September 10, 2009

Under the Obama Administration, several of our key freedoms have been called into question, but we still have those freedoms - for now.

We are still free to buy, own and in many state, conceal a firearm.  Although President Obama has repeatedly said he respects the Supreme Courts Heller decision and state weapons laws, that still won't stop him from sending proposals to his socialist buddies on Capital Hill to set federal excise or sales taxes of up to 1000 percent for ammunition, or 500 percent on the sales of arms.  This would make it next to impossible for the average citizen to purchase a gun and for those who already own one, to get bullets for it.

We still have freedom of speech, for now, but there are already dozens of proposals and one main plan to squelch conservative talk radio with the so-called diversity ownership and localizing ownership of broadcast properties.

We still have the freedom from government intrusion into our late-life decisions, those so-called golden years in which medical attention is required more than in any time of life.  But that seems to be threatened with some of the health care bills being considered in both houses of Congress.

We still have the freedom to reject or not purchase health insurance and roll the dice hoping there will never come an emergency appendectomy, cardiac arrest or car accident which requires medical attention.  At least for now!  Tuesday, Senator Max Bachus (D-Mt) proposed a health insurance plan which may get some bipartisan support and seems to be the only one proffered by any Democrat which shows appeal.  The catch is it mandates that every American have a health insurance policy - that they must purchase one - or be levied penalties and fines of up to $3800.00 a year.

On the upside of this proposal is there is no call for a public option, or, if you will, government run health care. Whereas House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said time-and-again that government run health care is essential, she continues to ignore the fact that in almost every program the government has run since the end of the Great Depression there has been complete failure. 

according to a report in The Hill, Senators Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut independent Democrat, suggested this week that they are waffling on their support for a public-option feature in any ultimate healthcare reform effort.

In a setback for the administration, Lieberman said the focus on a public option has become a “distraction” to healthcare reform, adding that while he is opposed to a fixed public-option plan, he could be sold on the idea of a so-called public-option "trigger."

Liebermann said that if "you create a government health insurance plan, the government is inevitably going to be spending money on it, and that means taxpayers will be spending more money on it."  He went on to say that he just didn't think at this state in US history "with all of the terrible national debt that we’re facing, that we should be adding another government agency to do this kind of thing."

The “trigger” concept is the brainchild of Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe and it calls for a public option to kick in only if insurance companies fail to remedy the current system’s cost inefficiencies. This may be a good idea too and one certainly to bring many Republicans on board.

On the other side of the Hill, Democrats under Pelosi's lead are hell-bent to move on with the public option without any GOP support.  After all, the socialists in the House (which comprise all Democrats minus the Blue Dogs) want the government to make all decisions in behalf of its citizens.  This would require a bigger bureaucracy in order to run this program.  Make no mistake about it, the Socialists want to close insurance companies, control hospital costs, set the fees doctors and health care practitioners can charge for their services and regulate who gets what care.

We are talking about hiring nearly 80,000 people to run the mechanism, but this won't create jobs in the private sector.  In fact, it will cost jobs as many small business owners will no longer be able to meet the demands the Socialists want to include in their government mandates.

We have heard these arguments since Obama was inaugurated and the beat goes on and on.  But the main thing at stake in this and most proposals coming from the Pelosi gang (Socialists) is government mandates which preclude individual rights and freedoms, even the freedom to choose your own doctor.

I find it interesting as we watch the Democrats slowly take away our freedom to make choices about our lives and families that the only freedom they are not considering taking away is the right to choose aborting a fetus!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.