August 23, 2013

Congratulations Liberals!  As a political entity you have accomplished the goal of devaluing life to the point where children are gunning each other down out of boredom and then laughing about it.

And 17-year-olds with nothing better to do are shooting kittens through the head with bows and arrows.

And why not?  We currently live in a society that promotes the idea that individuals have the right to decide who lives and who dies.  In clinics across America, 3,000 babies end up in red biohazard bags every day, and 98% of them get dragged to the incinerator because bringing them to term and raising them isn’t convenient.

Liberal politicians portray anyone who voices the opinion that killing the unborn is wrong as an enemy waging war against women.  In America, freedom to kill is portrayed as a positive thing and fighting to save innocent life is uncool and negative.

This message is now being misconstrued by disturbed individuals who interpret life as disposable, see themselves as free to make the choice as to who lives and who dies, and on impulse act out of a false belief that’s been successfully driven home by a relentless, pro-abortion community.

Take for example the 17-year-old Indiana boy who confessed to being “bored out of his mind the week before school started.” To break up the monotony, the teen chose to “hunt some kittens.” Boredom is like that.

This is a kid who has been inculcated from birth with the message that killing is a personal choice.  Now there’s no way to take that back.  The natural outgrowth of these mixed messages is a bored kid looking to have a little fun and having no problem skewering “Two kittens on an arrow…one … through the head” and the other “through the body.”

Speaking of mixed messages, at present we have a leader concerned with ‘child safety’ trying to confiscate guns with one hand while simultaneously assisting in the murder of millions of children by supplying scalpels, saline and suction apparatuses to executioners with the other.

If America thinks that kind of ambiguity doesn’t negatively affect the psyches of a generation who are only here because someone decided not to kill them before they were born, they’re sadly mistaken.

If one can use being inconvenienced as an excuse to dispose of a human being, it’s not that hard to imagine a teenager believing it’s just fine to liven up a boring afternoon with a drive-by shooting or by impaling a few kittens, just for fun.

We even have football stars disposing of friends execution style and Chicago streets full of dead bodies.  Why?  Because unfortunately for American society, the lines have been blurred.  There are now people who can’t comprehend that “pro-choice” means that murder is only acceptable if you’re killing an unborn baby, not kittens and joggers.

After all, liberals do have some standards.

Even so, Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, didn’t get that message.  They were bored.  Now both teens are charged with fatally shooting 22-year-old Australian baseball player, Chris Lane, who was merely jogging in Duncan, Oklahoma.

A third youth, Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, was “charged with using a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and with accessory to first-degree murder after the fact.”

On the way to the police station, one of the accused “danced and laughed” about it.  A shocked district attorney named Jason Hicks said 15-year-old Edwards thought that even though an innocent man was lying on a slab in the morgue, the murder was “funny” and viewed shooting a defenseless man in the back as a “joke.”

Clearly, the liberal philosophy that human life is expendable is so ingrained in American society that, sorta’ like those grinning pro-choice women proudly modeling “I had an abortion” T-shirts, to some, murder is a joke.

Hicks claimed Edwards behaved in a “cold, callous” manner, and that this was his “demeanor …throughout the course of the investigation.”

Mr. Hicks needs to calm down and view this situation like a liberal!

Chris Lane was simply a person that three guys decided did not have the right to life. In Chris’s case, he wasn’t in the womb per se; however, although he thought he was safe, he wasn’t.

From the hooligans’ standpoint, Chris had the unfortunate malady of being white which, based on the individual opinions of some, rendered Lane unworthy of life.

This leaves some to wonder how killing Chris Lane is different than what right-to-choose advocates say about women deserving unrestricted access to abortion until the ninth month, and even after a screwed-up abortion if the pesky kid has the nerve to be born alive.

Exercising the right to choose is now deeply ingrained in the fabric of American society; it’s viewed as a right to privacy.  In this particular case, the murder was done in the privacy of a dirt road where no one could see.

So again, congratulations to the liberal community for continuing to insist that abortion is necessary to prevent what Nancy Pelosi warns would cause women to “die on the floor.”

And a shout out to pro-choice heroes like Barack Obama for molding a society so bereft of respect for life, that an innocent person like Chris Lane was slaughtered in cold blood, as will many more like him.

Ms. Pelosi, they will be the ones really "dying on the floor."

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.