At least since the mid 70s, liberals have been running around in a state of indignation, claiming that the government is being taken over by a dangerous regiment of religious fanatics who want to abolish the First Amendment, establish a national religion, force their bizarre sexual morality on children in public schools, rewrite the nation's laws to enforce their personal moral preferences, and punish anyone who dissents from their views.

Well, it's all true!  This is precisely what the liberal's are trying to do!

Ann Coulter, the Conservative Columnist and best selling author explained in her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism, that liberalism is a religion. "It has it's own cosmology, its own beliefs in the supernatural, its own churches, it own high priests, its own saints, it own total worldview, and its own explanation of the existence of the universe."

Yet, for liberals, having their own religion is not enough.  They want to impose it on the rest of us, and they have no conscience about how they do it. Conveniently, their religion teaches that there is no such thing as conscience.  Whichever of the peculiar enthusiasms they are pushing at the moment, from Godless communism to compulsory pornographic instruction in the public schools, to gay marriage, to "hate crime" and "antidiscrimination" laws that would make it a crime to express or act on Christian beliefs, it always comes from the same root.  Liberals can justify anything because they believe in nothing except self and that is questionable.  Specifically, they believe that man has no greater moral significance than an ape and that God is nothing more than a story some of the apes made up.

The fundamental liberal belief is a denial of the Christian faith in man's immortal soul.  Their religion holds that there is nothing sacred about human consciousness.  They deny the most important thing we know about ourselves: that we are moral beings in God's image.

Once the belief that man is a child of God is removed from the equation, then, as Jean-Paul Sartre said, "Everything is permitted" - or at least everything that advances the liberal agenda.  So it's no surprise that their version of the First Amendment protects "simulated child pornography" but allows them to pull the plug on a high school valedictorian's microphone when she mentions the name of Jesus (as was the case with Brittany McComb, graduate of Foothill High School in Henderson, Nevada).

Liberals' two favorite words are "tolerance" and "judgmental." The former is a good word for them and the later is bad.  But in liberal theology these words mean something very different from what normal people mean by them.  To most people "tolerance" means limiting the power of government to the job of preserving ordered liberty so that people of different faiths or no faith at all can live together in peace.  What liberal mean by tolerance is excluding anything Christian (ethics, lifestyle, teachings, churches, etc.) and Judaism from any influence in public life.  Since, for liberals public life is all of life, the ultimate logic is to make Christianity illegal.  "Judgmental" means any objection to their plan.  Under liberal theocracy we have a country in which taxpayers are forced to subsidize "artistic" exhibits of aborted fetuses, crucifixes dipped in urine, and gay pornography.  Meanwhile, among the things the Supreme Court has ruled as "unconstitutional" are moments of silence in public schools, prayer in public schools, and displays of the Ten Commandments in public places like schools courthouses and state capital buildings.

So is it that liberals have no conscious or just that they never listen to themselves talk?  Liberals are constantly accusing Christians of intolerance, of refusing to see the other fellow's point of view, preachiness, and even conducting a "war" against science of which Christians are supposedly afraid.  But I almost never see these things in Christians, but I always see them in liberals.

Let's take science for instance.  To be sure, Christians oppose Nazi-like experimentation on human embryos. So I guess you could say we oppose Nazi science.  Liberals believe this is part of true science and deem Christians as Nazi-like in their teachings.

Meanwhile liberals are also terrified of, and hysterically lie about, any science that might challenge their views, especially their sexual worldview.  So they lie about the AIDS virus, claiming that AIDS doesn't discriminate between homosexual and heterosexuals.  After twenty five years now it appears that AIDS does discriminate, leaving out the number of those affected who use intravenous drugs from off the streets.

Take, of another instance, when former Harvard President Larry Summers suggested that perhaps it might be interesting to investigate whether men and women have different aptitudes in math and science.  The female faculty and students went berserk and called for his immediate dismissal.

It's liberalism that is constantly opposing science because liberals can't stand it when science contradicts their fundamental moral principle, which is nondiscrimination, unless it is discrimination against religious "zealots" and they don't mean Muslim extremists who stand up for their beliefs.

