December 31, 2011

Even if there were no calendars around, I always know when the New Year is around the corner. How? My birthday is the day before.

So, moving beyond the birthday notation, let me welcome you to 2012, the year of big change!

We heard all about "change" during the year 2008. We saw it transpire throughout 2009 and 2010. 2011 will go down as the year of "nothingness". Republicans in the House of Representatives took the entire year, holding off Senate Democrats and President Obama from finishing the job of "changing" or "fundamentally transforming America."

To get to the point: the President's "change" policy has been nothing short of moving more and more people (citizens, legal and illegal aliens and the mindless) on to the government dole and increasing the size of government by 17 percent. As more workers lost their jobs in the private sector, more and more unqualified persons became government workers.  The vast majority of new jobs were created in the public sector and handed out to those who chose not to go on government subsistence.

Oh yes, there has been change. But not like the change that will take place if President Obama looses his re-election bid.

The National Review's end-of the year predictions were interesting this time around. The five main columnists and editors predict that the GOP will hold on to the House, at least get a 50-50 split in the Senate (four say they will have 51 or more seats), and all but one think Obama will be defeated.

Since it is my birthday, I will indulge myself with a few predictions of my own. Keep in mind, my record for correct prognostication of the social, economic and political world in the past stands at about 69%. This being the case, seven of the following ten most likely will happen, if my average still holds.

1)    President Obama will be defeated as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina return to red state status. I do reserve the right to retract this prediction if he should dump Biden from the ticket and put Hillary on it. Then, all bets are off because with Hillary on the ticket Obama will win more independent and women voters back and a near electoral landslide will happen.

2)    The unemployment rate will start to rise slowly in January and will continue to creep up (to about 9.3 percent) until June or July, then most likely hold steady and start a decline in September.

3)    At least two more Democratic Senators and as many as six more Democratic House members will announce their retirements. Included in this lineup will be former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Republicans will have a big chance to takeover the Senate, which I predict they will with 52 seats! I don't see the GOP gaining more than five to six seats in the House, but they will pick up a few.

4)    The GDP will not grow more than one-tenth of a percent before the election and inflation will start to become a factor by early spring. The FED will begin another "Qualitative Easing" to try to stave off another recession (which, by the way, is still in progress).

5)    The Green Bay Packers will lose to New Orleans during the playoffs and the Saints will face the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl. I won't predict the winner of that game, but just in case neither team gets to the Bowl, then I expect New England will take the Lombardi Trophy again.

6)    The Yankees will be back in the World Series, but I don't believe they will win. I will go out on the limb and say the National League pennant will go either to Milwaukee or San Francisco and either will defeat the Yanks in the Series. I will also predict that the Baltimore Orioles will remain in the cellar for the eighth straight year. (When will they ever get rid of their owner?)

7)    More and more of the middle class will enroll in the food stamp program and we should see the total number of recipients go from 43.4 to 46.5 million or more by election time.

8)    The GOP nominee for President will choose Marco Rubio as his running mate. Should Rubio insist on not being on the ticket, expect the VEEP to be a woman, and not necessarily Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin. How about retiring Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison?  Note: In the very unlikely event that Ron Paul is the nominee to head the ticket, expect him to name Dennis Kucinich as his running mate. On a separate note: I do not expect either Ron Paul or Donald Trump to run a third-party candidacy. Both men know that would produce a sure fire landslide victory for President Obama.

9)    In the event President Obama looses the election, expect riots to break out in as many as twenty, or more major metropolitan areas and large cities. Not withstanding the fact that Obama has done little-to-nothing for African-Americans, they will revolt against his loss. There will be a tremendous loss of property, arson, looting and a large number of people will get hurt or lose their lives. Hardest hit will be Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Orlando, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

10)    Next Christmas will be more solemn, more personal, and retail sales will be less than fifty percent of what they were this year. This will be partly due to the prediction above. Many will be afraid or apprehensive of going out to the malls, shopping centers and retail outlets because of sporadic chaos. Online sales will be record breaking.

I know I haven't named the GOP nominee. I am personally hoping for a brokered convention and that somehow Allen West turns up at the top of the ticket. That would mean Marco Rubio wouldn't be his choice for VEEP as they both are from Florida and that is not allowed by law.

For an honorable mention in the predictions category (and this one won't count unless it actually happens): I believe John Boehner will be challenged by Eric Cantor for the Speakership of the House. I won't predict who the winner will be, but personally I think Boehner is wounded and Tea Partiers are and will continue to hold him accountable.

There you have it: 2012 in a nutshell!

Hold your head high and don't look back! I truly believe that in the end, 2012 will be better for most of us than 2011, and 2013 will bring on the beginning of new era.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.