May 20, 2013

Now that the low-information/low-knowledge segment of the country is waking up to what conservatives have been pointing out since Barack Obama was first sanctified by the left, we are being treated to the spectacle of a liberal epiphany.  How, they ask themselves, could this have happened?  How could they have been suckered so completely?  After all, liberals/progressives tell us all the time, they are a superior manifestation of the species.  They are always right, and their political opponents are always bad people, motivated by ignorance and stupidity at best, and impure designs at least.

Our progressive masters proclaim that they are not nearly so ignorant, and that those to whom the liberal legions pledge their fealty have "evolved" into more modern, nobler beings.  That they have done so in direct proportion to the demands of political correctness presents a hitherto unknown form of evolution, but science somehow always favors liberals, doesn't it?  And if it is necessary to ignore truth now and then to enhance the evolution, or cook the science, so be it.  Progress demands blindness to all prior lessons, especially those involving human nature and human failings.  Progressives evolve in the opposite direction of history, experience, and evidence.

And yet, at least some of these self-appointed wizards are finally asking themselves how it's possible that those troglodytes, those conservatives, might have been right all along about the pathological dishonesty of the lords of progressivism while they, the ever-evolving, were duped.

Perhaps the answer lies in the modern practice of progressivism.  Progressivism as played out in the last fifty years in America is the belief system of deeply unserious people.  It exists to indulge a complete and utter lack of maturity and responsibility in large enough numbers that it is assured of getting its way.  It celebrates vices.  It must be imposed coercively.  Overt fraud and deceit are admired skills.  Its practitioners wallow in behaviors and beliefs that prior generations recognized as embarrassing character flaws.  It is the belief system of spoiled, antisocial children and misguided enablers, rather than responsible grownups.

Mature adults disapprove of outright deception.  It is a violation of the social code.  Progressives, however, need it like air. 

Indeed, no vice is quite so highly prized and honored in progressivism as lying.  Every achievement attributed to progressivism is a product of pure dishonesty.  Welfare, illegal immigration, gun control, socialized medicine, energy policy, our present concepts of diplomacy and foreign policy -- all are based on lies, as to both the original object and the ultimate progressive claims of success.  They spring from modern liberal concepts of charity, fairness, safety, respect, and cooperation, but those concepts have themselves been redefined to conceal the progressive's immoral interpretation of them from the casual observer.

Progressives have thus brought us Socialism, economic paralysis, rampant unemployment, social division, officially endorsed discrimination, rejection of God and traditional morality, the hyper-sexualization of children, devaluation of all human life, and absolutely no hope of improvement.  Despite their successes in this effort, and do not doubt that they consider these outcomes successes, they lie to Herculean heights to conceal them.  They lie even about their victories lest we see them clearly in time to reverse them.

When one sets about to fundamentally transform a moral country -- that is, one which has adopted a legal code and social structure founded upon traditional morality -- one simply cannot do so transparently.  We have seen that when liars profess their transparency, they are lying.  When liars blame their enemies for events that either did not happen or which the liars themselves brought about, they are lying.  When liars tout their own actions or intentions, they are lying.  One does not create an unjust social structure and replace justice with injustice by telling the truth about what is afoot.

We have never had a more dishonest president than we do at this time in our history.  He is the embodiment of progressivism.  He lies effortlessly.  It is not merely second nature to such a man.  It is his essence.  Every public statement he makes is the perfect opposite of truth.

Thus, however implausibly, we are assured he knows nothing of his own actions.  He has never done anything, approved anything, or been informed of anything that can be held against him.  He is not merely Teflon -- he is invisible.  Those working for the most powerful man in the world also know nothing.  Those in his Cabinet know nothing.  They do nothing.  They see nothing.  They sign nothing.  They produce nothing.  They are responsible for nothing.  And yet, somehow, enormous things keep happening that required someone to do something, and know something, and produce something.

Everything is the fault of someone else.  When the progressive errs, others are to blame.  Those bad straw people made the progressive do what he did.  It's not his fault.  It is never his fault.  Thus, the unserious child, the one who is never to blame and who is always a victim, emerges to offer his excuses.  His enablers do the same, possessed of the same lack of seriousness and integrity, at least for as long as they can do so without worrying that they are becoming obviously foolish.  That some of them seem to know where that line is speaks volumes about the lies they tell before seeing that it is in their best interests to stop.

One of the problems with this system, however, is that to eventually overwhelm its precursor, the deceptions must be carried out constantly and on a very grand scale, and some of us who have read books know that while there are still serious people contributing to the country, something will eventually give.  It appears that we may finally have reached such a tipping point. 

Those who have shielded and coddled the liars from scrutiny and criticism have themselves been bitten by the spoiled brats.  They have seen briefly what it is to be the target, both of lies and of bad behavior, and they don't like it.  In brief moments of lucidity, despite having such clarity forced upon them, even the enablers begin to grasp that everyone is expendable for the cause.  The question is, are there enough serious people left in this country to see progressivism clearly, as it is being laid bare before them, and punish the liars who have already done so much damage?

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.