Of course, another term for refusing the discriminate between things that are different is refusing the acknowledge reality. Liberals live in a world in which even contemplating the idea that there are real and important differences between men and women makes them ill.  It is no wonder that they can't think of any objection to men marrying each other; the whole idea of an opposite sex frustrates them.

In the 60s, 70s and 80s, liberals hated Christianity because it was the most powerful force opposing communism.  Now they hate Christianity because it is the most powerful force in the world opposing sexual depravity.  It opposes same-sex marriages, having to let their churches and property be used for such ceremonies and pastors being forced to perform them. It opposes bigamy, pedophilia and bestiality.  To liberals the real enemy is God.

This is why it drives them crazy that science keeps coming up with evidence disproving Darwin's theories.  It should be pointed out that Charles Darwin did do what scientists are supposed to do and specified the evidence that would disprove his theory.  He stated that his theory (and he used that term, "theory") would be disproved if it could be shown that there is any biological form that could not have evolved by gradual steps: small mutations accumulating over time because each one was beneficial.  At the time, neither Darwin nor anyone else had any idea of the inner workings of the cell at the molecular level. Now we do!  And we know the cell is more complicated than the most complex computer in the world today. 

Michael Behe described in his book Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, that the mystery of the human genome is far more advanced than we can conceive computers will become in the centuries to come.  For that "computer" to be the result of Darwinian evolution, all the interlocking pieces would not only have had to randomly mutate into existence, but each mutation would have had to make the cell "more fit" at the time the mutation took place. Otherwise there would be no advantage to the mutation, and it would not survive and spread.  But as Behe points out, the cell does not become more fit until all those mutations are working together in this interlocking machine. So the cell, a basic unit of life, could not have evolved gradually - thus it fails the standard Darwin himself proposed.

At this point Darwin is like Galileo or Hippocrates - a figure in history rather than in science.  Meanwhile, scientists who take seriously the evidence that creation was guided by an intelligent designer are blacklisted and censured.  Michael Behe was formally denounced by his entire department - for offering a scientific theory that contemplated the possibility that God exists.  If he had not had tenure they certainly would have dismissed him from the faculty.

If there is anything liberals accuse Christians of more often that being "intolerant" and "judgmental," it is not having an "open mind."  A couple of years ago the school board of Dover, Pennsylvania wanted to include in the curriculum an innocuous, almost timid statement saying some scientist see evidence that evolution had help from an Intelligent Designer, and suggesting students might want to read up on the controversy on their own time, the liberals sued!  As Ann Coulter pointed out, the ruling won "the admiration of imbeciles at Rolling Stone magazine," as did the liberal federal judge who ruled that "suggesting that students think for themselves was unconstitutional."

Liberals can't afford to give up on Darwin because without Darwin they have to confront God.  Christians wouldn't be disturbed if evolution in some form were eventually supported by actual evidence.  We believe the truth will make us free. But the idea of a God who made man in His image shatters the liberal worldview.

This, then, becomes the reason why taking over the public school system is so important to them.  Their energy in this arena is unmatched!  They will not give up.  If they are not teaching in the schools that oral sex is a perfectly acceptable form of birth control, they are forcing third graders to read Heather Has Two Mommies.  Just to hold the line at somewhere short of bestiality, normal people have to endure another endless debate about the latest liberal depravity, go to school board meetings for hours, organize their neighbors, and meet with teachers to simply get them to teach things like reading and math rather than issuing propaganda on the virtues of lesbian motherhood.

Liberals are always preparing to open another front. While Christians are eating dinner they are waiting, planning, and drafting lawsuits.  That's why trial lawyers love liberals.  They get rich collecting 30 to 40 percent portion of the awards granted to their clients.

