal to young people. They are disillusioned about Medicare and Social Security. He may be able to bring some of them along.

But, Mitt's choice of Ryan becomes the ultimate meal for the Obama Campaign. Again, we'll see the ads of Ryan throwing grandma off the cliff, of Seniors being denied access to doctors, of fat-cat Wall Street attorneys and corporate heads, counting money and the ads depicting the end of the middle class as it becomes part of the lower class.

I, for one, wonder why Romney chose Ryan. He would make an excellent choice to stay right where he is with Romney in the White House. Not only that, he makes a very easy target to shoot at by the Democrats.

It took the Obama White House just 1 and a half minutes to respond, mostly with glee. Fox News Analyst and commentator Juan Williams, not not-too-far-to-the-left Democrat said in an op-ed (just an hour after Romney's announcement) that Romney's announcement was more like a "concession" speech.

Williams asks the same questions I am asking today: What happened to strategic political importance of Ohio, Florida and Virginia? What happened to emphasizing job growth, to voters who say that is their number one priority? What happened to appealing to independent, suburban women voters concerned about maintaining the social safety net? What happened to seniors concerned about their Medicare and Social Security?

This choice does not put the state of Wisconsin in play, a state which Republicans haven't won since 1984. The average polling data as of Friday suggests that Romney is down 12 points in Wisconsin and the addition of Ryan, who's popularity outside of his House district isn't strong, won't add more than 2 or 3 points for Romney.

I believe Florida will now go to Obama, letting him off the hook and putting him close to the 270 electoral mark he needs for reelection.

Romney now has his work cut out for him and his choice of Paul Ryan makes this an election about alternatives instead of a referendum on the economy and Obama's failure to produce jobs, lower the deficit and all around growth.

At this juncture, 86 days away from the election, and given the far-left's propensity to smear tons of filth and propaganda against the GOP, I believe only Paul Ryan can save Romney's campaign. He is eloquent, logical, intellectual and sophisticated enough to debate the issues and is dynamic enough when speaking to hold his own.

But Romney is at the top of the ticket, and he is not eloquent. Romney can't woo the crowds like Obama. My fear is that when Romney says "Good Morning" to the average crowd, he'd only get stares. We already know, when Obama says "Hello" mountains move and the stars bow is worship.

It now gets nasty. And the Romney campaign is in a no win situation. When the Obama smear ads bet more ugly (and they will), if the Romney campaign fights back with more smears, he will be perceived as desperate. If he doesn't fight back accordingly and chooses to stay on the issue of Obama's record, he will be perceived as a chicken.

I can only say, if the election were to be held this coming Tuesday, it would be a McCain-Obama election all over again -- close to an electoral landslide. Never mind the fact that all around, Romney choice is a "wise" choice, but I don't think the average citizen is seeking the wisdom of Solomon at this juncture -- Obama wants us to be seeking a handout from the government. And Obama is the "Handout King."

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.