September 4, 2009

In simple terms, the town hall meetings are filled with taxpayers just coming out to say to their representatives that they want to be left alone.  "Congressman, get off my back."  "Senator, please let us have a choice."  "Ms. Congresswoman, what would it take to get you out of my pocketbook?"

Echoing the Pelosi-Reid-Obama triumvirate the answer is silence, but their actions say, "Not in this life."  Mr. Obama's radical-left supporters and counselors say it with a flair: "As long as someone wants what you've got, it won't happen."

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, published a book eighteen months ago which described two competing coalitions in American politics, how they are organized and what makes them stronger or weaker.  The two coalitions are appropriately labeled the "Leave Alone Coalition" and the "Takings Coalition."

Norquist founded AFTR in 1985 at President Reagan's request and serves on the board of directors for the American Conservative Union.  His provocative book nails down the whole modus operandi of the "Taking Coalition."  Simply put: "You've got it, and we are gonna take it."

Be it your guns, your money, your liberty, your private health care plan, your pension plans, whatever it is, they want it, and they'll take it.  The outspoken at the town hall meetings and the various tea parties around the country are merely out there voicing their membership in the "Leave Us Alone Coalition."  Obama and Company don't want to hear it.

In his 1981 inauguration address, Ronald Reagan said that it would be considered the mandate to his administration to "get the government off the back of the people."  In other words, his election was to promote the ideals and goals of the Leave Me Alone Coalition.

For those in control of Congress, and the White House here is what I, a member of the Leave Us Alone Coalition would respectfully ask: Please keep your hands off of my family, my money, my guns, my religious observances, my job, my website and my life!

I have come to agree with Dick Morris when he says that most of America wasn't listening when Barack Obama was campaigning for the Presidency.  American was enthralled by his charisma and the trappings of his candidacy.  They tuned out when he listed his proposals and mindlessly applauded his sound bites.  Willfully suspending skepticism, they eagerly believed his superficial promises to change the way Washington worked, to exclude lobbyists and special interests, and to end partisan bickering.  Only after he was elected, when we started to see him appoint lobbyist after lobbyist and ride roughshod over the Republican opposition, did we come to realize that these vague commitments were just the window dressing on his program.

Yet, Mr. Obama's program was never obscured!  In a mind numbing series of debates with his fellow Democrats, he spelled it out for us all to hear! We just weren't paying attention!

We were enthralled with seeing the end of the color bar that first blighted America centuries ago.  It was exciting to see Barack Obama overcome the inevitable nominee, Hillary Clinton, by outsmarting her, defeating her, and making a mash of her strategy.  It was a relief to watch Mrs. Clinton's ill-conceived focus on experience, in what was clearly a moment that called for change, backfire on her.

But what change did Mr. Obama represent? The truth was hard for us to accept: that the man who was marching inexorably to the White House was a genuine radical from Harvard and Chicago! We heard the ranting of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the stories of William Ayers, but we wouldn't believe the clues.  The conclusion was too horrible.  Were we really about to elect a man who would change not just Washington but our values, our nation, and our whole lives?

Yet the program was laid out there in daylight.  It never varied, Obama never temporized.  He plainly and frankly told us that he would:

  • Socialize heath care;
  • Raise taxes sharply on high-income earners;
  • Raise capital gains taxes;
  • Block the repeal of the estate (death) tax;
  • Raise the Social Security payroll tax so everyone (or practically everyone) would have to pay it on his or her whole income;
  • Rebuild our infrastructure regardless of the cost;
  • Pour money into alternative energy sources but go slow on nuclear power;
  • Pull out of Iraq;
  • End tough interrogations of terror suspects;
  • Dramatically increase federal spending;
  • Weaken the standard in the No Child Left Behind Act;
  • Push regulation allowing unions to organize without secret ballots;
  • Call for immigration legislation granting amnesty to most illegal immigrants already here;
  • Extend health care benefits to all legal immigrants, even those recently legitimized by his own amnesty plan;
  • Sharply increase aid to states and cities;
  • Change the ownership and rules of talk radio;
  • Shift our stance from support of Israel to greater sympathy for the Palestinian position;
  • Increase the regulation of businesses;
  • Do more to regulate executive pay;
  • Cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans while raising them sky high on the rest;
  • Weaken welfare reform and improve ways for those not wanting to work to receive government aid;
  • Tax hedge fund and real estate partnership earnings as ordinary income;
  • Cap and trade regulation to charge utilities and industries for their carbon output so as to force consumers to pay for these regulations through increases in utility bills;
  • Revise NAFTA and restrict free trade.

Dick Morris and Sean Hannity say that this agenda was not new.  It was a "greatest-hits collection" that revived proposals made by the Democratic-union Left for the past thirty years.  Yet since Lyndon Johnson and especially in the wake of Ronald Reagan, no Democratic president had dared to embrace it.  Even with a Democratic Congress, Bill Clinton pursued only a small part of the liberal program.

Barack Obama ran on the political mantra of CHANGE.  And change he has done and will continue to do as long as he has a willing partnership with a very biased and partisan congress. 

Mr. Obama has appointed some 28 czars to advise him on many social programs, never before tried in this country, but failing all over Europe.  Interestingly enough, it's not just that these czars need no Senate confirmation, but there are 21 more czars than any previous president ever employed.  All told, Mr. Obama has appointed 6 more than all the presidents before him combined!  They have a budget, a staff and freedom to go out and speak their proposals and recommendations to this president who considers his election a mandate for CHANGE. 

Need I spell it out?  The change Mr. Obama envisions and is trying to make happen all too quickly is to replace capitalism with socialism, nationalize most private companies and industries, and take away individual rights and freedoms under the guise that the government knows what's best for us.

Mr. Obama, I don't want to pay 80 percent more on my utility bill because Dominion Virginia Power was levied with the high costs of your Cap and Trade deal.  I don't want to fork our more of my money to care for those who don't care for themselves.  I don't want to pay $300 for a box of bullets for my Smith and Wesson (because you have taxed ammo at at 1000% rate)

Mr. Obama, I don't want my church to be forced to allow gay couples to have their wedding ceremonies performed in the building.  As a preacher I don't want to be told I have to perform a wedding if a same-sex couple asks me to or suffer the penalty of jail time and civil fines for discrimination and hate-crime. I don't want my grandchildren to be told they can no longer be home-schooled or their private school lose it tax-exemption causing it to raise tuition three or four fold or possibly be forced out of existence.

Mr. Obama, although I don't really care for the constant repetitive ranting of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and because I think Glenn Beck speaks the truth and provides in-depth information into what's going on in your White House, I don't want to see them taken off the air. 

And Mr. Obama I want to keep my money.  I want to be able to donate whatever I want to my church and missionary programs, to the Hope House Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the local soup kitchen or whatever charity I desire without your government taking away the tax write-off's which make it possible to give to charity.

Don't tell me the government can do it better.  It can't!  It's success record in bringing us programs that better the American life is dismal at best.  In fact, I would go so far as to say its batting average is less than .100 and your know what Mr. President, a batting average like that doesn't get one into the big leagues!

No Mr. Obama!  Please get your hands off of my business and LEAVE ME ALONE!

I have a bumper sticker which I proudly display on the back of my car.  It has had some wear and tear courtesy of the elements of weather.  It has been there since, Obama was elected in November.  It reads "I will keep my guns, freedom and money, you can keep THE CHANGE!"

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.