Conservatives can never proclaim "We've won!" Like terrorists, liberal practice "asymmetric warfare." A single terrorist slips through one security cordon and blows himself up in a subway or an elementary school full of children, and the terrorists have defeated thousands of soldiers and police and citizens trying to keep the peace.  That's what liberal do to parents.  They never, ever, ever give up.  This is also the reason why Kindergarten became a pre-requisite in the 80s , Pre-Kindergarten in the last five years and why our Democrats and extreme-liberal President is proposing the requirement that 2, 3 and 4 year olds to attend school.

One of the liberal's latest tactics is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA.  Liberals believe bigotry is rampant in America and only the government can protect us, in particular, a liberal government.  They reason that conservatives in general, and Christians in particular, are the bigots.  The truth is that the government has always been the chief sponsor of bigotry, that is democratically-controlled government!  As African-American Economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, it was not the bus company that wanted to force Rosa Parks to the back of the bus.  The bus company wanted paying customers, including Parks.  It was the government that said, "Blacks must sit in the back of the bus."

But now, once again, we are being told that unless the government decides who can be a Boy Scout, or who can lead the church choir or serve as its Youth Minister, or to whom you can rent the extra room in your house, we are going to be consumed by hate.  Because when liberals look at Christians they see bigots who "cling bitterly to their religion and their guns."

Of course it won't be easy for liberals to convince Americans that Christians are dangerous lunatics inasmuch as the overwhelming majority of Americans are Christians.  But liberals' rallying cry is "separation of church of state," which means this: Christians, stay out of politics. 

The truth is Christians can't stay out of politics.  This is our world we're fighting for.  Of course the government is not supposed to be religious.  But the reason Christians don't want the government to be religious - and the First Amendment was a Christian idea - is that we are religious.  We want to limit the power of government, because given the chance, government will try to squeeze out any rival to its power - especially God.  This is why the liberal establishment spent millions of dollars and stood squarely behind Barack Obama in 2008.  The irony behind this action is in the way they lined up behind him.  Their actions, words and directives are such that they have found in Obama a way to replace God, even to the point of calling him their "Rock Star," meaning, their Messiah!  Talk about religion!

Liberals do not want to limit government.  They want its expansion.  They want to expand it into public life - to infiltrate the public schools, the workplace, business, banking, the auto industry, the public arena and, with the expansion of anti-discrimination and anti-hate crimes laws they want its influence in the churches.  Every time the government expands into a new aspect of our life, suddenly we have to "separate out" religion.  First they claim there is no place for religion in the public square, then they expand the public square to include everything.

Recent Supreme Court rulings that affect the church and Christianity, or religion in general, have been ones that imply the First Amendment intends for there to be freedom from religion instead of freedom of religion.

Expanding the liberal state requires marginalizing Christians and religious Jews (as distinct from those born Jews but do not practice it, like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg).  Interestingly, liberals haven't objected to Muslims in the public square - at least since 9/11.  Perhaps the reason liberals are so protective of insane fundamentalist Islam is that they share the same theory of government.

Back in the days of the "Prophet," when the Muslims conquered a new region, after the initial bloodbath, they did not force everyone to convert to Islam.  Those who submitted to Muslim rule but did not convert were subjected to the law of dhimmitude.  Christians and Jews were forbidden to preach, made subject to sharia law, and punished with special taxes and a host of legal disabilities intended to humiliate, impoverish and marginalize them.  That way, the Muslims could eliminate rival faiths over time without having to admit to violating the passage of the Koran which says, "There is no compulsion in religion."

Note, that in the mind of liberals, they are not persecuting Christians.  They are just imposing liberal sharia law.  To interpret this "liberal theology" it would go like this: "Thou shalt rent thy spare bedroom to sodomites and fornicators," "Thou shalt tithe to the government schools, even while paying to educate your own children at home or private schools," "Thou shalt not counsel pregnant women that an abortion kills innocent life," "Thou shalt not talk about Christ in the public square," etc.  Furthermore, their doctrine would say: "In the day that thou follow not these laws, thou shalt be taken into the courts and subjected to lawsuits, arrested and tried as criminals and thou property shall be confiscated to be used to train others in the law."

