December 30, 2013

Looking back on the predictions I made for 2013, it seems my "batting" average was better than 2012. I was on target 83%. That's probably because Barack Obama is predictable. All one has to know is that he is a Gramsci Communist and you go from there.

Now the task before me on this last day of 2013 is to look into that sometimes fuzzy crystal ball of mine and see if I can better that 5-out-of-six ratio from this past year.

In going to just stay within the realm of the political but will hasten to make a big cultural prediction too at the end. Please remember, political predictions are tricky, but if you just assume that Democrats will expand government and their own power at the expense of yours, you’re already batting .833. Here are some prognostications for 2014:

The Obama Administration: The President’s ratings will generally plummet, with the mainstream media hailing every minor uptick as a comeback. Look for panic as the unfolding Obamacare catastrophe teaches the Millennials what they should have learned in college – that all socialist enterprises are doomed to failure.

The Administration will rule by executive fiat and pack the courts. It’ll also establish a precedent that will allow a future conservative administration, unrestrained by obstacles like the filibuster and the separation of powers, to repeal Obamacare.

The Iran fiasco will become an even bigger fiasco. Give Israel at 35% chance of acting (along with a coalition of the willing consisting of Iran’s terrified Arab neighbors) to eliminate the nuclear peril. With this Administration, the Israelis better be right about being the Chosen People.

Obamacare: It won’t die in 2014, but it will be in the political ICU. The wonderful thing about the Obamacare disaster – and it is a disaster for the Democrats – is that their clever lies and evasions mean nothing, nada, zip when a voter’s monthly insurance bill gets doubled and the only doctor who will see him anymore graduated in the lower half of his class at the Gumbo State Correspondence College of Medicine and Cosmetology.

Petty Oppression: Look for more campaigns to silence, harass and intimidate Administration critics through the IRS, prosecution threats and “accidental” leaks of embarrassing information about political opponents from the “secure” health care databases. In response to these un-American acts of oppression, the mainstream media will rush to cover the innocuous statement of some backbench Republican about birth control to illustrate the conservative war on women.

The House Race: The GOP Establishment will astonish us by not passing an amnesty bill and completely destroying the Republican Party. The pressure is building on John Boehner to roll over and break his promise, but he knows we are watching. While the top 5,000 biggest donors panting to open the floodgates may write big checks, they are good for only about 5,000 votes. We’re millions upon millions, the heart of the GOP. If Boehner buckles under to the squish minority, the GOP will not take the Senate and will lose the House. The GOP establishment is mind-numbingly stupid, but we can hope it’s not also suicidal.

The Senate Race: Watch the Red State Democrat Senators start sprinting from Obama when they realize he is as willing to sacrifice them as he was the 63 House members in 2010 to save his socialist centerpiece. Look for them to be shocked – shocked! – that Obamacare does all the horrible things that conservatives said it would do before they voted for it.

We’ll see these leftists suddenly rediscover that they also oppose gun control, higher taxes, and the rest of the basic agenda of their party. Assuming the House geniuses don’t decide to betray us on immigration, Obamacare will be an anchor dragging them down to the bottom of the Sea of Liberal Failure.

The airwaves will be full of ads showing the Red State Dems and the President they adore repeating the lie that if you like your doctor and policy you can keep them just as millions are learning that their employer-provided coverage is being cancelled and that they get to make up the cost for their employers to provide new ones. Watch conservatives engage in a fiesta of schadenfreude as not-so-wealthy libs realize, “Gee, you mean we have to pay for deadbeats too?”

The GOP will take Senate seats in Arkansas, Louisiana, Alaska, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado and probably Iowa and New Hampshire. Lindsey Graham, who is secretly praying that Boehner keeps his word, will keep his seat unless amnesty goes through, in which case he loses. McConnell is going to hold on.

In 2014, John McCain, who is not running for reelection, will say something stupid. Duh!!

His daughter Meghan will be narrowly defeated on Dancing with the Stars by Chumley of Pawn Stars. Their red-hot romance will make the cover of Scientific American.

The Supreme Court: The Court will shock progressives by finding that the First Amendment’s guarantee of the right to freely exercise one’s religion includes the right to freely exercise one’s religion. June’s 5-4 decision on the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby case will cause liberals almost as much consternation as the Heller decision’s holding that the right to keep and bear arms includes the right to keep and bear arms.

And Judge Ginsberg will miss her chance by not retiring before the GOP retakes the Senate. When she does, Obama’s leftist replacement will get stalled and the liberals will rediscover their opposition to Senate majoritarianism. Watch as the Democratic majority this year clamours to bring back the 60-vote supermajority before the next Congress gets sworn in. The first prediction for 2015 is that the Republicans will make Harry Reid regret he opened the floodgates to easy-cloture.

America: The nation will experience growth. Not economic growth, because Democrat governance will still hold it back in 2014. Instead, America will experience growth in that it will learn, from the failure of the Obama Administration and the disaster of Obamacare, that liberalism is a dead-end. Sadly, we learned that before back when Barack Obama was named Jimmy Carter, but decades of prosperity sparked by Ronald Reagan led many to forget.

Over the longer term, I predict that after this fiasco, assuming the GOP can avoid screwing up, it will be a while before America makes the mistake of trusting liberals with power again.

Culture War: To this day, the issue of gay-marriage is a hot topic and will continue to be so until the Supreme Court rules one way or another. In 2014, the Supremes will be asked to strike down traditional marriage in all states. They won't rule until 2015 at the earliest, but, as we have already seen with the Federal judge in Utah striking down that state's Contitutional Amendment, the move is on to do it nationwide.

I believe that by the end of 2014, the stage will be set for a challenge to traditional churches and synagogues, as well as religious practitioners. Although it won't get the traction until 2015 or 16, the begininng of the "persecution" will commence this year. GLAAD, Lambda Legal and the ACLU will want a clear definition of marriage as being a civil contract, not within the perview of the church or any other religious entity. Looking ahead, I believe this will mean religion, as a whole, will be out of the marrying business unless each religious institution agrees to abide by the Federal Government's rules and laws.

Also, 2014 will be the year in which churches and all other religious non-profits will see their 501-C (3) status challenged in court. There probably won't be a ruling for a couple of years, but, as I said above, the all-out assault on the church starts in earnest this coming year.

With the GOP take over in the Senate, I think we will be able to breathe a little easier as the final touches of the Communist takeover of Amerika will slow down quite a bit. But there is always November, 2016. At this point I don't think Hillary will be elected, but this I do know: a radical Democrat farther to the left than Hillary will be elected and the Democrats will reassume its control over both Houses of Congress if the GOP doesn't stop the takeover all together. If that happens, 2017 will resemble Russia 1917 and we will all be screwed.

If you want to have a happy 2014, you are advised to do two things: 1) Think before you vote in November; and 2) Pray everyday that God will spare this country a little longer.

Here's to wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.