August 12, 2013

In the short four and a half years Obama has been in office he has managed through his scandals to divide and subvert Americas’ core beliefs and turned this country unrecognizable. He has risen from near death, class warfare, racism and gender bias. He has instilled and incited Religious, Political, Matrimonial and Heterosexual disdain and shown no regard for human life through late term abortion, and callous disrespect of our American soldiers. In my opinion he has saved the most insidiously wicked and economically devastating scandal for last. Nancy Pelosi told us that this specious Affordable Health Care bill need only be passed and read to receive it’s gratuity for all participants.  Is she right?

Let’s read and uncover how this scandalous Health Care law will subjugate middle class working Americans as it goes into effect and imposes rules which will ultimately and forever change our way of life. We will also review a newly discovered Law about to be imposed on Employees.

At this point Congress and their staffers have a façade that they joined the exchanges at the same level middle class workers and small business owners did. True enough they are in the exchange but they enter in keeping the same subsides and benefits (70%-75% paid premiums) they are receiving right now at their high income level. They receive from Taxpayers money, subsidized by the Govt., $5,000/yr. for an Individual and $11,000 for a Family/yr. The poor receive Medicare/Medicaid. Joe Blow receives a subsidy based on his income up to a certain level and the Middle class and small business owner receives nothing. Not everybody lives under the same Affordable” Fair” Act Exchange rules.

Apparently Congress is privileged enough to make one rule for themselves and another for us since Obama care didn’t begin to give them the Cadillac coverage they were used to.  Even acting director of the IRS, Daniel Werfel said “I would prefer to stay with my current policy I’m pleased with and not go through that change.” Anyone doubt he will get a waiver?

* IRS has a role in 47 provisions of the Health Care law

* The IRS Union employees don’t want Obama Care Ins. and speak out against it with other Unions

* Govt. cannot handle 900,000 Backlogged Veteran cases but will be given 360 Mil more under HHS

* Medical Colleges agree there will be a shortage of Drs. 63,000 in first 2 yrs. and 140,000 by 2025

* Quality and Access Will Go Down while a Big Gulf exists between Insurance and Actual Care

* CBO says that 30 Million will “always” be uninsured

* Health care law has 20 new or increased taxes on American families and small Businesses

* Fewer will get their Ins. from Employers and they will be thrown into the exchanges

HHS has just requested from the Obama Administration $1.5 Billion to implement Obama care

* In April, 2013 the HHS signed $8 Mil. contract with PR firm Weber Shandwick to help promote HC

* In Oct, 2012 the HHS had already signed a separate $3.1 Mil. contract with PR firm Weber Shandwick

* In May 2012 the HHS signed a $20 Mil. contract with Porter Novelli firm to promote Health care law

* California to take $990K in tax money grants to schools to train teens to be messengers to their family  of how Obama care works and persuade them it is a good program. With K-12 enrollment of 650,000

* There are 1,000 IRS employees tasked with implementing Obama Care law

* Personal Health Information MUST be shared between State and Federal agencies

The 3,000 pages of; medical procedure hand tying, job initiative killing rules and punitive fines putting our economy on life support, Health Care Law, is still evolving. The newly redefined “30 hour” full time work week is not the latest surprise to be gleaned from these pages. There is one more costly rule on its way out of the bowels of the 7ft. high paper tower, just for employees. The biggest change coming from the HHS is the new characterization of employee contribution.

Nick Balletta, Talk Point CEO, says ‘’People really need to start paying attention to the effects Obama care is going to have on the Employee’s. Historically employees have gotten Health Ins. from their employers. They contribute somewhere between 10%  to 30% per year depending on the cost of the plan as it relates to the cost of the PREMIUM. That model no longer exists. It has been changed so now employees will have to contribute 9.5% percent up to their Gross INCOME and that will hit them in their wallets. Say you have a $50,000/year employee contributing at 9.5%, that’s effectively paying 60% even 70% of the cost of their own Health care premium, that’s substantial.”

