June 27, 2011

Aside from the fact, as Ann Coulter correctly points out, that liberals (Democrats) find their inspiration in the mob mentality of the French Revolution, our Federal Government, still under much of the left's influence, is getting scarier by the day. The number one tool being used by the Obama Administration the ratchet up fear is regulatory power.

Yes, the White House has more "specialists" in the art everything from food to air, than all other previous Democratic administrations combined! The power to control lives looks good to a liberal, but to the individual Joe who just wants to enjoy a Big Mac, it's going to get hard.

Aside from Team Obama's Czars, are the unions. Nearly every union recognized by the National Labor Relations Board endorsed Obama in 2008. And now, the NLRB is staffed by a nearly-all Democratic panel. With all the unions in the President's pocket, its early to see how polished they are in the science of Chicago politics and cronyism.

For instance, on June 10, Boeing cut the ribbon on a new factory for its 787 Dreamliner in Charleston, South Carolina. The plant cost $750M, the largest industrial investment in the state’s history. One thousand workers were hired, and as many as 7,000 jobs could ultimately be created in and around this state-of-the-art facility.

Great news for a state with revenue shortfalls and an unemployment rate of 9.8%.

And during the time Boeing was building the South Carolina factory, the company created 2,000 union jobs at its existing Dreamliner plant in Washington state.

Everybody wins, right?

Wait—not so fast.

Back in April, at the behest of the union, the National Labor Relations Board filed a lawsuit against Boeing. They claimed the Chicago-based airplane manufacturer chose South Carolina, a right-to-work-state, as a way of retaliating against union workers in Washington who had in the past organized work stoppages. They claimed the move was anti-union.

What’s going on here? Why is the NLRB, “an independent federal agency that protects the rights of private sector employees to join together, with or without a union, to improve their wages and working conditions,” fighting a union battle and standing in the way of job creation in South Carolina?

Because they’re not an independent agency at all.

According to its website, the NLRB consists of five board members, each appointed by the president to a 5-year term. Currently, there are only four members serving on the board. Three are Obama appointees. One is a recess appointee awaiting confirmation. The last seat is vacant.

Does that sound “independent” to you? Yeah, me neither. From where I’m sitting, it sounds like they’re nothing more than the president’s union henchmen.

If ever there were evidence that this administration is pandering to its constituency with policy decisions that are patently anti-business, this is it. Plain and simple, the NLRB is doing the dirty work for a president who has decided that his friends in organized labor are more important than the economic future of this great country. In order to appease his constituency, he has turned a blind eye to the creation of 7,000 jobs. These are good jobs, too—jobs that could support families and help grow the economy. If I were a resident of the Palmetto State, I’d be madder than a wet hen.

My father, God rest his soul, believed in unions. And I agree that there was a time in our nation’s history when unions served an important purpose. But those days are long gone.

Today, union employees make up just 6.9% of the private workforce. But judging by the behavior of the NLRB, it’s pretty clear that this tiny group has 100% of the president’s ear. Bill Daley, another fellow Chicagoan and a close Obama advisor, was on Boeing’s board of directors when the decision to build the South Carolina plant was made. That’s the very same Bill Daley whom the president brought on board to help him sell Wall Street and the business community on the notion that he was serious about growing the economy.

If he were really serious, he’d order his henchmen to stand down.

But he isn’t and he won’t. And who’s paying the price? The American worker, the state of South Carolina and the U.S. economy.

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham put this absurd situation in perspective. “If the NLRB is allowed to overrule Boeing’s business decision,” he said, “there are no winners.”

I’m inclined to put it even more strongly: If Obama’s henchmen are allowed to overrule Boeing’s business decision, we will never see a corporation set up shop in a union state again, regardless of tax breaks or any other incentive they’re offered.

That should help create jobs and grow the economy, right Mr. President?

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.