June 10, 2013

"How far can you throw a 20-story concrete, brick and steel building?" I can answer that question. About as far as I trust the Obama Administration.

A recent report published by the claims to have researched almost all of the political speeches, promises and claims of Barack Obama, back to the day he began his first Presidential bid in February, 2007 through May of this year. Notice the italicized word almost. FastCheck says they are still searching for more audio, video and documents from the two Obama campaigns and his White House and cannot with fact conclude they have them all.

The bottom line is President Obama, without breaking a sweat, is the most untruthful President in history. In fact, FastCheck has culled through over 168,000 pieces of audio, nearly 86,000 speeches and countless video and categorized President Obama's topics into three categories: Issues, Promises and the number of times each promise was made.

Here are the startling results: The number of issues and sub-categories within issues that Candidate/President Obama addressed: 3116. The number of promises made concerning or dealing with each of these issues: 9787. The number of times promises and/or claims about these issues were made: 178,034.

Now, if you were a statistician and your area of expertise was computing the batting averages of Major League Baseball Players you would divide 100 by the number of times at-bat and multiply the number of hits to arrive at the so-called batting average. Of course, you would move the decimal over 2 as batting averages are commuted on a 1-point scale, meaning a perfect batting average would be 1.000, not 100%.

FactCheck says that Obama's promise and fact claims "batting average" is an astonishing .026! I wonder if such a batting average would get on into the Major Leagues.

Only the promise of Obamacare's inception and "a few" of his public promises made to labor unions have gotten him on the bases.

Dear Readers, I think I can throw a building farther than I can truth this President.

Despite a trifecta of scandals, Obama and company continue to stonewall, lie, or refuse to answer questions -- in essence, giving Congress and the American people the finger.  Pundits are shocked and taken aback by the unprecedented arrogance of the Obama administration.

Such pundits are a bit late coming to the dance, as we in the Tea Party have been well aware for years of the lawlessness and arrogance of this bunch of thugs from Chicago.  Have these surprised pundits forgotten Obama's unprecedented overreaches into the private sector -- nationalizing General Motors, bullying banks, ignoring the ruling of federal judges, trashing the Constitution, and more?

Still, pundits are missing the much greater horrifying picture.  We are in deep, deep trouble.  The cold reality is that until someone steps forward in real opposition to Obama governing according to his will while ignoring all the laws, checks, and balances, we are defenseless, expendable supplicants of a tyrannical dictator.

I don't see anything getting better with the recent revelations that our government is totally involved in our private lives, from the conversations we have with friends in social media and on the phone to the notes we exchange with our friends via texting and e-mail. Even the Post Office now says it uses scanning devices that can actually read the contents of what is within sealed envelopes and packages.

Recent revelations about the National Security Agency's expansive data-collection efforts have underscored the power of electronic surveillance in the Internet era and renewed an historic debate over how far the government should go in spying on its own people. Over the weekend, a disillusioned former CIA computer technician named Edward Snowden, who had worked as a contactor at the NSA, identified himself as the source of multiple disclosures on the government's surveillance that were published by the Guardian and the Washington Post last week.

The information included a secret court order directing Verizon Communications Inc. to turn over all its calling records for a three-month period, and details about an NSA program code-named PRISM, which collected emails, chat logs and other types of data from Internet companies. These included Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Microsoft Corp, Yahoo Inc., AOL Inc. and Apple Inc.

Snowden cast himself as a whistleblower alarmed about overreaching by the U.S. intelligence establishment, which was given broad powers after the September 11 attacks in 2001 and can take now take advantage of the huge growth in digital data.

Now, I quickly return to the "Obama Batting Average" on Truth-telling and promise making and I ask you this all-important question: Do you really believe the President when he says (as he did Friday), that the last thing NSA would be doing is "taking programs like this to listen to someone’s phone calls"?

He said this Friday afternoon while addressing recent reports of the National Security Agency secretly obtaining phone records and private data for surveillance. During his speech he indicated that Americans needed to trust the system of government set up to thwart abuse.

Then, the Columbia & Harvard graduate made this profound statement: “If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here.”

I think we do have a problem with the Executive and most of the legislative branches of government, Mr. President. Especially when they either don't know how to tell the truth, or can't tell the truth about anything which threatens our freedoms.

I had to laugh when I heard Obama in the same speech say that the National Security agents behind the surveillance programs “cherish our Constitution.” Another lie! It seems there is that pesky Fourth Amendment which they do not cherish.

Call me skeptical; call me a conspiracy theorist if you like. But one thing is for sure. Given Obama's inability to tell the truth, a media which backs him - even if he says the sky is green, the majority of Americans who are low-information voters and a compliant Congress, I don't believe it when he goes before the camera and the first thing out of his mouth is "Good Morning"!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.