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for April 23, 2021


It's Friday and to most working folks this is the day they call the "Day of Excitement" as many await the weekend and the promise of two days of rest. As for me, Friday is a day of rest - most of the time.

I was looking forward to sleeping in this morning, but got up around 7:50 this morning for what would have been my fourth bathroom trip since going to bed last night. Yes, I am over 65 and the old prostate has grown while other things on my body have shrunk. That's life! Now I have that song by Frank Sinatra running around in my head.

Anyway, upon my return to the bed I notice Reggie stirring in the middle of the bed (which is his place all night long, and I mean DEAD CENTER of the bed). I got back around to my side of the bed and show that he was bleeding profusely from his mouth. I got really scared.

Now, what really happened is that he lost a jaw tooth this morning and just how it popped loose is anybody's guess. But, seeing him bleeding like that brought back very vivid memories of mid-June, 2016 when, while sitting on the couch watching television, Janice and I saw Princess, our beloved Sheltie bleeding from her mouth in like manner. Now she had had gingivitis and there were two or three of her back teeth rotting out, but from an angle not visible to the naked eye and from inside her mouth, not the outside lining of the jaw. We immediately got her into the car and took her to the 24-hour veterinary hospital to have her looked at and they got the bleeding stopped, but noticed that there were possibly other things in the back of her mouth that caused them concern. No teeth were missing, but they had to remove about 15 of her teeth as her jaws on both sides were full of bacteria. They had taken a couple x-rays of her mouth and discovered that she had squemouscell carcinoma of the throat, a death warrant.

Hope against hope, we held out for a false positive as she seems to get better and ate really well. Until that last day when she lost her ability to stand straight. Within twelve hours of the first signs of fatigue and losing her ability to walk or stand, she was gone. She left us on the night of September 16, 2016 which marked the beginning of a very rough year that lasted until the following Fall of 2017. There were lots of problems and several crises going on at the church and I nearly left the ministry over a couple of them, which included the ending of all of our youth programs. We even hosted the last Vacation Bible School in August of 2016, not knowing it was going to be the last, and the next year, the joint VBS program that we had with the next door church was to be the last. We also lost about fifteen people in the church which included five of our youth and children workers and their kids and grandkids.

When I saw the blood pouring out of Reggie's mouth, those visions came rushing back.

I cleaned him up a bit and had to do some laundry - obviously the sheets and blanket on the bed had to be washed.

Reggie drank plenty of water and the blood stopped so that I could see that indeed he lost a tooth and it was possibly due to me accidently kicking him in the face with all the moving to get out of the bed for the bathroom call.

It is nearly 5 pm and he is sleeping in the floor on his blanket next to me. No more bleeding and no signs that he is in any kind of pain. That boy has been through a lot the last seven months. We nearly lost him back in October and we are not sure what brought on his near-death sickness.

So things seemed to have calmed down some since this morning. I scanned the "REAL" and TRUE news sites to catch up on what has transpired over the last 24 hours and how bad the Democrats have destroyed more of our nation. Like I said in yesterday's fulmination, Republicans are really no better and by their passivity have done more to destroy the country than the Democrats. They refuse to stop the cult of Satan on the Left. They just sit there like ten year olds in a "slow class" in elementary school, drool running down their mouths and fingers in their noses, wondering when they can go out and play.

One of the articles I read today was from one Vince Conyer who addressed the Democrat's "Divide and Conquer" strategy. In speaking about the number of riots (excuse me, "peaceful protests") that have 'graced' many of our cities in the last year, Conyer stated that evidence of a "cold" American civil war is playing out has, in reality, percolating for decades. From the 1999 WTO protests to the hordes calling George Bush a Nazi to Occupy Wall Street, the hyperbole and violence have been ratcheting up for years.

The catalyst that put us on the path to today was Barack Obama’s nomination. Not because of Obama himself, but rather because of the cudgel Democrats crafted from his race. Anyone who opposed Obama’s policies was racist. Suddenly, conservatives who reiterated policies they’d supported for decades were racists as was anyone who opposed Democrat policies.

But race was only the beginning. If you opposed gay marriage: Homophobic. Opposed women in combat: Sexist. Supported the police: Fascist.

Such was the beginning of the journey that brings us to America circa 2021. Today you’re either on the side of angels or the side of Hitler. There’s no middle ground. George Washington was a slave-owning racist and nothing else matters. Michael Brown and George Floyd were innocent victims of racist cops. Period. All women should be believed… unless they accuse Democrats. There is an infinite number of genders. Clearly. America is systematically racist and any evidence to the contrary is fiction. "Border wall" is a dog whistle for white nationalists.

