May 20, 2014

So far in 2014, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has mentioned "The Koch Brothers" on the floor of the Senate or in front of news cameras no less than 120 times. Reid's fetish for Charles and David Koch is not love, but loathe.

No politician, not even President Obama, drives a person into the ground as much as Harry does the brothers.

In case you don't follow Harry's rants, his constant haranguing of these two brothers, whose total assets rang in the $12 billion range has prompted the majority leader to bring a proposed Constitutional amendment to the floor to prohibit them, or any other bundler to back any political candidate with a wad of cash - whatever that may be.

What fascinates me is that while Reid blasts just one rich couple for sending a few million to the GOP, not so much as one Republican says a word about the top twelve - count 'em - 12 billionaires - all of whom back Democrats. We don't hear the GOP mention George Soros, who, through his nearly one hundred tax-exempt 501-C-4's, has pumped in over $800 million dollars - to Democrats alone since 2008!

Does Harry know what his Amendment will do to the big twelve who donate to his party's clause? Oh, I forgot. There will be a loophole: create dozens, even hundreds of 527's like Media Matters, the Open Society Institute, the Centers for American Progress, et. al. and funnel the money through each of them.

When I consider the 74-year-old Senate Majority Leader mind, I can't help but think he suffers from dementia. He’s spent half a century in politics. You may feel for him. Or, perhaps his mind has been warped by Washington, but knowing that he is part of the far-left establishment, it is easy to see he suffers from a mental disorder. After all, Progressivism is sociopathy.

In the last few years, Reid has developed a growing tendency to forget basic facts. Perhaps this is due to dementia, perhaps his mind is stuck in a gear that merely won't let him focus on anything or anyone other the Koch Brothers.

Look, if it's not dementia, then it's just dishonesty, deceit, and deviousness, all of which are conditions of a sociopath.

Have you noticed that many of Reid's favorite ways to begin a sentence are with phrase like: “I have to be very honest,” “To be honest,” and “If you want my honest opinion, and I know you do”. Psychologists and therapists of any repute will tell you such words are caution signs in any discussion. They either serve as a prelude to a lie, or that the liar himself fully believes what he is about to say.

Here is a scary thought: Reid began his stint in politics when he was 28 years old. His term ends in 2017. He has already announced that he plans to run for re-election!

What will he run on? Why demonizing all those with whom he disagrees and seeking to silence their supporters. Let's consider his current "platform," I mean those important issues he is focusing on today:

Climate Change

Sen. Reid’s Twitter page is his go-to-place to pontificate about the pending threat of man-made global warming. Reid takes his job as a public servant very seriously, which is reflected in his choice of a Twitter background image. Palm trees sway and the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign soars behind Reid—whose sunglasses, pinstripe suit, impish smirk and hands pulling at his lapels make you wonder if his role model is pop star Usher.

On May 7, 2014, Reid tweeted three profound observations:

@SenatorReid: I agree with the Kochs that they are not experts on climate change and that climate change should be based on sound science.

Analysis: As far as we know, the Koch brothers have never claimed to be experts on climate change; they do not feign to be scientists. No one is debating whether “sound science” should be the basis for discussions related to the weather.

@SenatorReid: While the Koch brothers admit they're not experts on climate change, they are experts in CAUSING IT.

Analysis: Sen. Reid corrects himself and then digs his hole deeper. Sound, objective scientists have found there to be no clear evidence that humans are responsible for climate warming, as I share in my forthcoming book. So, using logic, we can conclude that whatever the Koch brothers, or any other humans, do—it is not contributing to harmful climate change.

@SenatorReid: Kochs are waging war against protecting the environment. Meanwhile, they're one of the most toxic air polluters

Analysis: The above tweet linked to an article from the Political Economy Research Institute showcasing Koch Industries investments in energy or mining companies and alleging that in 2010, Koch Industries received a Total Air and Incineration Toxic Score of 1,237,328.

1,237,328 is a number, sufficiently large enough to freak people out—particularly the Millennials who Democrats desperately need to win the 2016 election. However, this score gives us no insight into the number of jobs created; contributions to GDP, or improvements in the overall quality of life for scores of Americans due to the innovation of Koch Industries.

The “Glass Ceiling”

Reid likes to scare Americans, particularly young Americans, into believing that he—who has spent nearly 50 years NOT working in business—understands how to create high-paying jobs more than entrepreneurs like the Kochs.

@SenatorReid on April 9, 2014: I'm shocked. RT @thinkprogress: Women criticizing equal pay have something in common: Funding from the Kochs

Analysis: The above tweet linked to an article in Think Progress claiming that groups such as Heritage, the Manhattan Institute, the Independent Women’s Forum and Concerned Women for America receive funding that is tied to the Kochs.

Great. Thanks, Captain Obvious Reid. How is this relevant? There is absolutely nothing in the Think Progress article to show that either: 1.) The Kochs are disreputable individuals or 2.) The Kochs pressured these organizations to dismiss the “glass ceiling” theory in order to obtain funding.

As a woman who has worked in the historically male-dominated industry of commercial real estate, I am happy to report that there is no such thing as a glass ceiling. However, if a woman believes there is a ceiling and that all men are against her, she will create a ceiling for herself by seeing herself as a victim rather than as a leader.

You don’t even need to take it from me and my anecdotal experience as a businesswoman. Take it from the facts compiled by Mark J. Perry and Andrew G. Biggs who artfully debunked this myth in the Wall Street Journal.


A little-known fact about Reid is that when he was called to cast his vote for Obamacare on Christmas Eve of 2009, he actually said “no” before he quickly changed his vote to “yes.” He later quipped to the New York Times: “…I was just in dreamland.”

Nearly five years later, Reid is still in “dreamland.” He recently said on the Senate floor: “…there’s plenty of horror stories [about Obamacare] being told; all of ‘em are all untrue. But they’re being told all over America.” Except for the fact that the stories were true.

I wonder if there is a pill Senator Reid could take which could cure him of his deceit, dishonesty and deviousness. No...I already know the answer to that. Certifiable sociopaths need more than meds and group therapy. They need to be contained, restrained and removed from positions of power.

We can't wait for Reid to decide to step aside, for that will never happen, even if he lives to be 100. But just think of the advantages Harry, should you decide to do that: You could return to Fabulous Las Vegas, sit poolside, sip margaritas and tweet if you like. But that would be a blessing to America and your mind is so far away from blessing anybody other than yourself.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.