August 31, 2009

I like Twitter.  Since I learned to use this little social networking text messaging service, I have been able to "tweet" my readers and friends about upcoming articles on this blog and inform everyone of what is coming down the road - in short little statements, that is.

On Friday, a day I usually don't post articles, I had received my 15th accusation for the week of being a racist.  Compounding that was a statement which read like this: "You hate President Obama.  Why?  It's obvious you are a racist! And because you don't agree with any of the policies and programs he is advancing to help the poor and minimum-wage working people, that you hate just about everyone, except maybe Christians."

Then, this person went on to say: "You are a racist, sexist, bigoted, xenophobe, homophobe, demagogue and Fascist!" Now here is the kicker - this person gave no concrete reason for me being any of these things except that I do not agree with any of Barack Obama's proposals.  That's it! Because I don't agree with him I am a Fascist (and all the other things). 

My response back to her was simple: "You forgot to add that I am not a Socialist who believes the government is supposed to play the role of Robin Hood."  The next tweet I got from her was I was an aristocrat who cared nothing for "the people in the 'hood'!" 

I ask you: Who's the racist here?

Racial tensions have factored in several of the prominent headlines since Obama took office, not surprisingly. What many whites have feared is an “It’s our turn now” attitude among some minorities, even if a small percentage. Adding to this fear was the position taken by now Justice Sonya Sotomayor on racial judicial activism which her liberal confirmers in the Senate completely whitewashed. I suspect that a portion of readers, and certainly liberals, will hurl accusations of "racism" upon anyone speaking of such a fear with any legitimacy.

But the fear is very legitimate, and now we have video evidence. The video shows a group of Mexicans gathering at Rep. Gene Green’s (D-TX) town hall meeting in Houston hurling insults and then physically attacking peacefully demonstrating whites. The attacking member was arrested, but several others ganged around afterward intimidating the conservatives, calling them "n----rs," and attempting to provoke more violence.

Members of the group can be heard saying "we’re the majority now! Not the minority! Y’all are the minorities now!," and "It’s about time we kick y’all [white people] out, give you the boot!"

As the evening waned a mariachi band played and the members waved a Mexican flag saying "Viva la Raza!"—a phrase that some Hispanics have begun using to refer to their race. Pardon me if I find it a little racist to refer to one’s race as "The Race." This is not mere pride in one’s nationality; this is an expression of racial superiority.

Note this in light of the fact that Obamacare—despite Obama’s denials—seeks to allow illegal immigrants access to public-funded health care in our country. While the President has bluntly said that none of the bills or White House proposals include "giving coverage to illegal immigrants," what he doesn’t tell you is that the bills in Congress purposefully exclude any measures for verifying the citizenship of applicants. I say "purposefully" because two attempts in the House to amend the bill with requirements to verify US citizenship got voted down along party lines. It's clear that the liberals wish to fund illegals while at the same time denying that their bill funds illegals.

No wonder these La Razans seem emboldened by their liberal Congressman Green. No wonder they scoff and intimidate at those who protest for limited government and freedom. They shall profit heavily if anything like Obamacare passes—and they will do it on someone else's dollar.

Why they make it so strongly a racial issue—why this transfer of wealth connects directly to their interest in themselves as "The Race"—needs greater light, and greater publicity.

My daughter-in-law is a native of Ecuador.  She came to this country to get a college degree and obtain a good job.  The first thing she did was learn the language.  Now, after 10 years in this country, married to a Navy man, still in school and a registered nurse, she says to all who enter this country, legally or illegally, "learn the language, get a job, and don't expect a handout."  I wonder if she is a racist or a xenophobe, or even a sexist?"  After all, she didn't vote for or support Barack Obama!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.