July 26, 2013

When six of the world's most powerful bankers met on Jekyll Island in the Fall of 1910, they set out to create the most powerful organism for the sole purpose of controlling this nation's economy. The monster they created would be born in December of 1913 and would spawn connections to the world's entire monetary system. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board.

The FED was designed to ultimately control the country.

It was Amschel Rothschild who once said: "Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes its laws." Applying that to those six bankers, or those who succeeded them during this last century, it means they don't care who the President is or who sits in Congress, they (the bankers) are in control.

Up until recently, I had always believed the FED to have more power than any President since Woodrow Wilson (who incidentally signed the Federal Reserve Board Authorization Bill into law). Now I believe there is another organism which is vying for ultimate control over this country. I refer to the National Security Agency (NSA). Permit me to explain.

Back on July 24, Congress failed to make a token cut in the National Security Agency's official budget. That was nothing less than a green light for the NSA to spy on all Americans, forever. That vote indicated that the NSA owns Congress.

But hold on! Don't jump to conclusions too fast. Has Congress ever authorized the Government Accountability Office to audit the Federal Reserve? No.

Did it have a chance to do this? Yes: under Pelosi and under Boehner. That was Ron Paul's bill. It never got to Obama's desk for him to veto.

Has the United States government ever audited the Federal Reserve to see who owns the gold? No.

Where is the gold stored? In the vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Is this a government agency? No, it is a privately owned agency.

Who owns it? That is none of your business -- or the government's.

But what about Fort Knox? Isn't there gold there? The Federal Reserve System -- which is officially owned by the government -- says there is gold there, but no one has audited it, either.

But couldn't the FED have loaned out this gold under gold leasing? Yes.

But has it? It says it hasn't.

Has this been verified? No. We have already discussed this.

But isn't the FED audited? Yes, by companies authorized by the FED. But it does not authorize any auditing of who owns the gold.

What happened when the central bank of Germany asked for half of its gold back from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? It was told that this will take seven years.

Didn't Angela Merkel scream? No. She remained mute.

But she screamed when Edward Snowden proved that the NSA bugs all Germans, too? She did not scream. She groused a little. This is an election year. Then Secretary of State John Kerry explained things to the world. " There is nothing unusual about mass surveillance of allies." That was his diplomatic way of saying: "Kiss off. We own you" So, she has stopped complaining. She has said nothing since June 30, except that such spying is necessary. Here is what she said at a 90-minute press conference on July 19. She said to be patient. "My job is to ensure people in Germany know that German law applies on German soil, and that applies to everyone here. It is not my job to familiarize myself with the details of PRISM. With every day it becomes clear to the United States that this is important for us. Germany is not a nation of surveillance. Germany is a nation of freedom."

What did she mean by this? She meant this: "Kiss off. They own us."

What did the other heads of state say? As little as possible.

Why not? Because the U.S. government owns them.

But isn't that what the NSA told Congress? "Kiss off. We own you." Officially, it said nothing. It always says nothing.

But I mean really. What did it tell Congress? It did not have to tell Congress anything. Congress knows who has the phone data of every member of Congress.

But what about "We, the people?" Them, too.

Then who owns Congress? Who owns the President?

While it may be argued that George Soros is the power behind the throne and he, in turn, manipulates the economies of dozens of countries, including the United States, the NSA knows where he is, what he's up to and what he is saying to those in his inner circle.

The NSA spies on the FED. It spies on Soros. It spies on members of Congress and even Barack Obama. It can blackmail any FED official, any Congressman and judge or any powerful person at any time. Yes, the FED can cut off the government's money. Maybe Congress will then cut off the NSA's funding. But it never has in the past. So, the Federal Reserve is not the owner of Congress. It merely holds a long-term sublease through a lease arrangement from the NSA.

Have you ever seen the contract?

No. One copy is held by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (private) on behalf of the Federal Reserve System (government), neither of which may may be audited by the federal government. The other copy is held by the NSA, which is not audited by the government.

But where is the government's copy?

The government is not a party to the contract. It has no copy. Did Uncle Tom have a copy of his contract? It was none of his business.

Are you saying that the FED is the equivalent of Simon Legree? Yes.

But wasn't Legree employed by Massa? Yes.

But what about "We, the people?"

"We, the people" sing truly inspiring spirituals. Mainly, "Go down Moses." Over and over. "Way down in Egypt land." Over and over. "Let my people go." It's a great song for Sunday morning. Then they get back to work. On Monday through Saturday, they sing this: "Gonna jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton. Gonna jump down, turn around, pick a bale a day."

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.