November 7, 2012

In my last article, I stated that Tuesday, November 6th was a Day of Reckoning. A reckoning is a settling of accounts. The question was which account would be settled, freedom-loving traditional values, or Barack Obama?

At 11:17 PM Tuesday night, the question was answered. A deeply divided America decided to let Mr. Obama finish what he promised to do back on October 30, 2008. namely, his "fundamental transformation of America."

The last four years has brought about economic disaster, out-of-control spending, a debt that has nearly doubled with no end in sight, no job gains, cultural relativity and the decline of traditional values. We have moved from Christian America to Post-Christian America. Now President Obama wants to finish the job by moving us to simply being Post-America.

The next four years promises to bring about three things to finish that "fundamental transformation of America."

First, we will enter into a series of treaties with the United Nations which will severely limit our sovereignty and bring about more economic and military decline. The Law of the Sea Treaty, the Small Arms Treaty, Agenda 21 and a host of others will be passed or, by Executive fiat, made law. These actions will, in turn, bring every violation by our government, any state, locality or individual, under the jurisdiction of the International Court of the Hague.

Got a gun? You'd better surrender it or, according to the Small Arms Treaty, you'll be tried, found guilty and jailed, perhaps for life. Do you have a house near or in a rural area and want to keep it? If Agenda 21 is fully implemented you may have to forfeit your property to the government for the benefit of "sustainable development." After all, it’s not fair that individuals own land or property. What will make it fair is if it is collectively owned.

The United Nations wants to mandate global communism. They just don’t call it that. They call it “social justice.” And they’re going to execute “social justice” through “sustainable development.”

One other item about his globalist vision: Look of President Obama to work through the United Nations to expand his redistributionist worldview. It will no longer be "from my wallet to yours." It will become from our Treasury to the world's undeveloped nations. How can we do that when we are in debt to China. We have to pay those bills as well. Can you say: "Great Depression"?

That leads me to the second item: The worth of your money will continue to decline. Are you making about the same as you did four years ago? Count yourself blessed that you have the means to a paycheck. Are you making more now than four years ago but find your purchasing power significantly less? Don't think for a moment you'll be able to buy more down the road.

Look for inflation to become a serious matter in the next six to eighteen months. Watch as many will begin to scramble for that second and third part-time job to compensate for what the full time job can no longer render.

You can forget about jobs in the private sector. So many small business owners are already saying they will not hire more than 49 workers, so as to avoid the penalties of having to provide expensive health insurance for their employees. Others say they won't be able to afford hiring more people because we still have the highest corporate taxes in the world.

Speaking of jobs, when news came over the air that Barack Obama secured the election, my 24-year old son called and asked if it were true. Upon hearing that it was, he said "Well, I guess I'll have to wait another four years before I can use my college degree." He graduated two years ago and, although he has a job, it pays him significantly less than if he could secure a job in the field of his education and training. By the way, he's only had two interviews in the two years since his graduation and has sent out over 350 resumes.

Thirdly, America has become a divided nation. President Obama has proven that he is not a uniter, but a divider. Look for four more years of polarization. We will see the President continue to refuse to work with Republicans. Look for no compromises as he continues to be the only President in our nation's history never to compromise and or be bi-partisan.

This President has his agenda and he will go around, over, below through and away from the Congress and the Constitution to impose his vision of post-America.

In a post-America, we will see the end of Judeo-Christian values. Those holding, observing or following its tenets will be mocked far worse. They will be threatened with civil action for slander, discrimination, hate-crimes, etc.

For example, look for the Defense of Marriage Act to be overturned, the federal government redefining marriage and ordering Christian pastors, Catholic priests and Jewish rabbis to solemnize same-sex marriage or (most likely) take marriage out of the realm of religion altogether, as is the case in Belgium, France, Spain, Holland, Austria and five other European nations.

In light of the certainties I've just mentioned above, I would love to ask one big favor of our President. In all seriousness and as earnest as I can be, I'd like to ask Mr. Obama not to take the regular oath of office that each President in the past has taken. I would ask that he not make a mockery of the Bible or the Constitution. He can lay his left hand on a Koran, the Bhagavad gita, or the writings of Marx. He can raise his right hand to take an oath.

And for God's sake Mr. Obama , do not swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. You haven't in the last four years as you have tried to circumvent it any which way you could. Tell the truth in your oath for once and just say you'll preserve, protect and defend your itinerary to finish your transformation of America into a secular-progressive socialist society. At least you'll be telling the truth for once and become the transparent President you promised to be four years ago.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.