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for April 20, 2021


Wow! What a busy today I had today!

It is always busy on Tuesdays. I had to be at the church office promptly at 9:30 am to meet with the Chairman of the Deacons from the neighboring Christian Church as he thought it was important to meet with me to ask if their church could use our baptistery on Sunday, May 2 following their worship service. It seems a lady in their church wants to be immersed (dunked) instead of having water sprinkled on her head as her way of being baptized. Baptists only practice one way - immersion, but those of the Congregational Christian/United Church of Christ persuasion practice all three forms (sprinkling of water, pouring water and immersion).

It is always the case, when I meet with people in my office it is never for just one item or topic. I found that our conversations went into various topics from attendances since the Pandemic and how many people have left each others churches to attend the "feel-good" entertainment church down the road. We talked about their recent building of an outdoor meeting center that was donated by one of their members. We talked about his family and that he married the sister of one of my deacons when I pastored another church in the area. Basically, it became a "what a small world" conversation.

After he left, the Chairman on my Deacons and acting head of the Building Team came to meet with me about that same outdoor meeting center as we had an offer from one our church members to build one just like it only on a smaller scale and would be used for picnics, outdoor services and the like. We were looking into the possibility of adding that project on to an already planned bathroom remodel and new kitchen addition.

Then came the phone call of phone calls. When this lady in my church calls, I usually have to book out the next two hours or so in my schedule, even it means cutting into a meeting. This one lady, I will call her Sandra, is a talker. She has the gift for gab and she never stops to take a breath. She will call and say that she just wanted to ask a question about something and will go off and talk about everything from her dad purchasing a new Ford Fairlane back in 1967 for $2000.00 and then go on to tell me why he paid $160 more dollars than the asking price and how he was jipped out of $55 in the process and found out in 1971 that he could have taken the $55 off on his taxes as depreciation. How he had the wrong person doing his taxes in 1968 and what he did when he found out he could have gotten six dollars extra back from the government. And on and on and on.

When I am at church, she pulls up into the parking lot, calls me on my cell phone (which I don't answer, because I know I have to drop what I am doing to talk, or rather, listen to her), so she then turns around and calls the church. When she did that, I immediately yelled to my secretary down the hall: "Tell her that I am tied up and can't talk right now, to call back after Bible Study around 3 pm." Well, Shirley thought I was talking to someone else, but I wasn't as my morning visitors had already gone. She answered the phone and told Sandra that I was in my office and she would go and get me. THANKS SHIRLEY!

Sandra first told me she was in the parking lot, surveying what the roofers were doing (we are having new shingles up on as part of our building project this year) and wanted to know if I was busy. Which means, if I am she will only keep me a minute, which is translated an hour and a half. I told her that I was getting ready for Bible Study and that it was my turn to fix the coffee and soft drinks so I'd have to go downstairs to do that in a few minutes. "No problem" she said, "If you have to go downstairs and prepare I know you have a cordless phone there and you can put me on the speaker phone while you get ready for Bible Study."

I think you have an idea as to where this is going and what this means. I really had about thirty minutes before going downstairs but I was really needing to finish an outline that needed to be printed for my secretary to put into the bulletin for Sunday and then to finish looking over the lesson for today. So, Sandra talked and I typed, she went off about her mother having a degenerative spine decease like one of the men in our church and went into the details of how the doctor's missed the diagnosis in the beginning and how her mom was in deep pain for months before they got the diagnosis right. Then she told me all the pain meds they tried on her and which one worked and which ones didn't. I kept typing. She was on the speaker and the phone lay on my desk while I finished the outline, printed it and finished working on the Bible Study notes I was preparing.

At this point, I am reflecting back on the time she called the office, I didn't answer, she called my cell phone, I still didn't answer, then she called the church, left a message which I heard over the answering machine and after she finished the church door bell rang. You guess it, she was calling to tell me she was at the church and wanted to talk and knew I was there because she saw my car and thought I was alone and therefore not busy. When she stops by, she always has her male friend with her - not her husband, but they are always together. So it is not one of those women who chases pastors around. She is just a talker and thinks that I have a lot of time on my hands.

That is usually the way it works when it comes to Sandra. She see my car at church, calls both phones, then comes to the door and won't leave until something (a cell phone, an office phone or the church door) is answered. And then, it is on to an hour or so in which I rarely get in a total of 20 words. I am not exaggerating.

