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for April 1, 2021


I just finished doing my taxes and the Federal Government owes me $1594!! Yeah! NOT!! April Fools!!  Never once in my life have I ever received an overpayment check or has the government owed me more than $400. EVER! Seriously! Now there were times that Janice and I together received over $1200; maybe 3 times. She over pays more than I do. In fact, I went to my Financial Secretary and asked that another $30.00 a week be taken out of my check. That comes to $1560 a year more.

Oh, Darn! I should have made that $75.00 a week more. The Democrats are in control of the government!

Yep! We owed for the second year in a row and the fifth time in seven. Did you know that if you were audited that the IRS will ask you to bring seven years worth of information and returns with you when they run the ten foot shive up your poop shoot. If they find questionable stuff, say back to the sixth and seventh year, they can ask for another three to five years back. That's going back 12 years. Now, I am told by a retired IRS Senior auditor who happens to be a friend of mine (I can say that now since he has been retired for about give years), that by request of the IRS Commissioner or a subordinate acting in his behalf and with the signature of the Secretary of the Treasurer, the IRS can go back up to 30 years! 30 YEARS!!! And not only that, by an act of Congress, they can go back to the date of your first employment, which, in my case, would be 51 years!!!

I have never heard of that being done, but a preacher friend of mine, back in the day when the Democrats were pushing the IRS to audit those who had taxable exceptions via housing allowances, and the like - like the clergy, was audit back 15 years and was found to be due a check. It seems the government owed him $2340, but most of it was for overpayments back more than three years and therefore he didn't get a check. The government does not and will not pay for overpayments after audit, not will they allow you to fill a supplemental or amended return after three years. But if you are found to owe, say $50.00 from say 2006, you will have to pay it with penalty plus interest. Which, in the case of 15 years owing $50.00 comes to $397.00. The penalty is more than what is owed = $120.00.

So, on this April Fools Day, I started off with a joke about the government owing me from overpayment on my taxes, and went on to tell you the truth about the power of the IRS to ruin your life, if not your pocketbook - which is no April Fools joke.

So I owe $1594, but Janice gets back nearly $1300 from the state because she over pays to Virginia because it always appears that they never take out enough to satisfy the state's demands. And now that Virginia went from red to purple to blue to solid blue in a matter of seven years, we overpay simply because there has never been a tax, or a rising tax base, or an increasing tax bracket level, that a Democrat has not favored.

I also overpay Virginia and I am only getting $38.00 back. Even though we file jointly, I figure out which one of us is the culprit who didn't take out enough and forces us to owe. On the Federal this year, it was Janice. But on the state, she highly overpaid and she nearly makes up for the loss to the Feds.

Well, enough about taxes. I mean I could go on about that until the heavens fall down and suffocate us. Look at what President Biden is proposing now ...

To help pay for his latest $2 trillion spending package, Biden on Wednesday proposed the first major tax increase since 1993. That’s when President Bill Clinton signed omnibus legislation that raised the gasoline tax and increased the top marginal income tax rate by one-third. The ensuing backlash cost Democrats control of Congress and swept in the first Republican majority in the House in 40 years.

Biden, whose economic team grew to fear too much additional deficit spending would prove destabilizing by spiking interest rates and boosting federal debt payments, is hoping the tax increases will be seen as skewed enough against the wealthy and corporations to avoid any broad-based resistance. That will fail! His talk before the election and immediately after his inauguration that no one making under $400,000 will see his or her taxes raised one penny will be proven a lie very soon. You watch.

The White House is adamant that the direct tax increases will be confined to households earning at least $400,000 a year. The corporate tax rate would be increased from 21% to 28%, partially negating a cut signed into law by former President Trump in 2017. Biden would also like to restore the Clinton-era top personal tax rate of 39.6%. Capital gain would be taxed as regular income, and unrealized capital gains would be subject to tax at death. The capital gains tax was actually lowered under Clinton.

It won't stop there. The Communist, er Progressive Democrats are leaning on Biden to dramatically increase the size of his next big-ticket economic spending bill, unveiling on Monday a new bill that would invest $10 trillion in renewable energy, green infrastructure and climate justice initiatives over the next decade.

