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for April 21, 2021


When it comes to writing about friends, especially those very close to me, I have to keep perspective. You see, I don't have that many friends. I am almost like Doc Holliday in the Movie Tombstone. When out by a creek, following a shoot out with cowboys, Holliday, along with Wyatt Earp and three others we resting after that heated gun fight and ole Doc starts to cough up blood as a result of his battle with tuberculosis. When the coughing persists, one of the men, "Texas" Jack Vermillion, asks him why does he keep going and fighting while he is suffering so much from the TB. Doc's response was simply: "Because Wyatt Earp is my friend." Vermillion replies "Hell, I have a lot of friends." Doc then says "I don't."

That's me. I simply do not have a lot of friends. Very few, in fact. I can count them on one hand. I have hundreds of acquaintances, but friends? Just a short few.

Acquaintances are people I can call on, ask favors with the perspective of returning the favors, but friends are the one who expect nothing in return. Friends are the ones you can tell dark secrets to and not have to worry that somehow those secrets get out.

My wife is one such friend. Another is Mark Reon. I would count his wife as a third, but she keeps secrets because she is also my doctor and HIPAA regulations preclude her from saying whether I am her patient or not. But she is a very confidential lady anyway.

Well, I had lunch today with Mark. He is a short man of 60, a pastor, with a somewhat warped sense of humor. He is very dry witted, practical and down to earth. He is not the kind of person I would involve in deep or intellectual conversations. His four daughter as well as his wife could easily get involved in that kind of banter, but Mark is a simple man, much like Bill O'Reilly calls himself a simple man, although Mark doesn't delve into the political world that much. And that is OK, as I don't always need to be around intellectual people all the time anyway.

I, like Mark, find the so-called intellectual folks are more full of prune juice than anything else. They spout off words, sometimes 6 million dollar words, to show off their prowess for knowledge but, in reality are covering up for their lack of knowledge. It's a mask they wear. Of his four daughters, three of them are in the 20's, all graduated high school and college with high honors, all over 4.0 GPA, all have Master's degrees and all have good paying jobs and not living at home. How many parents can say that? The fourth and last daughter will be in that same boat in about 6 years. She graduates high school in early June, has been accepted into college at Mississippi State University, and has a GPA above 4.0 as well.

Mark has a lot of common sense - more than I ever will and is a very congenial and humble man. His wife is my primary care physician who constantly stays up to date with the latest in all the medical news. When her required "Continuing Educational Units" required each year for her licensure are complete, she starts on more and usually studies upwards of three times the requirements. Their daughters are intelligent like Julia (their mother), they also have a lot of common sense which comes from Mark.

I admire that family. They are all good people.

Well, I mention Mark as we had lunch today. I stopped by his house and picked him up. He can't drive right now due to a broken foot. He was sitting a top of his stairway leading into the house from his garage when I drove up, talking on the phone. He was in a wheelchair and after his phone call he scooted down the stairs to the garage while I went in, grabbed the wheelchair and then pushed him to my car. It was kind of like a son pushing his old dad around. It was kind of funny.

After getting Mark into the car, we talked about his girls, the things going on at his church, upcoming events and Lindsey's (his youngest) graduation. He was telling me about the twenty five to thirty family members coming in for the occasions and, of course, nowhere to put them all. But that doesn't bother Mark. Everything is water off a duck's back to him. He just goes with the flow. Unlike most doctors I know, Julia does not play golf or tennis, but she does go backpacking and hiking in the Appalachian mountains and recently out in the Grand Canyon. Mark just likes to ride around looking for a good restaurant and having good fellowship with his pastor friends. Mark has a number of pastor friends, I have just one. Mark as a lot of resources in so many areas while I have a lot of resources in just a narrow area. He is personable, I am solitary. With these differences, I wonder how we became and remain good friends.

Today was a very relaxing and peaceful day. I had no real pressing issues to face today and was able to enjoy nearly three hours with my good friend.

When I got home, the postman had just delivered the new PC I ordered for the media team at Church. I spent an hour or so setting it up, downloading updates, install the few necessary apps needed for the media team to use each Sunday and the few connections we use between the PC and two tablets and my cell phone. The Bluetooth is working! Yeah!

All I need to do is take it to church and hook up the extension so that the overhead projectors and display the lyrics to the music and my sermon outlines. We will be back in business this Sunday.

OK, so today was spent not thinking about the bad stuff like how the Left would love to incarcerate me for not performing gay marriages, or how the Democrats would love to fine me for not hiring an atheist to be an Assistant Pastor, or how the woke crowd and BLM is not and will not be satisfied with yesterday's verdict in the Derek Chauvin case. It was good not thinking about how the Anti-American movement is destroying the country. In fact, the only opinion piece I read today was Dennis Prager's latest article and I will link to it here. I won't repeat it, but will urge each of my three readers to look at it. He says what I would say as to why white people are hated today. It is not because of slavery, it is because whites started the Western life and created the United States. When you hate something so intensely, like the Left does American, then you loath the ones who started it. Dennis has a very cogent and solid argument. So I am going to let him speak my rant today and let you go and read it.

Before I quit, I just want to thank Mark for a nice lunch and wonderful conversation and, I guess, next time I will bring my wallet. I mean, it's only fair even if his wife is a doctor and live in a bigger house than me. But seriously, they deserve it and many more blessings. They are great people!

Until tomorrow ...

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