Once, Janice and I were the last to leave the church after services one Sunday and we were going to meet someone for lunch. We were running about five minutes late. Sandra, spies us getting into the car and she shipped around the corner to the entrance of the parking lot and going about 25 miles per hour to catch us, came right in front of us and boxed us in. She said she thought we couldn't see her trying to catch us unless she recklessly swung out in front of us. We told her we were late for a lunch meeting and she said she just wanted to let us know why she and Darryl weren't at church that morning. She had to go over to her house (which, at the time she wasn't living in as she was taking care of her 94 year old mother) and proceeded to tell us what she found upon entering the place. Mice had gotten in and started eating wooden spoons in utility drawers and gotten into bird seed that was in plastic containers, who the seeds were scattered all over the floor, how there were mice dropping in the living room and on the furniture, how they scratched upon the furniture. How that upon further inspection mice weren't the only problem in that house.

You get the idea, what was intended to be a quick three sentence reason for missing church that Sunday turned into a twenty minute oration about the filth found at her house. As she quickly changed the subject and went on about having the re-gravel her drive way and replace a broken window in her garage and on and on and on, I called the folks we were to have lunch with and in Sandra's presence told them that we probably weren't going to make it since Sandra showed up and needed to speak with us. That poor woman never knew or even thought that I was trying to shut her up and to let us go, she just thanks us and proceeded to talk some more.

Well, back to today, I got her off the phone when Bruce showed up and I motioned to him to talk as loud as he can as if he desperately needed my attention. Sandra had seen him come in to the church as he parked in the parking lot about fifteen feet from her. She was still sitting in her car and didn't come to the door this time around. She did take the hint this time, told me she would call back later and got off the phone. I have been saying a prayer that my phone won't ring anymore today.

I conducted the Tuesday Bible Study, Howard brought the smokies (little sausages wrapped in small biscuits. There were only five others to attend today, but we had a good lesson and the snacks: chocolate candy, chocolate chip cookies and the smokies, along with soft drinks and Bruce always has to have coffee were the highlight of the afternoon.

I gotta say, after everyone left, I had to hurry and get out of Dodge, lest Sandra drive back and around the corner and see my car still there.

When I got home, I turned on the television and low and behold, they were waiting on the jury to come into the courtroom in the Derek Chauvin case. I, like millions of others, awaiting with baited breath for the jury to announce its verdict. It took them less than 16 hours and having returned a verdict the day after the case was given to them, told me before they announced the verdict that he was going to be found guilty. I knew he would be found guilty on all three counts. That is usually the case when it takes less than a day to make a finding.

Sure enough, he was found guilty of both second and third degree murders as well as second degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. Immediately there were scenes of celebration, partying, joy and shouts of thanksgiving for justice being served. One black man wearing at BLM patch on his shirt proudly proclaimed justice has been served and that white police officer is going down!"

I personally think Chauvin was guilty of manslaughter, but as Judge Jeanine of Fox News noted, most people who were awaiting outside that courthouse for the verdict would not have settled for anything less than Chauvin being found guilty of all three counts. Greg Gutfield said, he thought there was guilt, but him being found guilty on all three counts made him the sacrificial lamb on the alter of appeasement to calm the multitudes who were seeking justice. I feel the same way. It's as if someone had to go down and Chauvin did the most harm so he has to go down for it all.

I will probably have more to say tomorrow about the blood thirst BLM, Antifa and, by extension, the black community have against police and, for the most part, the white community. For now, just let me say that you need look no further than Maxine Waters to see what I am talking about. She has done more the rile up the black community against the police and white folks than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson combined. And don't you think for a minute that there will be any repercussions for her having shot off her mouth and calling for rioting in the streets of Minneapolis, if the jury didn't find Derek Chauvin guilty. Her big mouth and "reverse racist calls for insurrection" are truly grounds for an appeal in the Chauvin. If that were to happen, the tenseness started all over again.

Asked if I thought there would be a civil war, one between blacks and white, my answer is still "NO!" That will only come when the Democrats come for the guns. There will be war then, and it won't be pretty, but will be more deadly than the pandemic ever could have been here in good ole America. Mark my words.

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