June 18, 2011

My brother-in-law was fond of telling people who ran their mouths for a living: "Nobody's listening until you walk the walk, instead of talk the talk."

With the exception of the brain-dead and the trifling freeloader who thrives for handouts, he sure hit the nail on the head. The brain-dead don't know how, or what, to think. The "sit-on-your-butt" welfare recipient who has learned to live off of the government doesn't listen either, rather just waits for the next check and food card to come in. He then waits for the next election so he can vote Democrat.

Those who have and use their brains, those who watch what is truly happening in our country, know that the main issues are not Anthony Weiner's twittering wiener, nor is it about whether President Obama is dancing around the War Powers Act.

It's about jobs! It's about paying the bills, putting gas in the automobile, having a roof over one's head, food in the stomach and, did I mention, having a job?

The people who live in my neighborhood need rent, or mortgage payment money. We have three retired couples, two of whom are trying to get back into the workforce so they can buy food.

Four couples on my block have one or both wage earners who have lost their jobs in the last two years. Only one of these unfortunates is working now and he landed a part-time job at a nearby McDonald's.

People want jobs.

Not part-time, no-benefits, non-union jobs that send the boss's annoying too-skinny kid to arrogance camp and lower class kids to the crack house.


Real jobs. Thirty-year jobs. Pride jobs. We'll go every day, though at this point the work ethic has probably lost an entire generation due to the fact that the connection between work and reward is now frayed like an old extension cord.

Jobs. Work. Work for the high school graduates! Yeah, I know the military is still hiring. In fact, due to the lack of jobs in working-class communities, the military can afford to be picky these days.

We've been doing this right versus left thing for a long time now, and the jobs keep going away, and there's no raise again this year. The average worker, if still employed, hasn't had a raise in nearly four years.

The typical Republican in office is satisfied with you in a minimum-wage job and owning a gun. The typical Democrat wants you to have a welfare check and a compassionate understanding of what it means to be black, gay, a criminal and a transvestite. Nobody seems to care how much you make a week.

But, hey, who cares about your paycheck? Eat your ideology. Be right-wing, poor and proud. Be left-wing, poor and compassionate. First, be poor. That's the new motto.

And that's what we get to eat — slogans. We get hatred to eat and celebrity gossip to drink and listening to Barack Obama tell us how things are 'progressing," albeit slower than he hoped.  And shovel-ready?  My next door neighbor had his shovel ready to dig ditches but the city started laying off maintenance workers instead of hiring a replacement for the one who retired. 

Ah, but President Obama has created many jobs! Right! Do you have a GS 9 or above, experience in the public sector and a union membership card? If not, you're out of luck - not qualified. Go to McDonalds. They are hiring!

Columnist Marc Dion is coming out with an article Monday in which he (a liberal Democrat who once regarded Obama as the second Jesus Christ) postulates that the leaders of our country are getting ignorant by the day. He says that maybe those who "drive forklifts for a living aren't getting any smarter but, geez, the in-charge people get dumber every generation."

I don't think ignorant is the proper term to describe the arrogant, narcissistic, aloofness of the current administration. President Obama is on a mission to "fundamentally transform America" and we really don't know the full extent of his agenda. What we really do know is that he is not in touch with the common man. He has no idea of what the average Joe is suffering, nor does he care. Obama only cares about getting the next million dollars from those few who still have some cash so he can fill his re-election campaign coffer.

Jobs? That's foreign to this Administration, like pizza is to the Dali Lama.

Other than saying every single thing I ever expected the first black president to say, Obama is incapable of inspiring anything beyond easily won second-hand triumph among people who thought voting for a black president was a courageous act. I'm not sure if it was affirmative action or if Harvard must be easier than it used to be, or maybe the curriculum is just so fragmented these days you don't have to be really good at anything except attitude.

Typical Republicans have solutions but they aren't on par for the real needs of Americans. Republicans really believe that cutting spending, paying down the debt limit, reducing the deficit and cutting taxes, or rather reducing corporate taxes, is the first priority. Indeed, creating an environment in which businesses will have a little extra cash so they can add a few more employees is paramount.

But why be satisfied with a part-time, minimum wage, no benefits job that leads to nowhere? Hey, I am a Ph.D. (retired but needing to get back into the workforce) but I can't even find fulltime employment in retail sales! I was offered an overnight cook's job at a Waffle House though.

It's all about ideologies. If you are to the left, you think I and many of my neighbors in a once strong middle class neighborhood, would be satisfied on the government dole. Then, to show our appreciation, we will vote a straight Democratic ticket in 2012 and become dependent forever.

If you are to the right, you think that "tough love" is the answer and maybe your family is large enough to extend a helping hand until we get out of this mess. Maybe our families won't or can't....then you are screwed.

You want to see countries run on ideology? Take a look at those dimly-lit little corners of the crude oil world, where the Quran is the source of all wisdom and life sucks for everyone except a dozen princes who get to hang apricot-sized diamonds on their illiterate 13-year-old wives.

It isn't that far-right ideology doesn't work, and it isn't that far-left ideology doesn't work. It isn't that communism doesn't work, and it isn't that capitalism doesn't work.

It's that extremism doesn't work. Extremism is best peddled by the not-too-bright to the not-too-hopeful. All of this is a roundabout way of saying I will be looking for a candidate who will get the government out of my way so I can live with some comforts, and not slowly die in poverty.

The 2012 election will be about jobs, the economy which stimulates or stifles jobs, and an Abraham Lincoln in the wallet which will buy more than a Twinkie at the local Mini-Mart.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.