Liberals continue to expand the public square to include all of life.  In the humiliate-and-impoverish department we have the spread of hate crimes legislation and so-called "antidiscrimination" in employment invoked only to punish Christians and Jews and to protect groups in favor with liberals - including their new found friends, the radical Islamists.

Think about this: There are violent crimes against homosexuals in this country - although not nearly as many as against black people and other minorities whom liberals have done so much to help.  But this is why gays and all minorities should vote for conservatives.  Conservatives want to prosecute violent criminals; liberals want to coddle them.  Conservatives want to put muggers and murderers in prison; liberals want to excuse their behavior and save the prison for Christians.

Essential to liberal dhimmitude is depriving Christians of the right to vote, or, as they call their total vote-suppression plan, "constitutional law."  One day, liberals noticed that, as a practical matter, of the three branches of the federal government, the courts get the last word.  So liberals decided they could use the courts to manufacture nonexistent rights rather than allowing Americans to vote (votes they lose).  All of a sudden abortion is legal, any time, any place, under any circumstance, and Christians (or even heathens) never got to cast a vote!  If Christians, indeed if 99 percent of all Americans, agree that "simulated child pornography" should be outlawed, they lose without a vote being taken.  They are gagged because liberal justices have announced that pornography is protected "speech."  The greatest absurdity was probably when a liberal court discovered that the Massachusetts constitution, the one written by John Adams, created a right for people of the same sex to get "married," and forbade the Roman Catholic adoption agencies from excluding gay married couples from adopting children. I believe that John Adams, a devout Christian himself, would have been shocked to learn that his constitution provided for these things.

Actually Adams would have recognized this as tyranny.  He would have understood those judges to be usurpers.  Adams, and most of the rest of the Founding Fathers, would have refused to accept these judges as our dictators.

For forty years now, Christians have acted as if the only solution is to "get some new judges and justices."  Well, this approach hasn't worked and isn't going to work.  What really needs to happen is for some executive branch official, be it a governor of a state or the President of the United States, to respond to one of these insane rulings from a court, a ruling that has no bearing on what is written in the constitution, by saying: "That's your interpretation, it's insane and I'm going to ignore it."  John Adams would have done it.  George Washington would have done it.  And it would only have to happen one time for these judges to realize that the game is over!

As Donald Wildmon has pointed out, the turning point in American lifestyles has been with gay marriage.  On the one hand, gay marriage is the ultimate weapon of liberal dhimmitude.  If they can impose gay marriage on us by judicial fiat, their next move will be to make it a hate crime to disallow gays from utilizing churches for their marriage ceremonies.  Preferring not to celebrate sodomy will become the legal and moral equivalent of race discrimination. Anyone within the influence of those public institutions, any Christian teacher, any Christian civil servant, any Christian college professor, any Christian who does any business with the government will have to proclaim sodomy a sacrament. 

It won't and, for the liberal, can't stop there.  Since churches receive tax-exempt status (as granted by the government), pastors who speaks God's word about the matter in his own pulpit and Christians within those churches will face consequences.  At the least, churches will lose their tax exemptions, pastors will be prosecuted and church properties could be confiscated.

With gay marriage, however, the liberals may have gone too far.  There are numerous people I meet at Christian events or in public life who say, "You know, I was never interested in politics.  I'm a real busy person.  I take my kids to sports events and their school play practices.  I have a job and a family to support.  I was just too busy.  But when they announced that gay marriage is now the law, I got involved."  And then they start to notice all the mischief liberals have been up to over the years.  Until liberals grabbed their attention with gay marriage, they'd been happily pre-occupied with their jobs, families, friends, hobbies, churches and when they had the opportunity, they settled for NBC news on TV and NPR on the radio.

There is also the sad fact that many people in the church pews weren't too concerned about the direction in which this country turned.  In fact, many in the church I serve think that I am talking too much politics, sounding too much like Chicken Little with his "The Sky is Falling" cry or that I am too preoccupied with trifles and making a mountain out of a molehill.  I mention that the liberals are out to get us and they think it's not that bad.  This scares me and in fact it worries me that I can't get the message through.

