A Socialist's Advice To Barack Obama

AUGUST 26, 2009

Let's forget about those conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination.  Even if his Vice-President - Lyndon Baines Johnson was one of the men behind it all (not to mention J. Edgar)! No one discounts the fact that LBJ had an agenda when he ascended to the High Office.  His was to heighten our involvement in Vietnam, appease the military industrial complex (with whom he had a large vested interest) and placate the special interests.  Among whom were the promoters of civil rights, both black and white.

LBJ was caught in the crosshairs of the civil rights movement, but he truly wasn't hearing the message of the late Dr. Martin Luther King.  King rallied for equality, not handouts, he rallied for "The Dream" of freedom for all people, not government programs which ended up enslaving two generations of blacks on government programs which only served to make them more dependent on the system.

When Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1965, he was heard by dozens in the media and within his administration saying: "We just gave the south away to the Republican Party."  And that did happen! But it was the Republican Party which nearly unanimously supported the Civil Rights Act, the Democrats were split with three more congressmen in the House voting against it than voting for it.

Now, and especially since the beginning of the Reagan Administration, the GOP is seen as the enemy of Civil Rights.  Yet, nothing has changed!

The GOP has always stood for freedom, but also for independence.  That means, all people - Black, White, Hispanic, etc., are free to pursue their interests and love all the while being independent from government interference.  But what LBJ and his fellow liberal Democrats (read "Progressive Democrats) has succeeded in doing is to create not one but two generations of victims, all the while holding on to better than 90 percent of their votes in every election since 1972.

The liberals (they call themselves these days "Progressives," I call them "Neo-Marxist-Socialists") should hold not just FDR, but LBJ up as their standard barrier - for even though they are long dead and gone, their spirit abides within the governmental policies each invoked.

If he were alive today LBJ would:

Have a list of every member of Congress on his desk.

He would be on the telephone with members (and their key staffers) constantly: "Your president really needs your vote on this bill."

He would have a list of every special request every member wanted -- from White House tours to appointments to federal jobs and commissions.

He would make a phone call or have a personal visit with every member -- individually or in a group. Charts, graphs, coffee. They would get the "Johnson Treatment" as nobody else could give it.

He would have a willingness to horse-trade with every member.

He would keep a list of people who support each member financially. A call to each to tell them to get the vote of that representative.

He would have Billy Graham calling Baptists, Cardinal Cushing calling Catholics, Dr. Martin Luther King calling blacks, Henry Gonzales calling Hispanics, Henry Ford and David Rockefeller calling Republicans.

He would get Jack Valenti to call the Pope if it would help.

He would have speeches written for members for the Congressional Record and hometown newspapers.

He would use up White House liquor having nightcaps with the leaders and key members of BOTH parties.

Each of them would take home cufflinks, watches, signed photos, and perhaps even a pledge to come raise money for their next election.

He would be sending gifts to children and grandchildren of members.

He would walk around the South Lawn with reporters telling them why this was important to their own families.

He would send every aide in the White House to see every member of the House and Senate. He would send me to see Sen. Richard Russell and Rep. Carl Vinson because I am a Georgian.

He would call media executives Kay Graham, Frank Stanton, Robert Kintner, and the heads of every network.

He would go to pray at six different churches.

He would do newspaper, radio and TV interviews -- especially with Merriman Smith, Hugh Sidey, Sid Davis, Forrest Boyd, Ray Scherer, Helen Thomas, Marianne Means, Walter Cronkite, Phil Potter, Bob Novak.

He would threaten, cajole, flirt, flatter, hug -- and get the health care bill passed.

If he were alive today, LBJ would be on the phone to Barack Obama giving him all the tips he needs to get health care passed, even if it meant selling his own soul. To LBJ, there were no answers except government intervention and government handouts.  Obama understands that, but he is not following in the steps of the mentors of old. 

Could it be that Obama is afraid of selling his soul?  I wouldn't know why.  After all socialists believe don't in individual souls, just the universal one and that is not God's.  It's government.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.