John Corson's Blog

for April 18, 2021


Awaiting with a hand over your stomach for today's report. Baited-breath and wide open eyes? Holding your breath?

It's Sunday afternoon and time for the John Corson, Church Report from Windsor Baptist Church. It was a good day! A real nice day with pleasant smiles, bright spirits and a good attendance. The only two hiccups were the media PC hard drive being shot ( which I told you about in Thursday blog) and our organist was out with a bad foot.

The media PC controls the visuals used during the service, including the PowerPoint slides containing the words to the songs and the sermon outline. We also funnel some of the audio through it, but that was not needed today anyway. We got along without it and it gave our media man a chance to go and sit in the church with his girlfriend.

The choir had a somewhat traditional song with a duet incorporated in the middle. One of the duet singers made his debut in a small group setting (less than a choir size). He did a spectacular job!

I truly cannot complain about today, even though I know it could have been better. I was caught up in establishing an extender to our new router this morning. Installing it took a little while longer than it should, but I did have a little time left over before church. I got my exercise this morning too, running up and down the stairs between the devices we use to connect to the router and internet. I was able to catch my breathe before the service started.

After church, Janice and I had an inkling for a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza, her with pepperoni and mine with Canadian bacon. We had a salad and a drink (hers was a Sierra Myst and mine a sweetened iced tea). We drove home afterward and she immediately got out into her garden, but not before changing her clothes first. As for me, well, this is what I am doing.

I am not going to ruin my disposition today by bringing up anything political, or cultural. It wouldn't be good anyway and would change my disposition so, let me make this one short and sweet like I did Friday's blog.

Tomorrow I will have a lot to say about Biden's demands for gun control, the fact that the Democrats in Congress have spare proposed bills stored away for everytime there is a mass shooting, Kamala Harris's professional laughter, the Far-Left wanting to cancel everything that isn't pro-color and the new push by Maxine Waters for all black folks to remain in the streets in Minneapolis so they can start burning everything down in case Derek Chauvin is found not guilty. Oh, and even if he is found guilty, Big Mouth Maxine is calling for rioting and looting celebrations as well. BUT IT WILL BE PEACEFUL!

All this and more in tomorrow's rant from the keyboard of me!

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Blogs are about the blogger. It's as if he or she merely toots their own horns about the things they do, say and love.

My life is boring. I read, I watch Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I listen to Andrew Wilkow. I engage in some conversation with those who are willing to listen (they being masochistic and enjoy killing themselves with my banter).

I plan on just laying out the things that bother me and the things I love. Nothing in-between. I hope you find whatever I put here amusing.