From a mandate perspective Companies are setting up plans that are onerous economically to the individuals and they ultimately opt out. Once the employees opt out of the plan the mandate is rendered void. The Company has no responsibility to pay the $2,000 fine and employees are thrust into the exchanges, Bingo. If you like the Ins. plan you have you can keep it period! Mr. Obama neglected to tell us that no one will be able “to afford” the Ins. plan they are on to keep it.

Obama’s latest speech didn’t mention any of this he said, ”The States that have committed themselves to making this law work are finding the competition and choices are actually pushing costs down.” No mention of even ONE State where this is working. In the real world employees will need to tighten their belts for lean stipends ahead and not listen to these “Phony” politically motivated speeches.

Obama is no fool! It was a smart move on his part to let parents pick up the costs of their children’s Health Ins. until age 26.They will never know until they pay it on their own the cost is 2 to 3 times more than the costs available right now and not inclusive of the benefits promised. For Obama care to work it needs the young healthy Kids to sign up and pay to subsidize the older and sick. The problem is that the exchanges are costly and objectionable so young people don’t like them. Even the NFL, NBA & major league Baseball wouldn’t sign on with HHS to sell their fans.

Under Obama care: Age 25 Males   Source: David Kessler Wall St. Journal

  • living in San Francisco will pay 62% more /month
  • Ohio will pay 88% more /month
  • Missouri will pay 89% more / month
  • Indiana will pay 91% more /month
  • Nevada will pay 101% more /month

Obama’s Campaign promise was Health Care costs will go down $2500/yr. for family of 4

Three weeks ago they didn’t have the technology to verify income so at the same time Obama delayed the Employer Mandate he decided to NOT enforce the income eligibility requirement. He basically invited fraud and liar loans. You say you qualify for a subsidy so we are not going to check your income.     Their strategy is not complicated. A reasonable prediction is that if a significant amount of people start receiving subsidies, they won’t stop but will fight harder to keep them. In modern times no major entitlement that has been implemented has EVER been unwound. There’s no action greater to encourage economic growth through jobs in America than the repeal and reversal of all or parts of this law that’s destroying our Country. It’s the working class that suffers the most.

In 52 days the continuing resolution which funds our Govt. will expire. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) has a bipartisan participation plan to pass the resolution that funds the “entire Federal Govt.”, every aspect of it, except any funding of Obama care. ”It should explicitly prohibit any funding, not even one penny of support under no circumstances”. Of course Harry Reid, Senate Speaker, and the Media, will impugn the Republicans saying they are shutting down the Govt., which will be untrue and outrageous. Mr. Cruz says he can turn their words right back on them. “Should Pres. Obama shut down the Federal Govt. in order “to force” Obama care on individual families even though giant Corporations are getting waivers?” The Power is in the Purse and the House has the purse.  He continues to say, “It won’t be easy but if Republicans would actually stand up and fight explaining the truth against Reid’s argument, we can win this or at the very least defund parts, the most destructive ones, and/or delay the implementation”.

Mr. Cruz says, “If there is ever a time to defeat Obama care it is now. Moreover, I believe we have the best and possibly the “last” opportunity we will have to defund Obama care with the continuing resolution. It’s why the people hired me to come to Washington.”

If you don’t agree with the defunding plan Mr. Cruz offers then please light up the phone of your Congressman and go to your Town Hall meeting over the August recess. Discuss his plan on how he will end this. We need to find a mutually agreeable plan. There doesn’t seem to be ANY disagreement that Obama care is WRONG for America just on how to stop it.

Most rational thinking people do not understand what kind of Bizarre Person would ever come up with this job crippling, economy killing plan for a country already surviving on food stamps. Amid all the malicious so-called phony scandals Obama care is very REAL. I fear with the enormous amounts of new found Power, Control and additional Revenue it brings to this Tyrant, Phony President, it will be the ultimate demise of America…

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.