November 6, 2013

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia, squeaked by his GOP opponent Ken Cuccinelli, with the help of single women, Bill Clinton and gun control enthusiasts who live outside of the Commonwealth.

McAuliffe, who once advised Bill and Hillary Clinton during the time they worked on the 1994 Anti-Crime/Gun Control Bill, was credited for having a big idea: To wit, outlaw magazines in semi-automatic pistols. Yeah, he wanted to convert pistol owners into Barney Fifes who would only be allowed one bullet - in the chamber - as a means of gun control. It didn't get anywhere, but tax payer funded midnight basketball was a sure hit.

Just four days before election day, political analysts and two independent pollsters revealed that gun control was going to be a key issue. How?

Well, it began with the October 24 candidate’s debate at Virginia Tech, the site of the worst mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history. In response to a question, Cuccinelli boasted of his A rating from the NRA.

And then McAuliffe did something surprising: He said he didn’t give a fig about the powerful lobby’s rating. And, oh, by the way, he had earned an F.

Differences over gun control between Cuccinelli, the state’s attorney general, and McAuliffe, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, were not a secret before that debate. But Democrats rarely brag about their support for gun-control measures in statewide elections in pro-gun Virginia. McAuliffe’s change in strategy suggested a play for his liberal base — but also hinted that he felt comfortable changing the playbook in the still-evolving swing state of Virginia.

David Adams, legislative director for the Virginia Shooting Sports Association, said “I don’t think you’ve seen any Democratic candidate run in Virginia as rabidly anti-gun as McAuliffe has in the last two weeks.”

Gun-control groups were equally wound up. Left dispirited by President Obama’s lack of action on firearms, some took heart in hearing a Democrat talking tough about new gun-control measures.

Look for McAuliffe to push a series of measures which would make Colorado's gun laws look tame in comparison. Will gun owners be allowed just one bullet for their handguns and be told to be happy with it?

Stay tuned.

Higher Taxes are on the way to Virginia. McAuliffe has a long history of supporting higher taxes, all the while looking for havens into which he can stash his cash. In a 2009 debate, McAuliffe said he disagreed with Governor Tim Kaine on ending the Estate Tax.

In 2012, McAuliffe supported eliminating the Bush tax cuts for families making over $250,000 and individuals making over $200,000.

McAuliffe supported letting the tax cuts expire despite a 2012 Ernst & Young report that found this policy would “result in a smaller economy, fewer jobs, less investment and lower wages. And let's not forget, McAuliffe whole-heartedly supported Obama's Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and wants to expand it through state exchanges and more cuts into retirees' Medicare accounts.

Oh, an increase in the state's sales tax will be on McAuliffe's table as well. A 1 percent increase would put the Commonwealth in a bracket close to Taxachusetts and in the running with California's.

It only remains whether a Republican House of Delegates will tolerate his plans for where and on whom he will present his tax proposals.

Stay tuned.

Mr. McAuliffe is also on record calling for a referendum to overturn the Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage. Should the Supreme Court not rule during the next four years in favor of striking down 33 states' laws which bar it, McAuliffe will push for repealing it in Virginia.

We know endorsing of same-sex marriage is politically expedient for Democrats. And McAuliffe back in February spoke for the first time in favor of marriage equality, calling for civil marriages for gay couples. Prior to this, he favored only civil unions. But seven months after he "morphed" into a supporter of civil marriages for gays, he ventured into the religious realm, albeit carefully.

When asked by a Norfolk television reporter if he thought same-sex marriage would infringe on religious freedom, McAuliffe somewhat flippantly said, "Marriage equality is coming to every state, including Virginia and perhaps religious leaders need to address it among themselves. If they think they (i.e. religious leaders) and their churches and synagogues are being infringed upon, perhaps they should consider getting out of the business."

What was that? No, the reporter didn't ask a follow up and McAuliffe offered no explanation. He said just "consider getting out of the business." Now my question is: To what business was he referring?

I can think of two possibilities. One, quit performing, blessing and officiating at any and all marriages; or two, close your church doors and go out of business. The second implies that if you don't support same-sex marriage and offer to host and officiate such ceremonies, we will close you down.

Can this happen? Will this happen? Stay tuned.

Yep, gun control, higher sales and income taxes and a big push for same-sex marriage is coming to Virginia. This, in addition to excessive spending for green energy, easy access to abortion at anytime during a pregnancy and for any age without parental consent, elimination of voter ID laws, the shutting down of coal mines in the western part of the state, and jobs being lost will become the highlight of the McAuliffe governorship. Add to that the probability that he will spend no time outside of the country to bring in jobs to the state as his last eight predecessors have done and we will have a radically different leadership never before seen in Virginia.

As Barack Obama promised a fundamental transformation of America when campaigning for the White House, so Terry McAuliffe will follow in the footsteps of America's tyrannical leader and will, likewise fundamentally transform the Commonwealth. We just may be on the road to becoming California II.

Join me now as we sing: "California here we come, California we become!"