July 4, 2011

On November 4, 2008, 52.9 percent of Americans "pulled the lever" for the candidate who the Quinnipiac, Real Clear and Time/CNN polls called "the most liberal Senator in U.S. history." Gallup went even further to classify Barack Obama's voting record as the the most liberal in the entire Congress (only to be surpassed recently by Russ Feingold).

Far-left liberals, i.e "Radicals" have, throughout the last 100 years (since the dawn of the Progressive Era), pushed the nanny state mentality to such a degree that a large and growing minority of citizens are becoming more dependent on government support and handouts.

Once again, I write about that letter "D" following the President's name. It also represents nearly every Democrat in Congress (with the exception of the remaining 21 "Blue Dog Democrats" who are still left on Capitol Hill).

When the Agriculture Department boldly proclaimed in May that food stamp recipients went from 29.6 to 43.2 million since January, 2009, Newt Gingrich proceeded to call President Obama the "Food Stamp President." This was chided as a racist remark.

True, before 2009, 79 percent of those on Food Stamps were African-American, but that statistic is now drastically different. Since Obama took office nearly four in five families who filed for  Food Stamps are white. Today the figure is more like 44 percent of the total receiving them are not African-American.

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are creating a dependency class among the middle class white families. The Democrats successfully did that among blacks in the 60's and 70's so much so that they can count on better than nine in every ten voting blacks to pull the lever for Democratic candidates.

Offering Welfare, free health care, food stamps and other government handouts to Hispanics and others who may or may not be in this country legally, is another way Democrats hope to secure a huge voting block.

It's all right out of Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals. And now that I mention that, Democrats are calling me "racist." And we wonder why the President will go along with spending cuts in defense and homeland security, but not in any single entitlement program created under Democratic Presidents since FDR.

Here we are on July 4th, Independence Day, and our President along with a near majority of Democrats on Capital Hill have all but changed the phrase for the day into something completely different.

In America “Independence” seemed as much a statement about the character of a people as a designation of jurisdictional status. The first Americans were British subjects who had outgrown a British king as benign and enlightened as any ruler on the planet. They demanded “independence” not from foreign rulers of another ethnicity but from their own compatriots with whom they had a disagreement about the nature of government. Long before the Revolutionary War, small New England townships governed themselves to a degree no old England towns did. “Independence” is not about the replacement of a king in London with a president in Washington but about the republican virtues of a self-reliant citizenry free to exploit its own potential.

 The self-reliant citizen? Does that phrase make you laugh? In the damning formulation of contemporary American vernacular, he’s history — as in over and done with. What’s left of that founding vision on this less than Glorious Fourth of July 2011 in the Brokest Nation in History? “You go talk to your constituents,” President Obama taunted Republicans on Wednesday, “and ask them, are they willing to compromise their kids’ safety so that some corporate-jet owner continues to get a tax break?”

In the Republics of Brokistan and Joblesstan, that’s the choice, is it? Give me safe kids or give me corporate jets! No corporate aviation without safe kiddification!

In his bizarre press conference on Wednesday, Obama made no fewer than six references to corporate-jet owners. Just for the record, the tax break for corporate jets was part of the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” — i.e., the stimulus. The Obama stimulus. The Obama-Pelosi-Reid stimulus. The Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Democratic-party stimulus that every single Republican House member and all but three Republican senators voted against. The Obama–Corporate Jet stimulus that some guy called Obama ostentatiously signed into law in Denver after jetting in to host an “economic forum.”

Charles Krauthammer did the math. If you eliminate the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Corporate Jet Tax Break, you would save so much dough that, after 5,000 years, you would have clawed back enough money to cover one year of Obama’s debt. Five thousand years is the year 7011. Boy, our kids’ll really be safe by then.

I see some Alinskyite at MSNBC has just been suspended for characterizing the president’s performance on Wednesday as that of a demotic synonym for the male reproductive organ. So I shall be more circumspect and say only that even being a hollow unprincipled demagogue requires a certain lightness of touch Obama can’t seem to find.

