July 24, 2014

The following profile was submitted to me by a 17-year veteran African-American detective of the Philadelphia Police Department. His "un-PC" portfolio of the average inner-city 21 year-old black male is considered a typical profile by almost every police department in the 100 most populated cities in the United States. But such profiles are considered racist,...unless, of course, given by an African-American law enforcement official.

Please humor me for a moment as I present this very un-PC profile for it explains the trouble in nearly every urban, or inner city in the United States.

When the sun comes up, you will find this 21 year-old black male stumbling into a section 8 apartment in which his current girl friend lives with two, three or four children, from probably as many fathers. This young man has been out all night, buying or selling his "product," meeting up with his "boys" to exchange money for stolen guns and playing loud gangsta rap music in the projects, keeping all the residents awake with the booming bass beats emanating from 200 watt subwoofers mounted in the back of an Acura. One, or two of his "boys" drive a Lexus, paid for with cash obtained from something other than a regular job.

This young man stays out all night, indulging himself in street "activities" and when he arrives home, provided he hasn't been arrested for illegal possession of a stolen gun and/or crack cocaine, will fall into the bed to sleep off the day.

Around 3:00 PM he will awake to indulge in a little family discord, or domestic disturbance, by smacking his "b**ch" around. This happens when she refuses to give him her EBT card or money from her welfare check. The police have been called and once they arrive, he has already left the premises to begin his day (night) all over again.

Sometimes, possessing that stolen gun (most of them taken from the homes of law-abiding white citizens) leads to shootings, mostly targeting other black men. But sometimes he will "pop caps" in a random way resulting in bullets accidentally striking anybody, any age, anywhere in the "hood."

Detective Tyrrell Biggs has just described the typical day in the life of an inner-city male. His background is the same as 72% of all black children. They grow up without a father figure around and know only the gang life of other fatherless black males who think that having a gun and spraying bullets is what makes them a real man, especially when you "cap" a rival gang member.

It's not much different in any city: New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit and Chicago.

Ah yes, Chicago: The city whose mayor would just as soon execute law-abiding gun owners than put a black murderer behind bars.

This past weekend it was reported that an 11-year-old girl was shot and killed in Chicago by a stray bullet.

Shamiya Adams was at a sleepover Friday night. The girls were making s’mores when gunshots rang out nearby. Evidently one of the bullets entered the house, struck and killed her.

In fact, a total of 22 people were shot just that Friday night in Chicago. And just a few weeks after 60 were shot over the Fourth of July weekend. That’s 26 more than were shot over the same holiday weekend in 2013.

Virtually all the shootings have been black on black, or Latino or let’s just say, minority on minority.

Yet, when reporting on the child shooting incident, ThinkProgress felt compelled to report that “A recent study found that African Americans were 10 times more likely to be shot by police than white people.”

Huh? None of the reported shootings were by police, yet the leftist radicals at ThinkProgress can’t help themselves. They have to somehow weave the “evil cops” into their narrative.

Of course ThinkProgress will never conclude that Chicago’s “gun violence” problem has anything to do with the city’s ridiculous anti-gun laws.

There’s not a single gun shop in the city, no gun ranges and bans on scary “Assault Weapons” (whatever they are) and high-capacity magazines.

But those bans are only for the law abiding. I was going to say law-abiding “citizens”, but in Chicago, who knows how many shootings were perpetrated by non-citizens or “undocumented Democrats”.

Yet Chicago just continues down the same liberal path, passing more and more restrictions on guns. ThinkProgress believes this to be the correct path and merely blames the state of Illinois and the rest of the country for the city’s dismal record.

They claim that 43% of guns seized in Chicago were purchased elsewhere in Illinois, and the rest brought in from out-of-state.

Gee, I wonder who is bringing the thousands of guns into Chicago? No doubt, law-abiding gun owners who only come to Chicago to kill innocent blacks.

Maybe it’s the Girl Scouts. They set up a kiosk on a Chicago street and with every 10 boxes of Thin Mints you get a free Glock.

Not once does ThinkProgress mention that these weapons are brought in by gangs and traffickers and drug dealers. None were purchased legally, almost all were stolen from lawful owners. And still, it’s the guns fault, and only the gun. But wait a minute! Perhaps it's the original gun owner's fault. Bingo! I smell a lawsuit coming!

Meanwhile, in the city of Detroit, where police chief James Craig has encourage citizens to arm themselves, there are 37% fewer robberies, 22% fewer break-ins and 30% fewer carjackings this year so far. Reports out of Detroit are that criminals are thinking twice about committing crimes.

But this doesn’t phase Chicago Mayor Rama Emanuel and the other radicals in charge. Their solution is to throw government money at the problem – because that has proved to always fix things. Failing that, more gun-control laws? Hey Rahm, how about mandatory life sentences for the gun owner whose Bereta was stolen. If he hadn't purchased it in the first place it would have never been used in that shooting last night in the "hood."

Somehow (I wonder how?) the Mayor has secured a $10 million federal grant to “Mentor” at risk children.

The 11-year-old victim was “at risk” – at risk of being murdered and most likely by an adult. How would that $10 million help her?

Anyway, the $10 million the government had lying around, will be given to the Mayor to expand his “BAM”, “Becoming a Man” project. And that’s because he cares.

See, liberals and progressives measure the amount of public money thrown at a supposed problem with the amount of caring. More money = more caring.

Of course, this program will be an abject failure, but as Rush Limbaugh says, “You can’t judge a liberal by results – only by how much they care”.

And how much grant money did Detroit’s Chief Craig receive? Exactly squat! It would never be offered to him anyway because he did the anti-liberal thing. He called on his law-abiding citizens to get a gun to protect themselves. I wonder when Eric Holder is going to have him removed from office?

I’m sorry. There I go again – judging results.

So Come Visit Chicago. Many poor people are dying to leave and would if they could. Should you dare to visit, you may live long enough to leave!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.