August 1, 2014

Two big events took place yesterday (Thursday, July 31) in my family's home. The first was an pronouncement from my doctor, the second from my wife's employer.

For once in my life I am going to put my personal troubles squarely on the shoulders of the one who is rightfully at fault: President Barack Obama.

For the last five-and-a-half years, it has been my privilege and duty to opine and expose the ills that face our country. These ills were not started by President Obama. They were exacerbated by him. They multiplied ten-fold as part of his fundamental transformation of America which he promised on the eve of his election back in 2008.

As I read, and researched, listened to the media and corresponded with hundreds of Americans, the more I uncovered and discovered, the higher my blood pressure shot up. Listening to Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Mark Levin didn't help. Watching Fox News only intensified my emotions. The more I found out about our government, the more sick it made me.

Yesterday, my doctor told me to stop writing. He told me to back off of talk radio, back off of media research, back off in my search for truth, because I am two weeks away from an exploding ulcer.

I take the destruction of my country seriously. So much so, that the only release valve I am allowed to use (and I do so privately, in the confines of my office with no one around, including my wife) is to curse the ground our President, radical (progressive) liberals and main stream Republicans walk on.

In my rants, you could hear me call the President a "Communist" (which he is); a "Hollywood wanna-be" (which he is); a "liar", incapable of speaking one utterance of truth (which he is); a racist (which he and his close friend Eric Holder have proven time and again); and a whole host of other adjectives which provably depict this feckless, destructive, ineffectively and America-hater in the Oval Office. (Oops, I forgot. He doesn't go to the Oval Office often. I should call him the occupier of Air Force One where you can find him on average six days a week, between golf games and fundraisers.

When you have a doctor, who by the way I am loosing on September 30th, saying to "pack it in and call it a day," that is hard to hear. Didn't Obama say if I like my doctor, I can keep my doctor? Not for me soon. Didn't he also say if I like my health insurance and I can keep my health insurance? Well, I am loosing mine on September 30th as well. The only choices for me and my wife now is to go on Obamacare at 127% higher premiums and 800% higher deductibles. I am a white-working class low-to-middle class wage-earner so I don't qualify for Medicaid or Obamacare subsidies. I even make $4000 a year too much to qualify for $50 per month on an EBT card, no government help whatsoever ... and I don't want government handouts!

My wife and I really make $38,000 a year too much to qualify for any government aid now, but on August 15th, that drops to the $4000 figure noted above.

Why? Well this is the second big event I referred to above.

My wife was given a pink slip yesterday, the result of downsizing in the healthcare industry. Janice works for a local hospital in their Admissions and Central Registration department. This is a job that she has thoroughly enjoyed. Although she never studied nursing or medicine, she has always been a people-person with the penchant for perking people up who are facing uncertain futures as they prepare to have medical needs met through surgery or treatments. She doesn't just register people for their procedures, she talks to them, holds their hands, encourages and even prays with them and for them. She has been commended by patients, co-workers and employers as high up as the hospital administrator. Her people skills are impeccable and her evaluations have been consistently with high marks.

When my independent health-insurance went to nearly $475 a month (and I had not one single complication) back in 2009, I decided to go under Janice's plan. Taken together, the hospital paid all of her insurance and took out only $52 every other week from her pay for my coverage. On October 1, with or without cobra, we will fork out over $1470 per month for health coverage.

When asked by a friend of mine, who recently stepped down from the hospital's board of directors, if I knew about any pending reductions in staff at the hospital I said we had heard the rumors. In the last meeting he attended of the board before his term expired in June, Rick told me that if we hear of mass layoffs at the hospital, it is "100 percent the fault of the Affordable Care Act" (Obamacare). He was not in the know at that meeting if there were going to be job losses, but it was discussed and a consultant team had been hired (at the cost of six times the Administrator's salary) to find ways to cut 11 percent of their total budget over three years.

They found it and 140 employees with get their last pay check in three weeks.

So now, with two-and-a-half years left in Obama's communist  totalitarian rule from Air Force One, and my singular health issue that could become a serious malady, I have to "pack it in and call it a day."

With Janice moving into the unemployment line (and at 61 years of age - it stands to be permanent unless she is lucky enough to obtain one, two, or three part-time jobs in retail) I am going to have to do some employment-searching myself. I will continue to serve my church as its pastor, but this small congregation, located in a small town outside of suburbia, can only afford to pay its pastor so much. I am considered bi-vocational, which is an industry term meaning I work two jobs and one is with the church.

My writing for this website yields less than $1000 per year so that really doesn't help. It can't even make the first Obamacare premium payment for us. So my time for reading, research and tuning in to whatever media I could find to reveal some truth is going to be next to nil.

I will have time to look through some news sites and copy and paste headlines for the home page of this website. Hey, you can think of it as "Drudge Junior." I choose to think of it as Obama taking me to the woodshed for not kneeling before him and addressing him a "Lord." At least he hadn't ordered the IRS to get me - yet. That will come if I don't enroll in Obamacare by December 31st. (I had to get one last jab in).

I will be leaving my previous posts under the various topics/issues I addressed on the site for a while. The headlines will stay, when I can, I will tweet and they will be posted there are well.

But for now I have to bid the reader's of my opines adieu. It has been an experience I loved and, yes, even loathed. But I always found it challenging and enlightening.

Thanks for being there!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.