Speaking of corporate jets, did the president fly commercial to Denver? Oh, but that’s different! He’s in “public service.” A couple of weeks before he flew Air Force One to Denver, he flew Air Force One to Williamsburg, Va. From the White House (well, via Andrews Air Force Base). That’s 150 miles, a 30-minute flight. He took a 747, a wide-bodied jet designed to carry 500 people to the other side of the planet, for a puddle-jump across the Potomac.

Democrats say, "Oh, but it was for another 'economic forum.'" This time with House Democrats — the ones who voted for the Obama Corporate Jet Tax Break. "Economic forums" are what we have instead of an economy these days.

Aside from the Sultan of Brunei and one or two similar potentates, no other head of state goes around like this. In a self-governing republic, it ought to be unbecoming.

By the way, just for the record, President Obama has flown Air Force one to more locations and has put more miles on her in two-and-a-half year, than President's Reagan, George, H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush COMBINED!  That's 28 years worth my friend. In fact, Obama's former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel noted that in his first 18 months, the President averaged spending less than five hours a week in his office! Since January, it is less than three!

In the most broke nation in history it’s ridiculous. And the least the beneficiary of such decadence could do is not condescendingly lecture those who pay for their own transportation. America’s debt is an existential crisis, and playing shell games with shriveled peas of demonizable irrelevancies only advertises your contempt for the citizenry.

By the way, one way to cut back on corporate jettage would be to restore civilized standards of behavior in American commercial flight. Two weeks ago, a wheelchair-bound 95-year-old woman at Northwest Florida Regional Airport flying to Michigan to be with her family for the final stage of her terminal leukemia was made to remove her adult diaper by the crack agents of the Transport Stupidity Administration. George III wouldn’t have done this to her.

Oh, c’mon, do you want to compromise your kids’ safety in order to give grope breaks to dying nonagenarians? A spokesgroper for the Transport Stupidity Administration explained that security procedures have to be “the same for everyone” — because it would be totally unreasonable to expect timeserving government bureaucrats to exercise individual human judgment.

Oddly enough, it’s not “the same for everyone” if you’re Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi from Nigeria, who on June 24 got on a flight at JFK with a college ID and an expired boarding pass in somebody else’s name. Why, that slippery devil! If only he’d been three-quarters of a century older, in a wheelchair, and dying of leukemia, we’d have got him! He was arrested upon landing at LAX, and we’re now going to spend millions of dollars prosecuting him. Why? We should thank him for his invaluable exposé of America’s revolting security theater, and make him head of the TSA.

What else isn’t “the same for everyone”?

A lot of things, these days. The president has a point about “tax breaks.” We have too many. And on the scale of the present tax code that’s a dagger at the heart of one of the most basic principles of free societies — equality before the law.

But, of course, the president is not opposed to exemptions and exceptions and special privileges on principle: After all, he’s issued — what is it now? — over a thousand “waivers” for his own Obamacare law. If you knew who to call in Washington, maybe you got one. If you didn’t, tough.

But that’s the point. Big Government on America’s unprecedented money-no-object scale will always be profoundly wasteful (as on that Williamsburg flight), stupid (as at the TSA), and arbitrary (as in those waivers). But it’s not republican in any sense the Founders would recognize. If (like Obama) you’re a lifetime member of the government class, you can survive it.

 For the rest, it ought to be a source of shame to today’s Americans that this will be the first generation in U.S. history to bequeath its children the certainty of poorer, meaner lives — if not a broader decay into a fetid swamp divided between a well-connected Latin American–style elite enjoying their waivers and a vast downwardly mobile morass.

On Independence Day 2011, debt-ridden America is now dependent. And the more dependent we become, the more in debt we get and the more dependent people will rely on those "D's" to churn out the Food Stamps and Welfare Checks. 

We are not dependent on far-off kings but on global bond and currency markets, which fulfill the same role the cliff edge does in a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. At some point, Wile looks down and realizes he’s outrun solid ground. You know what happens next.

That’s all, folks!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.