June 17, 2009

It makes little difference to the political left if they pass a law to save a life. It makes no difference to them if they pass a law to punish one for smoking cigarettes or using tobacco products. It really, sincerely makes no difference to them, if they pass a law to punish society for throwing watermelon rinds in the trash.

It matters a great deal to them, however, that we the public are willing to let them pass laws that intrude in our personal lives, diminishing our personal freedoms, and creating the sense that our rights, our privileges, descend from government, and not God. This is a core principal of the left, that government affords people the privilege of life, and that it can take it at any time by popular vote or populist sentiment.

The left doesn't even try to conceal their machinations of control. Believing their position to be permanently secure, they have undertaken to push forward a government no less onerous than the worst of Soviet governments. In five short months, we have seen the left enter into ownership of private means of production, such as General Motors and Chrysler. We have seen them attempt to inhibit free political speech, seeking to stifle opposition voices via the "Fairness Doctrine" and local content and control laws. We have seen them intrude further into private affairs by increasing punishing surveillance of the tobacco industry. The intrusions seem endless.

They have perhaps done one thing more, something they didn't intend. They have given the public eye clarity. In boldly pushing forward their agenda of statist control, they have lifted the veil that they have hidden behind. In so doing, they have made it quite clear. The beast lies behind a fair face.

The conservative strategy appears to have been, to respond, rather than to lead in a different direction. When a piece of anti-gun legislation is proposed, we let forth a howl of righteous indignation. When a piece of pro-choice anti-life legislation bobbles up, it is attacked with vehement fury. But this is unproductive. The public sees this as an inability to direct the discourse. Conservatives are seen as whining over a lost cause, instead of boldly pushing forward an agenda of freedom and liberty.

The intent of the Obama administration has become increasingly obvious. The conservative response should be no less obvious. There is no need for subtlety; in fact some recent history shows that the public expects plain talk and clear alternatives. The greatest advance in recent time of the conservative movement was the unified response to the stimulus bill. By not voting, to a legislator, for the proposal, conservatives distinguished themselves form their opponents, and revealed a spine that the public needs to see more of.

Be plain. Don't whine. Don't howl. Be quietly confident that the American citizen loves this country, and cherish the notion that we are a free and sovereign people. Speak to the roots of our founding. Be willing to make outrageous claims, even if they make no sense. The left floats outrageous trial balloons regularly to lock down the subject matter. In so doing they define the battlefield of political ideas. Instead, conservatives should be defining the battlefield with their own outrageous ideas. Imagine, for instance, the distraction it would be to the Obama government if conservatives' proposed federal legislation requiring every citizen to own a handgun and to be trained it the safe use and handling of firearms. Imagine the howl if, in conservative states, legislation was proposed that refused any federal money whatsoever that was tied to an intrusion into worship on public property. Define the battlefield. Define the issues. Take away the momentum by changing the dialogue. The public won't believe that a party that constantly responds knows how to lead. They will believe in a party that vigorously attacks by advancing its ideas, however.

Champion what we believe in with actions. We should, after all, be known by our deeds, not our words, lest we be thought boastful and proud. But above all, be clear. This is America we are talking about. Not some third world cesspool.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.