The measure, known as the Transform, Heal and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy (THRIVE) Act, aims to make a series of sweeping changes to the nation's infrastructure and echoes many aspects of the Green New Deal, including establishing a goal of 100% zero-carbon electricity by 2035, zero emissions from new buildings by 2025 and expanding clean public transit options to most Americans by 2030.

Now where on God's GREEN earth will all the money to fund this come from? Listen for words like "invest" or "investment" and "contribute" and "contributions." Tell me, is an investment or contribution a willful act to the Democrats? They are their "truthspeak" words for "Tax". And a tax is not willful, it is forced!!

Furthermore, Biden's tax plan will not only make the working class poorer, but will cost millions of jobs. Biden’s so-called American Jobs Plan is a tax increase bill masquerading as an infrastructure bill – which is in turn masquerading as a jobs bill. It will not create jobs or ultimately improve our infrastructure. It will kill jobs and make infrastructure projects more expensive in time and money.

Raising taxes doesn’t create jobs – and it never has. If you need evidence, look at the unemployment rate after passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (which enacted much of the job-creating tax cuts President Biden is clumsily trying to destroy). Along with deep deregulation, the tax cuts led Americans to some of the lowest unemployment rates in modern US history (in fact, the lowest ever for Black and Latino Americans).

In the history of the Democrat Party, not one single Democrat President or Democrat controlled Congress ever called for slashing taxes or cutting taxes, except for President John Kennedy in 1962. And that was negated by Lyndon Johnson within one year of taking over for Kennedy after he plotted the assassination and had it carried out. By the way, Johnson didn't have Kennedy assassinated because he wanted to negate his tax cuts, but because Kennedy was going to drop him from the ticket in 1964 in favor of North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford.

The last half of the paragraph above is a topic of discussion for a later date, but rest assured, the Warren Commission Report and the lone gunman "theory" is absolutely wrong. It is a lie. Maybe on November 22, 2023, on the 60th anniversary of the killing of Kennedy I will give you a rundown of the facts and annotations that give credence to my argument.

Back to the Democrats and government: I want to vomit. I shouldn't limit my ire to the Democrats or even to the government at large. The banks, big tech and the media are equally culpable. This is also another topic that I should not talk about here and now, but should be addressed later - sooner than later.

Now on to a totally different topic and getting back to a diary-type of conversation: I was set to settle in last evening and overnight to a tyrant of thunderstorms and high winds. In fact, we were expecting over two inches or rain, but in my rain gauge stood less than one-tenth of an inch. Now, just up the road at Janice's son's house 2 miles away, he did get close to two inches.

As I said yesterday, the temperatures, which hit 78 degrees yesterday afternoon was expected, and did, start to dip overnight. The temperatures are still falling. It is supposed to go below freezing tonight. It is also supposed to be no higher than 45 tomorrow. But hold on! Easter Sunday will bring us back into the 70's and by Wednesday we could hit 80 again.

Typically from mid-March to mid-April we have the roller coaster effect. By the end of April, if the last eleven years are any indicator, we should be averaging in the upper 80's. By mid-May, the dew points should be up to the upper 60's and low 70's on a regular basis. That means we are less than six week away from sticky and tropical weather. I just wish my heat pumps could get a rest for at least 30 straight days in either the spring or the fall. We are almost a totally two season region. That why I would rather live in the mountains.

OK, I'm done. Let me send off my returns and give the IRS my bank router and account numbers so they can take more of my money. That is why they exist, right? By the way, why should I give them my bank account numbers? They ought to already know them since the IRS requires banks to forwards every bank account number to their offices. It's "the law." I can guarantee you they know on at least a weekly basis what my balances are.

I have to stop! I my head is about to explode and blood is coming out of my eye sockets. Next thing to come is steam out of my ears and fire from my nostrils.

Happy April Fool's Day. If you pay taxes, you, like me, are a fool. We all joined most of the rest of the population and voted for one or the other candidates of the two major parties because we felt like that was all there was. If that was the case, even though Donald Trump ran as a Republican, he wasn't a Republican. He was not a politician. He was an American who thought the country should be run like a business and not as a money making cash cow for the professional politicians. That is why he cut taxes and why Biden will raise them way the heck out of reality.

Again, Happy April Fools Day, you all!

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