July 6, 2009

Friday Afternoon I was stunned to hear that Sarah Palin has decided to step down as Governor of the State of Alaska.  I sat in utter amazement, listening to her press conference and wondering: "Is she tired of the media tearing her to bits over her cloths? oldest daughter's "illegitimate" baby?  Poor geography?  Flighty political ambitions?  Or, does she want to have a clear conscious to travel around the lower 48 campaigning for the Presidency in 2012?  Or, maybe there is a third reason, viz. she is just tired of politics - in general, I mean!

Regardless of her reason, I personally believe that she has ended her political career.  Forget about the White House or even another nod from a different GOP presidential nominee.  She won't be elected governor again, say ten years down the road, because, well, who wants to elect a "quitter"?  As the the U.S. Senate? Well, that would be a nice move except, Alaska won't be electing a new Senator until 2012 - the year she is supposed to run for President.

Since Barack Obama was elected last November, I have come to believe that the only way the GOP can wrestle the White House away from him (or the Democrats in 2016 - or anytime thereafter) is to socially change IT'S LOOKS!!  The Republican Party must look "inclusive," not necessarily be inclusive.

Let face it, the Democratic Party has always been about looks.  They have been big on appearances and short on substance. Then, when in office, they have been big on changing things and mum about values.  Democrats, by and large, are about tearing down things that have worked, saying they don't work now.  That's because they have never tried to "work them" themselves!

So, if the general American populace wants to vote with the eyes, instead of with the brain, I have (up to this moment) suggested that the GOP elect an African-American to head the RNC (which they have in Michael Steele), then, in 2012 nominate a minority to lead the ticket and put Sarah Palin (got to have a female in there) for VEEP again.  I thought that Bobby Jindle would be the best at the top of the ticket, and to some degree I still do.

But consider this, since we still live in a visibility culture (seeing is believing) what would it say to our very diverse society for the GOP to lock out the white man?  It would say that the Republicans are no longer the party of the white, aristocratic racists who want to see women barefooted in the kitchen feeding the kids and every non WASP who entered this country in the last twenty years sent back home.  After all, Jindle was born just two months after his parents arrived in the U.S. from India!

Now, the GOP may not be able to come up with such a 1-2 combo by 2012.  Why? Because Bobby Jindle poorly represented the Republican response to Barack Obama's rally cry to the Congress back in February and was not able to present a strong counter punch to the President's call for more socialism in the U.S.  Now, we have Sarah Palin trying to...well, whatever she is trying to do.

Sarah's resignation represents three sore spots, three disappointing announcements that devastates the GOP even more.  The first two were Senator John Ensign's June 17th revelation that he had had an affair with an aide.  A week alter came Governor Mark Sanford's bombshell admission of an affair with an Argentine woman which touched off a delicate political dance among fellow South Carolina Republicans vying to replace him when his term ends.

Both Sanford was rising in the ranks of possible GOP contenders for that party's nomination, while Ensign was regarded as an up-and-coming possibility, being groomed by many party conservatives for the head of the ticket.  Sarah Palin's possible competition was being knocked off by the inability of these afore mentioned men to "keep it in their pants."  Values voters all around are said to have been coming around for Sarah.  But what's this?  She's quitting.

Keeping in mind the liberals are always looking for moral shortcomings in all conservatives (especially social conservatives), they cannot be thinking that Sarah has just had enough of the long commute between Wasilla and Juneau.  Already, the media is pouncing in Alaska like wild bore on the hide of small prey.  They have all but set up camp in Palin's backdoor, looking for the man (or woman) with whom she may have had an affair.  You see, the media in general and liberals especially, can't seen to think that someone would give up "a career in politics" because she is tired of the travelling or that she has had enough of the smears on her family.  Unfortunately, I believe the smears are only starting and will get stronger and louder.

Only time will tell if Gov. Palin has committed political suicide or if, maybe, she is merely taking a break.  Either way, there is a long and rough road ahead and if the GOP as a whole thinks that all it has to do is ride the wave of the slowly plummeting ratings of the President, there will be a rude awakening.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.