July 23, 2012

What do former Maryland Governor Harry Hughes, current Governor Martin O'Malley, former Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich, current Governor Pat Quinn, and former New York Governors Mario Cuomo, Elliott Spitzer and David Patterson all have in common?

They all placed moratoriums on their state's death penalty. That's not all!

Each of these seven state leaders have said (unofficially, of course) that they would make exceptions for the death penalty for anyone possessing a gun.

I didn't believe my ears when back on June 2nd, Governor Pat Quinn was interviewed by CNN's Fareed Zakaria concerning the high number of murders in Chicago. The usual advocate of gun control that he is, Quinn stated his position against the death penalty and then made a brief over-the-shoulder shot at the lack of gun control in the country and said "sometimes I wonder if I would make a concession (for the death penalty) when it comes to the owning of guns. It should be completely outlawed and violators should, well,..let's say be heavily fined and incarcerated for a long long time."

None of the major news outlets made so much as a "huh" on that comment and Zakaria just passed it off.  Not even FOX News picked up on it. Surprise, surprise!

This is the same Pat Quinn who has no problems with late term abortions and the government funding of them. He, along with the other state leaders just mentioned their contempt for gun ownership and have made it a high priority issue in their administrations. How to get those guns out of the hands of the innocents so the criminal can kill and maim, without the fear of being stopped by an armed law-abiding citizen, and not be executed for their crimes!

Makes sense doesn't it? Their hatred of gun ownership along with their love for killing the unborn and the newly born, and keeping killers alive in prison on the tax payers dime indefinitely, is just insane.

Now the rhetoric heats up again. It took all of thirty minutes for the left to call for the President to do something about gun control. Not to worry, Obama has something in his hip pocket soon to be revealed when the United Nations Small Arms Treaty is offered. Without even allowing time for it to be read, (like the Health Care Bill), he will be all over that like a defensive tackle on a quarterback.

But let's hearken back to that early Friday Morning massacre in Aurora, Colorado  to see if we can derive some common sense from it.

Obviously there is no sense to the actions of one Jim Holmes, the accused mass-murderer. He definitely had several screws loose and upon dawning his costume, cape and Kevlar we went on a killing spree. But there is no sense to the left's ongoing arguments blaming Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party, Mitt Romney and conservatives in general. Blame was being flung everywhere except where it belonged – James Holmes.

Even ABC News' Brian Ross was quick to look into the background of the wrong James Holmes and said: “There is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, ah, page, ah, on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes, but this is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.”

But now, more blame is being put on what some would say are "lax gun laws" but what they really mean is "the Second Amendment is to blame." Hang on there dear Lefties, the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is being designed to overrule that damned Second Amendment and soon, if your beloved savior Barack Obama gets that treaty signed, gun owners will loose their weapons, or possibly die in a hail of bullets for protecting their right to keep them.

What is it about the far-left that causes them to immediately assume the worst of those with whom they disagree? What does it say about them that after the dust settles, much of the time, those who commit heinous acts actually share their political philosophy?

The former exposes the desperation and lack of character that surrounds a political philosophy that seeks to make you responsible for everyone but yourself. The latter says nothing about them as a whole because individuals are responsible for their own actions.

It’s our curse that we stay true to our philosophy while they will abandon any principle at any time to score points.

The theater in Aurora, of course, has a ban on guns, which law-abiding citizens observe. This is why no one shot back. Had someone been carrying a legal gun, who knows what would’ve happened?

As the news starting pouring in about what happened in the theater this week, I kept thinking, “One fast-thinking and trained person who was armed/licensed with a concealed weapon could have stopped that idiot right in his tracks before the body count skyrocketed.”

Yep, the armed citizen could have either killed him, sent him running for cover, or at least diverted his fire away from the masses and toward their person. Some readers, no doubt, are saying, “Well that would be stupid. What if that citizen got shot trying to protect others?” To that I reply: Well, Dinky, if they would have been shot and killed at least they would have died a hero. Have you ever heard of the term “hero”?

Sure a Pat Quinn or Martin O'Malley would have tried to execute the guy protecting innocent people from the idiot, but the state would be executing a true hero. How ironic!

The Aurora Dark Knight Massacre is exactly why I carry at least one gun everywhere I go—because poop always happens when you least expect it. That’s why, as responsible citizens and gun owners, we must always be ready and must always expect it because when it happens, it happens fast; if you’re not ready, you and others are screwed.

For those who say, “John’s insane with all this concealed weapons nonsense. We should leave such affairs to the police,” allow me to point out that the theater was crawling with cops for the Batman opening to control the crowds. By the time the police got to the particular theater, it was all over. Blood was already running down the aisles and the gunman had already left the building. You, my friend, are your first responder … your first line of defense.

It is a fact that the time between a trained person drawing, aiming, shooting and delivering a .40 caliber round into the body of a would be killer at 100 feet is 2.1 seconds. In fact, from squeezing the trigger until the round hits its target at 200 feet is .09 seconds. The response time for police AFTER the killing begins is 6 minutes.

It is also a proven fact that Switzerland has the lowest gun related crime rate of any civilized country in the world. The Swiss Government also issues every adult a gun and trains them to use it.

I agree with Congressman Allen West (R, FL) who recently said that just as Obama will tax those without healthcare, the Republicans need to promote taxing people without handguns and conceal carry permits and let their taxes pay for the bullets gun owners need for their weapons.  He also said that without the Second Amendment there is no First Amendment.

Terrible things happen when and where you don’t think it’ll happen. My recommendation to all good citizens is to get equipped with a gun—a fire-breathing dragon of a weapon. Get proficient with it. Make it like a cell phone: an additional appendage to your body. And then pray that you’ll never have to use it.

However, should you be in line at the grocery store, or at a Cracker Barrel eating a chicken and dumplings, or at a park playing football with your homies, and some James Holmes wannabe shows up carting an arsenal and quoting Kafka as he shoots kids … you’ll be ready. Simply find cover if you can, draw your weapon, take a fine bead, and double tap the center mass of the murderous moron. Should the imbecile have a bulletproof vest on then pull your sight picture up to the perp’s noggin and shoot him or her in the head; it’ll explode like a watermelon.

You’ll feel bad for about three seconds. But then the cops and families will show up and thank you for putting Massacre Mike down. The taxpayers will appreciate you for sparing them hundreds of thousands of dollars for their incarceration. Unless, of course, Mario Cuomo, Martin O'Malley or Pat Quinn is your governor.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.