January 24, 2013

We are fast approaching a time when there will be more gay couples obtaining marriage licenses and exchanging vows than heterosexual couples.

This is not some sort of profound pronouncement on my part. The far-left Centers for American Progress and officials at the US Census Bureau are noting a vast down swing of marriages among couples who live together. Common to their report, more Heterosexual couples who cohabitate without the status of marriage has increased 450 percent since 2000 and nearly 1200 percent since 1985.

The Census Bureau also has found that nearly 75 percent of the number of gay couples who have lived together for a time and living in states which allow same-sex marriage or civil unions have since tied the knot. Gays are, therefore, now more likely to get married than so-called "straights."

What we are witnessing is the complete redefinition of marriage. At this rate, and providing for the Supreme Court overturning the laws of 36 states which prohibit same-sex marriage, marriage will be almost solely the purview of gay couples within the next twenty-five years.

Similar statistics are reported by the conservative Family Research Council. The end result from both sides of the ideological spectrum is in agreement.

Redefining marriage and/or ending marriage is a far-left dream come true. Liberals have spent the last 50 years doing their best to rip up traditional American values and replace them with a form of secular humanism in which society not only tolerates the intolerable, but encourages it. To succeed in this nefarious endeavor, it has been necessary for liberals to undermine the institution of marriage, since this is the institution most responsible for maintaining, supporting, and encouraging traditional values in America.

Thanks to sustained attacks on marriage by Progressives in Washington and Hollywood—coupled with government policies that encourage and even reward single parenting and cohabitation—the current marriage rate is one of the lowest in our nation’s history. Here are some startling statistics:

There are approximately 44 marriages per thousand unmarried women. Correspondingly, the divorce rate almost doubled between 1960 and 1985. It doubled again between 1985 and 1995. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of marriages in America can be expected to end in divorce. The number of cohabiting couples has also increased rapidly, nearly quintupling in the last twenty years. This is so rapid that single-parent families—supported by government handouts—are fast becoming the norm in our country.

This is bad news for America, but good news for liberals. It is no exaggeration to say that liberals are killing America one marriage at a time, and they are doing so purposefully with cold-hearted ruthlessness.

Liberals know that the irresponsible, self-centered, narcissistic lifestyles they favor cannot be sustained when the core of society consists of intact families that are based on marriages between men and women who make lifelong commitments to each other and their children.

Liberals favor broken families because they are easier to keep on the plantation of entitlement and dependence, the domain of the left where the government serves as de facto husband for single mothers and de facto father for their children.

The benefits of marriage for adults, children, and society are well known and copiously documented. According to the Family Research Council, marriage increases the likelihood that Children will:

1) Become happy, healthy, and morally upright citizens;

2) Receive the love, attention, direction, correction and example of a male and female role model during the most critical years of their development,

3) Be safe from neglect and abuse;

4) Enjoy better emotional and physical health than those raised in broken families;

5) Fare better economically; and

6) Enjoy higher academic achievement in school. As for the adults in a marriage, they tend to live longer, healthier lives, and enjoy higher levels of income than single adults. These benefits of marriage to children and adults in turn lead to a better quality of life in local communities and a stronger society overall.

With the benefits of marriage comprehensively documented, one would think the far-left Progressive movement would be supportive of the institution, but, of course, they are not—and far from it.

Why? As was stated earlier in this column, marriage as an institution tends to challenge the worldviews, inhibit the lifestyles, and undermine the political agendas of liberals. Responsibility and service to something larger than self are indigenous requirements of a successful marriage. To liberals—who value self above all and for whom responsibility is anathema—traditional marriage represents a threat.

So committed is the far-left to their irresponsible, secular-humanist lifestyle, and destructive political agenda that they are willing to ignore the results of that lifestyle and agenda.

The results of the liberal lifestyle and political agenda can be seen in what happens to the children of broken families and, in turn, to society. Children raised by single mothers commit 72 percent of juvenile murders, have 70 percent of all teenage births, commit 60 percent of rapes, commit 70 percent of suicides, and make up 70 percent of high school dropouts.

On the other hand, nothing stabilizes society and enhances the overall quality of life more than marriage.

These facts are well-documented and well-known to liberals. Yet, for the sake of maintaining their destructive lifestyle and the political power to promulgate policies that encourage that lifestyle—policies supportive of such things as abortion and welfare—liberals are willing to ignore and even deny these facts.

Instead, when tragedies occur that are the logical result of their misguided policies, liberals are quick to refocus the dialogue by throwing up a rhetorical smokescreen (e.g. their pathetic, illogical arguments on gun control). As Americans we are reaping the bitter fruit of cultural trees planted by liberals over 50 years ago.

The bottom line is, barring a social conservative resurgence in America, we will see a time when the only couples wanting to get married will be of the same gender, while heterosexuals will either cohabitate or live separately and single, whether there are children involved or not.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.