April 29, 2014

Anyone who knowingly ignores clear and present danger is courting disaster, a fact that makes it difficult to understand why Congress continues to sheepishly acquiesce as President Obama takes a meat cleaver to the defense budget.

Elected officials in Washington, D.C.—people who are privy to accurate, up-to-date information that has not been filtered through biased media outlets—continue to ignore the clear and present danger represented by Obama’s on-going cuts to the defense budget.

Barack Obama is weakening America’s military and, in turn, America. Worse yet the evidence suggests he is doing this on purpose.

Congress and presidents have always responded to the end of major hostilities by cutting back on military expenditures—think of World War II, Vietnam, and the Cold War. But President Obama has broken all precedent by cutting the military’s budget at a time of increased hostility toward America.

 Obama’s only interest in the military seems to be in scoring cheap political points by: 1) moving military dollars into social programs, 2) coercing the service branches into accepting open homosexuality in the ranks, and 3) advocating for women in combat. To Obama the military is just a convenient organization he can coerce into advancing his leftwing social agenda.

Barack Obama and his minions in Congress stubbornly cling to their fantasies—in spite of all evidence to the contrary—that they can change human nature and that the world will respond to their efforts in the ways intended. They seem to believe that cutting our military budget will somehow make the world a safer place by making our enemies happy.

Obama is like the wimpy kid who tries to save his skin by being nice to a bully. In the March 2014 edition of Imprimis, Brian T. Kennedy had this to day about the likelihood that the world will ever be free of wars: “…war is permanent to the human condition, and…in war it is better to win, for no one ever had to accommodate a loser. America will always have enemies,…and those enemies will forever be planning and expending resources to place themselves in a position to defeat us.

It would be nice if it was otherwise, but it is not otherwise. It is the way the world works.” It is too bad for America that President Obama and his liberal colleagues in Congress lack this kind of foresight.

Do you remember the bumper stickers that were popular in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001? Those stickers—proudly displayed by people on the left and the right—said: “We will never forget.”

Guess what? Liberals forgot, and no liberal forgot faster than Barack Obama.

During his first term, the president simply picked up the ball George Bush handed him and ran with it, making few changes when it came to military matters. But once he got his feet under him in the Oval Office, Obama immediately turned his sights on the military and has been focused on undermining the military and in turn America ever since.

I used to think that Obama was just inept when it comes to military and foreign relations matters, and he is. In his book Duty former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates makes clear that President Obama and his closest advisers are uncomfortable with the military and distrustful of military leaders (and vice-versa).

However, the evidence now suggests that Obama’s ineptitude in defense and foreign policy matters conveniently disguises an agenda aimed at weakening the United States by weakening the military.

In other words, when the President continues to undermine the military in spite of the on-going terrorist threats, nuclear advances in Korea and Iran, the re-emergence of Russia and its expansion minded president, and increasing terrorist violence on American soil, any objective observer would have to conclude that the president’s unstated goal is to purposefully weaken the United States. No other explanation makes sense.

If you think this view is just anti-Obama conjecture or reactionary rhetoric, examine the evidence yourself. Ask yourself three questions: 1) Is America’s economy stronger since Barack Obama took office?, 2) Is America’s military stronger since Obama took office?, and 3) Are there fewer threats to America’s security since Obama took office? The answer to all of these questions is the same: “no.”

Since Barack Obama took office America has become so mired in debt it can barely manage to pay the interest on the billions it continually borrows. America is like a family that is living from month to month on its credit cards, just trying to keep all of them from maxing out at once.

Money that could and should be going into research, development, and business expansion aimed at making America economically strong is being siphoned off to pay debts to countries whose long-term goal is to ensure our downfall.

Since shortly after Obama took office, the U.S. military has been nothing more than a target for social experimentation and budget cuts.

Finally, during Obama’s time in office the threats to America’s national security—thanks to his nefarious agenda and ineptitude—have only increased. Perhaps the best evidence of America’s economic and military weakness is Obama’s impotence in the face of Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and the Crimea. While it is true that war-weary Americans have no stomach for a military clash with Russia, it is equally true that there is little short of nuclear war we could do if we wanted to respond.

Our military leaders are too busy responding to Obama’s initiatives on homosexuals and women in combat to respond to Russian aggression.

I think the fact that the President is incredibly inept in military and foreign policy matters has obscured an agenda that should have Americans of all stripes concerned. No American—left or right, rich or poor, male or female, black or white, Hispanic or Asian, Christian or atheist—benefits from a weaker America.

President Obama’s apparent agenda to transform the United States into a second-rate country dependent on the United Nations for its national security should concern every American. The fact that it doesn’t shows just how much progress the progressives have made in advancing their anti-America agenda.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.