Normal people, most of them church-going, semi-religious Americans, isolate themselves from liberals as much as they can, but with the imposition of gay marriage, many have changed their actions by getting involved.  They have changed their TV watching habits.  Fox News has generated more viewers in the last five years than CNN has ever in its 28 years.  AM talk radio has built its listener base four-fold since 2003.

Christians can no longer isolate themselves.  Liberal won't stop bothering everyone.  They want total control over our lives.  As Grover Norquist in his book Leave Us Alone has stated, there are but two main coalitions at work in America today: the "Leave Us Alone" Coalition and the "Taking" Coalition.  The former wants the government off of our guns, money and family  and out of our lives, homes and places of business.  The later wants to take away everything and control it at the government level.

Gay marriage, which has never been a law in any known traceable civilization, even though the gay lifestyle had been tolerated in empires such as the Canaanite, Roman and Babylonian, is new.  Marriage, throughout all of time has been deemed sacred, religious, or at least, beyond the grasp of civil government, reserved, as it were, for the religious institutions.  So-called "civil marriages" have been a custom only in the last hundred years or so.  When Vermont became the first state to grant civil unions to gays in 2000, that was only the first step beyond the basic concept of "civil marriage" (i.e. without religion's sanctioning).  All the rights and privileges of marriage was granted within the scope of civil unions.  Yet it did not take the liberals more than 3 years before they took it a step further and received the Massachusetts Supreme Courts blessing to call it marriage. 

Next step, is to give gay marriage the religious flavor.  Don't say it won't happen.  After all, I think I have affectively argues that liberalism is "a religion."

This is why we need to fight back.  We have to cut government and its false gods down to size, and we have to keep asserting our own religion just as loudly as they assert theirs, just as loudly as their new found friends - Muslim extremists - assert theirs too.  Again, Ann Coulter is correct when she points out that the number one tool the liberals use against us is - US.  "It is our consent to their ideas that we should keep our faith in the closet, especially on Election Day.  Intimidating Christians into staying out of public life is the only way liberals can win."

The truth is Christianity is still a larger and somewhat more conventional religion than the godless religion of liberalism.  In fact, Biblically, Christianity is not a religion but a way of life with a God who brings us closer to Him.  Liberalism wants to make Christianity a religion and theirs as THE way of life.

Christianity is excluded from the mainstream media except when they want to do a story on how the "religious right" is a threat to human freedom as we know it or the horrors of abstinence education.  Even, Hollywood portrays Christians as an obscure cult of skinheads.

Christians. listen up: We are a very powerful force!  One needs to look no further than the votes taken in ballot initiatives in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008.  Whenever people were allowed to vote - and by "people" I mean the general population and not just seven or nine judges - gay marriage was overwhelmingly rejected.  In the 2004 election, traditional marriage initiatives passed in state after state by far greater percentages that George Bush's margins of victory.  In 2008, traditional marriage won bug again, even in California.  Now there are liberal trial lawyers hired by the likes of gay special interest groups and the ACLU trying to find a loop-hole around the ballots and throw out the will of the people.

It's the same with home schooling.  Liberals in California tried just last year to preclude parents from that right unless they had a special teacher's certification on top of a Bachelor's degree in some area of education.  This was barely defeated but there will come a "next time."

Has anyone else noticed that even though liberals are constantly lecturing us that the key to education in American is small class size and more money for teachers that what they are really saying "less work for more money."  Liberals have turned public school teaching into a baby sitting service with the goal to indoctrinate our children in godless lifestyles and godless worldviews.  But liberals hate home schoolers and they loath Christian private schools.  They endlessly sit around trying to come up with ways to disqualify Christian schools as a tool for educating children but initiating lawsuits for such ridiculous things as failing to hire minorities and discriminating against the poor (translation: not hiring non-Christian teachers who live in homosexual relationships and a low black admissions rate).

Fortunately for now, every time liberals try to crush home schooling, or disqualifying Christian private schools, Christians roar like lions and liberal politicians run like rabbits.

