March 21, 2011

Fact: At least 40 of the 53 Democrats in the Senate are left or far-left on the political spectrum. They stick together like super glued paper.

Fact: At least 169 of the 192 Democrats in the House of Representatives are left or far-left on the political spectrum and they, too vote and stick together as if life depended on it. And indeed they think they agenda does depend on it.

Fact: The occupant of the White House is farther to the left than FDR, Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter combined and to this day has racked up the most liberal voting record in the history of the United States Senate - farther to left than Vermont's socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders.

Today, those to the left and far left are not  looking out for the interests of special interests groups without money, i.e. Hispanics, African-Americans and the West Virginia good ole boys. They look after the interests of the moneyed groups, unions, corporations exploring "green solutions" and radicals with the ability to undo America as it once was.

It is interesting that the largest and most faithful voting block the Democrats have never seem to benefit from them being in power. Rather, blacks fall farther and farther behind every time the Dems are in power.

Leading black conservatives lay blame for black America's rampant poverty and other ills squarely at the feet of the socialist orientation of black leaders such as Al Sharpton.

They say the black intelligentsia’s rhetoric has created a defeatist and demoralizing climate that has robbed millions of black Americans of hope and has sentenced them to an impoverished existence.

Florida Re. Allen West, one of two Conservative Republican African-Americans in Congress and the only GOP member of the Congressional Black Caucus says “One of the tenets of the socialist ideology is to create a welfare state, and that’s exactly what has happened in the black community. I like to say we have sort of a reverse plantation going on here where you have people like Sharpton and [Jesse] Jackson trying to make themselves into overseers.”

Niger Innis, national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, says Marxists have worked hard to exploit blacks for the past century and divide them from the rest of society.

Socialism has been deeply ingrained in the black community since the NAACP’s founding in 1909 according to the Socialist Party USA.

And NAACP founder W.E.B. DuBois later developed an admiration for Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin and even continued to apologize for him even after many other black intellectuals such as Ralph Ellison had repudiated their support for the dictator. DuBois even received the 1959 "Lenin Peace Prize" and formally joined the Communist Party USA two years later in 1961.

An affection for socialism also permeated black American culture during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1930s when artists such as Langston Hughes and Paul Robeson flirted with Stalinism. Robeson won the 1952 "Stalin Peace Prize" and remained an unapologetic defender of the Soviet dictator throughout his life.

Not even legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. escaped being infected by the socialist virus, as evidenced by speeches he gave toward the end of his life. And the Black Panthers, including now-Congressman Bobby Rush looked to Mao for inspiration.

“The biggest tragedy in all of this is that the blacks did not know the poison of socialism and communism,” Innis says. “And they were led to believe it was the only alternative for fighting Jim Crow and pushing back against segregation.”

The black elites’ Marxist dialectic has pit white versus black and rich versus poor, and has disempowered countless black Americans in the process by promoting collective hatred and jealousy.

“It has really hurt the black community because the real uplift in this country is through individual initiative, activity and entrepreneurship,” says Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., a prominent conservative black minister and Tea Partier. “This mindset that you are owed something and everything has to be the same for everybody is a very dangerous and insidious attitude that has crept into the black community.”

Barack Obama’s 1995 book “Dreams from My Father" illustrates this collectivistic and conformist mindset because the president relates that he chose to associate with “Marxist professors” and discuss the ideas of Marxist thinker Frantz Fanon to “avoid being mistaken for a sellout” while he was at Columbia University in the early 1980s.

Black individualists who resist the Marxist black intelligentsia’s demand for ideological purity face the sort of denunciations recently visited on potential GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain who recently was denounced by blogger Chauncey DeVega on AlterNet as "a monkey in a window".

According to Innis, Marxist dogma says blacks cannot be racists because they lack power; consequently, Sharpton, Jackson and others need to maintain a perception in the black community that they are powerless and level the charge of racism against opponents because it enhances their power.

“The Marxists are guilty of the charge they often level against capitalists, pro-free market economies and countries, which is divide and conquer,” Innis says. “They are the dividers because through their philosophy and rhetoric they seek to segregate a particular group … and certainly throughout the 20th century, in our country, it was the African-Americans.

“The communists … took a movement that had its roots in pro-free market, free labor … capitalism and totally corrupted it and co-opted it into a communist agenda.”

Innis contends black Americans will find a way out of their current predicament by returning to the individualistic, pro-free market spirit of self-determination exemplified by abolitionists like Frederick Douglass and non-Marxist black intellectuals like Booker T. Washington.

It is no secret that well over 9 in 10 African Americans vote Democrat in federal, state and local elections. They have been attracted to the Democratic party since the mid-60's when the welfare state was specifically catered to the Black community by the Lyndon Johnson Administration.

Over time, the Democratic party has grown most socialist, more Marxist, more self-absorbed in big government to the extent that it no longer sees African-Americans as simply a reliable constituency. Simply getting their votes no longer matter. What matters is the money and powerful unions and well-established race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson who make their money off of playing the victim card, control the party.

The only other black Conservative Republican in Congress, South Carolina's Tim Scott adequately summed up the mess this way: "The black community needs to wake up and realize that the "D" following a candidates' name on a ballot really means 'Dependency' and that dependency means life on the plantation, which they don't own."

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.