January 19, 2011

As political leadership becomes more polarized and the number of moderates in Congress dwindle, Americans are coming to see just what delineates the left from the right. In terms of competition it is simply "Liberty vs. Control." The right upholds, hails, protects and promotes such pesky things as the Bill of Rights -- all ten! The left, on the other hand would prefer to modify the First Amendment, repeal the Second, and ignore or forget the rest, except possibly the sixth and eighth amendments protecting evil-doers from excessive punishment.

Desperate to try to change their fortunes before voters enter the voting booth in 2012, liberals have been trying to manipulate the conversation no matter what the subject. After the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords, one would think decorum would be the rule of the day. Instead, liberals went on the attack immediately, blaming any conservative with a microphone for the “atmosphere” that contributed to the Giffords shooting. Never mind that the lunatic who pulled the trigger didn’t listen to talk radio, nor was he politically conservative.

But that doesn’t really matter because liberals have done a masterful job of convincing a lot of folks a lot of things that just aren’t so. A new poll shows that 42% of hardcore leftists believe that political rhetoric was the cause of the Giffords shooting. That's all?

This goes to show you that language is important. And that is the reason why the left is now trying to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine. Look for Congressman Clyburn (D-SC) to drop that gem of a bill before the ink is dry.

The Fairness Doctrine seeks to hush all conservative rhetoric on the airwaves by requiring that a leftist point of view be given equal time, etc. As if the left doesn’t have pure dominance across the entire mainstream media airwaves and in every newsroom across the nation, not to mention tentacles into every show of every genre from children’s fodder to documentaries on the History Channel. But the left wing’s inability to tolerate any dissent of any kind is driving them to bring up the laughably named Fairness Doctrine at every turn. They won’t be happy until they are able to “Hush Rush.”

Even the Fairness Doctrine doesn’t go far enough for some liberals. Despite embracing the First Amendment at every turn to defend some of their lunacy, they have now decided to try to actually ban some symbols from public discourse. Congresswoman McCarthy, clearly a gal who cannot stand Gov. Sarah Palin, is blaming the crosshairs symbol on a map of congressional races targeted for a liberal defeat on Palin’s website.

Rep. McCarthy is going to have to decide whether it was the crosshairs on the Palin congressional map or the crosshairs logo on CNN’s Crossfire that set off Jared Lee Loughner. Or maybe he just shopped at Target a lot. They had better get a really good psychic for any congressional hearings on McCarthy’s wacky bill — it will take a mind reader of extraordinary depth and imagination to discern what was going on in Loughner’s tangled neurons.

McCarthy has been on a personal crusade since to rid America of firearms since her husband was tragically murdered, and she ran for Congress…. and it is her intention to once again introduce another gun control bill. This time it is to limit high capacity magazines like the one used by both her husband’s assailant and Jared Lee Loughner.

First Amendment, Second Amendment, they are just pesky little statements which stand in the way of "progress."

In a further assault of the First Amendment, Rep. Robert Brady (D-PA) wants to make language that could be considered threatening to a federal official, illegal. And precisely who is going to decide that, under what circumstances and with what results?

Dangerous constitutional ground these folks are treading on. Isn’t it usually the leftists who wrap themselves in the First Amendment for any obscene, offensive thing that the most depraved mind can possibly conceive of, usually in an anti-Christian genre? Why don’t they just get it over with and say that the First Amendment is for everyone that agrees with them, period.

Unfortunately for them. the Founding Fathers wanted Americans to enjoy a robust, free, political environment where there would be no fear of reprisals for expressing an opinion. This has been tested repeatedly over the years, heaven knows, but the alternative – state-controlled speech – is a far more reprehensible option. One they would truly live to regret if they thought about it. It would seem that their hatred for anyone who disagrees with their agenda outweighs even the potential abuses of government.

What happened in Tucson had nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin or Sean Hannity or Mark Levin or any other conservative superstar that annoys a liberal. Jared Lee Loughner is a pathetically ill young man who needed psychiatric care, nothing more, nothing less. He pulled the trigger and it was for a host of reasons that we will probably never quite understand. Limiting the freedoms of the First and Second Amendment would not have stopped Loughner from the mayhem he was bent on creating.

The real tragedy would be to allow the leftists to use this incident to silence us just as the new Congress is settling in and the 2012 campaigns are getting started. Now is not the time to be silent.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.