September 13, 2012

"Livid" is a word that doesn't even come close to describing the contempt I now have over President Obama's handling of the storming of diplomatic offices in Egypt and Libya. The events in those two countries on the anniversary of 9/11 were cold, calculated and deliberate.

The problem is not so much that the President is sorely under qualified to be Commander-in-Chief (not to mention our supposed Head of State), but he is so inept. He has spent nearly four years thinking and practicing diplomacy only. Couple that with idle threats and we have the makings of a sissy-pants nation.

It is unfortunate the Obama administration has been doggedly colorblind to the Islamists’ true colors.

We give Egypt $1.3 billion a year. We give Libya military and financial aid to topple their dictator. But what do we get in the way of thanks? Death and destruction.

Make no mistake—these recent violent events will not be contained to those two countries. It will spread to many other countries that we have supported in the past—supported with our money and blood.

The extreme naivety of our foreign policy makers is not only embarrassing; it is dangerous and disastrous.

As Yogi Berra once said: “It’s déjà vu all over again.” By that I mean, it’s “1979 Iran” all over again. In that year, another group of naïve amateurs ran our foreign policy, and their ignorance ultimately led to the storming of our embassy and the hostage-taking of American citizens for 444 days.

What has me so wound up, and it should anyone who cares about the defense of this nation, is the fact that when something out of our past, something so remote, or someone so silly as a amateur film maker offends our enemies, President Obama has to apologize.

Consider this Associated Press headline from Tuesday Morning:

"Ultraconservative Islamist protesters climbed the walls of the United States Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday and took down the American flag, replacing it with a black flag with an Islamic inscription to protest a movie attacking Islam's prophet, Muhammad."

Did President Obama demand that the Egyptian government provide assurances that our embassy would be protected?

No. In fact, Obama's crack foreign service issued an … apology.

He apologized for the presumed existence of a movie that no one on this planet (to my knowledge) has seen in its entirety.

Even if such a movie does exist, it's pretty certain the U.S. Government had nothing to do with the mystery film, and thus had nothing to apologize for.

Finally, the U.S. embassy in Cairo was attacked, stormed, and the U.S. flag was torn down by a bunch of crazy Egyptians emboldened by the Arab Spring.

Yet Barack Obama felt he needed to issue an apology. For our Embassy having been attacked. And our flag having been torn down, and ripped apart. On the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Even during the most heated days of the anti-war demonstrations of the 1960s I never got into a projectile sweat about someone setting an American flag afire on a street in Cleveland or Chicago.

The flag is a symbol of America. It is not a holy relic. The republic could, and did, survive those silly protests.

But no one apologized to the flag burners for having caused them such angst that they felt it necessary to use up precious lighter fluid to set a flag on fire.

Yet, Obama apologized to the Egyptian rioters. Then, he turns around and condemns an imbecile who happens to be a Jewish American amateur filmaker. Here again is the AP notation:

"The Administration condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims -- as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions."

We hurt the feelings of Muslims?

I'm a Christian and I have more than my feelings hurt by this Administration. This is a President who forces the Catholic Church organizations to provide heathcare that pays for abortions and birth control.

This is a President who had his Justice Department file a brief in the Supreme Court when it took up a case involving a fired church employee, saying the church has no right to terminate an employee without due process, regardless of what the First Amendment says.

This is a President whose party didn't just accidently or by simple oversight, leave God out of its platform.

American "hurt the feelings" of Muslims?

Listen Mr. President, Buddhists did not kill 3,000 Americans on September 11? Neither did the Hindus or Zoroastrians? There are 21 other major faiths on this planet that are innocent of the crimes committed on that day.

This man fells the need to apologize to the one religion against which we are waging war. For storming our Embassy. All this over a movie that may not exist.

Granted, the $1.3 billion we give to Egypt is about half of the foreign aid we provide Israel, but Israelis are not storming the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv (it is not in Jerusalem) demanding that Obama meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Look at what Reuters says:

"In a highly unusual rebuff to a close ally, the White House said on Tuesday that President Barack Obama would not meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a U.S. visit later this month, as tensions escalated over how to deal with Iran's nuclear program."

I'm sorry to Prime Minister Netanyahu for America having such an inept, narcissistic and aloof President. I'm more sorry that this President has spoon fed enough people to encourage them to go on the government dole so as to obtain their support on November 6th.  I'm also sorry that Obama deems it more important to fly off to Las Vegas to campaign and to the homes of Jay-Z and Beyonce for fundraisers instead attending national security briefings at the White House.

As I said over and over again on my Facebook page Wednesday: "This President has got to go, or we are done as a nation."

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.