April 15, 2009

One of my favorite writers is Larry Elder, who is a syndicated talk-show host and small business owner living in Los Angeles. This African-American knows what it means to be ostracized.  He is ridiculed on a day-to-day basis by members of his own race. 

Branded as a traitor to his own race and an Oreo cookie (meaning black on the outside but white on the inside), Larry's main thesis in most of his books is that blacks are held hostage by the Democratic party which paints them as victims needing special protections and entitlements.  He correctly notes that when the government, meaning the Democratic party, passes appropriations aimed at benefitting blacks they, then, become "enslaved" or beholden to the party.  This generates a very large base of voters who look to the Democrats for more and more entitlements based on their so-called "victim" status. Elder calls African-Americans who would sell their souls to any Democratic candidate a "Victocrat."

Loud mouth agitators such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton merely use this so-called victim status to rile the base so as to paint Conservatives and Republicans as racists.  This creates an adversarial affect which begs the question: "Who are the real racists these days?"  Elder says, blacks who use the "victim card" are the real racists and are very much NOT the victims.

But now is the time to reveal who the real victims are in this period of American history.  They are white and they are male. Consider this:

Labor Department statistics on unemployment since October, 2008 note that 5.4 million white males have lost their jobs, that is 69 percent of those filing for unemployment benefits.  Only 980,000 blacks (male and female) and 1.5 million white females have lost their jobs during this same six month period.

In February alone, a whopping 77 percent of those laid off were white males!  March yielded less - just 74 percent!

Commentators and news reporters on all the major networks concur in their reports that many companies issue pink slips to white men because "there is still a pay differential existing in America today wherein women receive only 79 percent of what a man gets."  ABC News' Business Correspondent Betsy Stark went on to say: "Businesses around the country are adjusting for the fact that women are being paid less and working more than their male counterparts and CEO's and company owners are now looking to get more for less.  Women, rarely make an issue of the pay inequality, which seems to account for why they are safe in their jobs."

To illustrate just how true this is, let me tell you the story of Paul Cole.  Paul owned two radio stations in different locations on the East Coast.  On his radio staff at one station were two women and four men.  When his consultant advised him that he could reach a larger audience with an all female staff, he sacked all the men and employed three other women.  Not only did his ratings go up (due to female voices emanating in a large Navy market), but he was able to cut payroll in half!

White males are now more liable than any other class to be laid off, underemployed (working on the grill at the local Burger King) and locked out of future full time employment due to renewed quota requirements, preferential hiring practices and, unfortunately, the warped thinking that white men will want more money for the job.

Speaking of radio stations and employment, public radio and television stations are required, by law, to keep detailed statistics on their hires.  Recipients of federal funds, these broadcast companies have to use a system that pigeon-holes the various races and genders in an equation that figures in on the amount of funds received from the government.

Here is what is interesting.  The scale that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting asks its affiliates to use gives each entity 1 point for every white female and black male employed; 2 points for black females and Hispanic males and 3 points for Hispanic females and other minorities.  Guess how many points are awarded for each white male employed?  "O," goose-egg, nadah, a big zilch!  The stations add up the total points, divide them by the total number of employees and the higher the pointage the more the funding!  But catch the emphasis here: white males are zeros and provide no help whatsoever in getting any funding from the government.

Right now, unemployed and underemployed white males are only asking for a job.  But preferential treatment is back and looms big as the government watches, not just public broadcasting, but private industry as well.

As for the underemployed, I recently met a guy named Ron who was working the graveyard shift at a convenience store in Suffolk, VA.  While riding home one night I stopped in to get a Coke and he started a conversation about the economy.  Being the only one in the store at the time we were able to talk a few minutes without interruption.

He revealed to me that he took this job back in January as a result of being laid off from his previous employer.  By trade he was a welder and had been employed with the Norfolk Naval Shipyard for 14 years.  After only three weeks of unemployment benefits coming in at just $226 dollars a week, he was called in to answer for why he failed to take a job offered to him by a local Taco Bell. 

Because he didn't take the job, his unemployment benefits stood in jeopardy. He just wanted to not have to work seven days a week at three to four hours a day.  Had it not have been for the WaWa offering him the graveyard shift at twenty cents more an hour than the Taco Bell offered he would have had nothing coming in.

Now Ron makes just eighteen dollars a week more than what he received in his unemployment check. No benefits, no health insurance, no vacation or sick leave even after working the oft-times required one year to get a paid day off.

Ron is on the graveyard shift with no pay differential for working the overnights, works by himself (even though the other shifts have two or more working at the same time) and is the only male employee.  He was scheduled for the graveyard shift because - what for it -- he's a man!  Meaning, of course, women are sitting ducks for night-time loonies and, well, you can figure out the rest.

Ron doesn't mind it that much.  "A job is a job is a job," he says and he told me he is teaching his two children that they should never expect a handout and they should never just sit idly by expecting special treatment.  His only complaint is the economy and the current trends in hiring.  "I'm too smart to flip burgers and one degree shy of being a brain surgeon," he says.

Yes Ron, you are!  But one more thing about you that many should stand up and take notice of.  You aren't crying "VICTIM." Even though you are one!  You're a white male in a dead end job working a shift that a woman won't and are not looking for ways to collect benefits specifically designed for supposed victims.

Hold your head up and do yourself proud because many conservatives like me believe that you will be rewarded down the road.  Provided, that is, this country can withstand the onslaught of socialism being forced on us by a semi-Marxist Congress and a neo-Keynesian President bent on destroying capitalism.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.