July 2, 2010

Here I go again spouting off about the anti-Christ! As I have said before, I am not a dispensational premillenialist as I happen to believe this system of eschatology is grounded in the same milieu as the cults and occult that arose out of the 19th century. In fact, dispensationalism, in eschatology, violates every historically accepted hermeneutic since the early Church Fathers.

Leaving behind the dispensational views of the anti-Christ, I do believe that there will come one powerful person who, at the end of time, will show his face and will be heralded as the most powerful man on earth. He will not necessarily be a King, Prime Minister or President. Yet, he will possess the ability to move these prominent people.

If we were to search for a person who possesses that ability today, whose name would probably pop up? I believe the name of George Soros would head the list. I have spoken of him on numerous occasions and have even warned my readers to pay close attention when his name is mentioned or when he appears in the media.

Who is George Soros and could he possibly be the anti-Christ?

The Bible has much to say about this individual called anti-Christ.  He is the one expected to come and dominate the world in the last days. Throughout history there has been much speculation who this person would be. Each generation has had a person many felt was the anti-Christ. In recent history, Adolph Hitler was thought to be the anti-Christ, but proved to be just another of histories evil men. Today, some speculate if our current king, excuse me, President, Barack Hussein Obama is the anti-Christ. I thoroughly reject all notions he is, simply because he is not smart enough or powerful enough to be that person.

The fact is, in our modern society, the United States President is simply an actor. He is simply the front man powerful people run like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby for that coveted office. It takes roughly ONE BILLION DOLLARS to get elected President. It takes an army of millions of people throughout all 50 states working for a campaign. This incredible machine of money and people will never be something a single human being puts together, but instead, is already in place run by a few people whose names for the most part people will never know.

Who are these shadowy figures? They are extremely wealthy and powerful men who are like characters out of a Bond movie. They truly do have designs on influencing the world with their political and social ideology. One of these men is George Soros. Soros is a Hungarian born immigrant worth approximately 11 billion dollars. He is a currency speculator, stock investor, businessman, philanthropist, and political activist. George Soros is also an avowed atheist and a tool of Satan who opposes God at every turn.

Soros is best known in political circles for his funding of groups like, the Center for American Progress, and America Coming Together, all pro-Democratic and ultra-liberal groups. Soros spent tens of millions and worked tirelessly behind the scenes through various groups he funded to insure Barack Hussein Obama would win the Presidency in 2008. He advocates an extreme liberal and socialist ideology that was a match made in heaven with the extreme liberal and socialist political views of our current king, excuse me, President.

While millions of Americans have suffered during the current economic crisis, NOT George Soros. It is estimated he has profited at least 1 BILLION dollars by shorting the markets over these past months. Many claim he has pursued the destabilization of the dollar and the move towards socialism by our current administration to not only profit handsomely, but see his socialist political ideology advanced. He has singe handedly helped influence more than any one man the political direction this nation has taken.

On top of his political involvement, Soros is an avowed enemy of God. He helps fund with his billions efforts to slaughter babies through abortion around the world, euthanasia, legalizing drugs, the radical homosexual agenda, and atheism groups. Soros is determined to use his great wealth to try and fight God and the Truth of the Bible at every turn. Sadly in our current world, it is the tools of Satan like Soros, who have had a greater negative impact on our culture than men of God who have invested in the Kingdom. While they have bought their favorite preachers planes and mansions, built buildings, and help fund the Christian trough, Soros has used his wealth to reach the masses in the marketplace with the lies of Satan!

Clearly George Soros has a FAR greater chance of being the anti-Christ than President Barack Hussein Obama, but my personal thoughts are that while it is possible the anti-Christ is alive today, we still don't know who it is. However, as I shared last week, the current global economic crisis could easily lead to a one-world economic system, which will of course give rise to a one-world government, followed shortly by a one-world religion. That will also give rise to the anti-Christ which will oversee it all as the last days of human history unfolds, all of this, once thought not even remotely possible in our lifetime, is now not only very possible, but very probable!

We believe that the Constitution of the United States speaks for itself. There is no need to rewrite, change or reinterpret it to suit the fancies of special interest groups or protected classes.