Christians have long and rightly complained about the mainstream media.  Donald Wildmon, one of the first Christian leaders to do that in an organized way is one of the most effective messengers for the Christian community.  He serves, as it were, as the Watchman spoken of my the prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel 34).  He, along with the self-defeating godlessness of liberalism has contributed to the mainstream media no longer being mainstream.  Larry Elder, a black talk-show host living in Los Angeles and one of the most conservative African-Americans in the country right calls them the "Main Scream Media."  That's about as far as they have come!

Take, for instance, the evening news of the three major networks.  Since 1992, ABC, NBC and CBS has steadily lost viewers to the tune of 1 and a half percent a year!!  Nightly news by all three is at fifty year low of 20 million (lowest since 1960 when only 45 percent of household had just one TV).

The nightly news for NBC is loosing big (they being the most liberal of the three and proud proclaimers of being the headquarters for the Barack Obama for President Campaign) has lost eight million viewers since the fall of 2007!  ABC has lost an average of five million since 2004 and CBS is down 8 million since Dan Rather and crew tried to steal the 2004 election away from George Bush by lying about his National Guard record all the while not reporting on John Kerry's mockery of his and other's service in the Vietnam War and the so-called "Swift-Boat" reports of how he DID NOT earn his purple hearts and silver star.  This all means in our nation of 310 million people, only 7.6 percent of Americans are viewing news from the Big Three which has actually fallen behind the "little two" of cable, i.e. CNN (which is at 13 million) and FOX News (at a whopping 23 million).  In fact, FOX's viewership beats that of ABC, CBS, NBC and their little offspring of traditional hate MSNBC, combined!  Could it be that there is more to the mantra "Fair and Balanced" than meets the eye?

Christians must keep reminding themselves that the "mainstream media" is not the culture, WE are the culture!  Hollywood proves this every time it puts out another movie bashing the troops or mocking Christ or Christians.  Such movies barely gross enough to pay the actors, while Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was a blockbuster!  I see liberals staying up nights or gathering at the local Starbucks hatching up new plans to tear down traditionalist, especially Christians.

Think of this: Evangelicals are building megachurches and filling them to capacity, and now the best of the Catholic churches are packed again!  Books such as Rich Warren's The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For? top the best seller lists and stay near the top for years.  As much as they try, liberal just can't get Americans to abandon Christianity and sign up with their godless religion.  They only "Christians" liberals seem to make moves on are those who are Christian in name only and have no grounding in Christianity.  These are those who had Christian parents but were overcome by godless public school teachers and administrators who have promoted their propaganda of a godless universe and one in which its the right thing to do your own thing.

Totalitarian movements always go after the family and after the church.  Why?  Because they already have those who oppose Christianity (radical Islamists, atheists and special interests who see the church as standing in the way of their agenda). They don't need to fear those who are apathetic or are weak-willed in the face of oppression.

One thing Christians need to know is how powerful grassroots activism is.  Letters and phone calls to your congressmen and senators have an enormous effect (unless if you live in California or Massachusetts - then all bets are off).  Remember, unlike judges, members of congress have to stand for re-election (since with most of them that is the only job they can get).

Because we worship God and not the government, sometimes we're not as effective in getting our voices heard in the political arena.  But I believe that the common sense of the majority of American people will prevail, as long as the people know what is going on.

You know, liberals only win on these issues when no one is looking.  As one political pundit put it so succinctly, liberals "are like roaches.  They operate in the dark. Shine a light on them and they will scatter."  It is high time for Christians to turn on that light!  Remember Christians, you have the brightest light to use!  It is the light of truth.  Don't sit there and just pray that your pastor will shine it for you!  He will be the first to go down if liberals have their way.  He (or she) will sit in a jail for refusing the perform a gay marriage while his congregation looses its building and his trustees are sued for discrimination.  The next pastor will just not talk about it and the third one will throw open the doors to all, just to keep his job and stay out of trouble.

STAND UP NOW!  We stand to loose more than our churches and our way of life, we stand to loose what little bit of our culture that is left!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.