The reality is, there are racists among us. So too sexists, homophobes, and fascists. There are also bad cops, sexual predators, and evil people. But here’s the thing: Most Americans are none of those. It wouldn’t be possible to build the free, thriving, diverse and prosperous nation America so recently was if they were. If America were systematically racist, we’d never have had a black president: many of the most popular and highest earning entertainers wouldn’t be black; Asian Americans wouldn’t make up 40% or more of the student body at some of America’s best colleges; and minorities wouldn’t own 30% of businesses.

But of course, none of that matters to Democrats. The only thing that matters is setting Americans against one another via victimization and leveraging that conflict for power.

But here’s the other thing about all of this: There’s not an American alive today who can’t claim victim status for one thing or another. If you’re black, you’ll undoubtedly encounter racists. If you’re short you’ve likely been the butt of short jokes, while if you’re 7’ tall “How’s the weather up there?” is a ritual greeting. Beautiful women are taken for dumb while rich men are in the IRS crosshairs. Fat people or ugly people often find themselves ostracized or worse. An Asian might be expected to be good in math while gays no doubt have heard countless whispers that communicate disapproval or disdain.

The point is, if people want to see themselves as a victim, they can… every time. But that’s not traditionally what Americans do. In early 20th century America, when Jim Crow reigned in the south and redlines crisscrossed the country, black Americans moved to places like Harlem and Chicago’s south side and built thriving communities. In the latter half of the 19th century, two million Irish came to America and, despite facing extraordinary hatred, built successful communities. Millions of Jews came at the turn of the century and despite virulent anti-Semitism, built a pantheon of successful businesses. Chinese, Vietnamese, and Mexican immigrants had similar experiences. And up until the 1970s, there were places where women weren’t allowed to get credit cards or open bank accounts without their husbands’ signatures!

Virtually all Americans alive today can point to some injustice in their lives or those of their ancestors that they could use to paint themselves as victims. But again, historically Americans have not done that. In fact, American history is a story of a people, a diverse mix of people really, overcoming extraordinary adversity and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps to build a nation out of a sparsely populated continent and, in the process, changing the world for the better in virtually every area of culture, charity, science, commerce and, of course, freedom.

That is the story of America. Americans, largely (but not exclusively) white males, built a nation unlike anything the world has ever seen. Americans, again, largely white men, but not exclusively so, united to save the world from self-destruction in two hot wars and one cold. Americans, largely white men, but not exclusively, put men on the moon. Along the way, they invented television, air conditioning, movies, mobile phones, safety elevators, the Internet, the iPhone, the Pet Rock and, sadly, Facebook.

A nation made up of imperfect men and women, in the short expanse of two centuries, has also created prosperity unlike anything the world has ever seen. It’s not perfect -- at times it’s even been ugly -- but for the most part, it’s been spectacular. Not for everyone, and not all the time, but for most people of every race, creed, and color, America has been a Godsend.

Not sure about that? Would black Americans be better off moving back to Africa? Would Italian Americans be better off moving back to Italy? Chinese to China? Mexicans to Mexico? Iranian Americans back to Iran? The answer is likely no in almost every instance.

But again, none of that matters to Democrats. America’s greatness doesn’t matter. America’s freedom and prosperity don’t matter to Democrats. What matters to Democrats is raw power. The proof is easy to see and can be found in the fealty black Americans pay to the Democrat party. Democrats don’t care about black Americans but use their votes to get and maintain power. For 50 years Democrats have had a stranglehold on the black vote, and what they’ve done with that power shows exactly how much they value the lives of black Americans. Not much…

And that’s the template for the Democrats’ endgame: Divide and conquer. By seeking to turn every American into a victim, by seeking to demonize the group that played the single biggest role in building the nation that we inhabit today (white males – because of numbers, not because of DNA or some special gift from God), Democrats are seeking to build a coalition of us vs. them, where the “us” is characterized by victimhood and the “them” are evil incarnate in the form of white males.

The beauty of that plan is that, when literally every single person can point to something today or two decades ago or two centuries ago that constitutes a slight or injustice to be rectified, the pool of potential soldiers is bottomless and all that’s necessary is a promise of salvation. Army not big enough? Craft a few more victim narrative promises of salvation and presto, more soldiers.

But the consequence of those votes will be anything but salvation. Once they set the entire population at war against itself, Democrats will step in to pick up the pieces and their literal death grip on power will bring the end of individual liberty, limited government and, in time, the Republic itself. And with it will go the prosperity that gave so many Democrats the luxury of focusing on our differences and fabricating victimhood in the first place. Caveat emptor.

Now do you understand why I can't bide by Democrats?

I tried to edit an entry in Wikipedia under the heading of "Evil". I attempted to add as a definition "The American Democrat Party." They wouldn't let me save it and immediately banned me for life as an official authoritative participant.

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