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for April 24, 2021


On this day last year (it was a Friday), my next door neighbor lost his battle with cancer and left behind his very wonderful wife, Carolyn. Jim Nelson was an avid golfer and I never knew of him missing his tee-times (twice a week during the Spring, Summer and first part of Fall, once a week otherwise). He was a handyman and had a well-kept yard with trees, flowers, and the greenest and well groomed grass in the neighborhood.

When Jim passed last year, we were in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the family could not plan a funeral. The Funeral Director's hearse picked his body up at his house and many of the neighbors gathered together to watch them put his body in the hearse and carry him off to the funeral home. That was the last we saw of him.

Today, the family is together to have the memorial service. Following the service, they and a few of Jim's closest friends (golfing buddies to be sure) will gather at the local Dairy Queen and eat Blizzards in his memory, for Jim could never get enough of a D.Q. Blizzard.

While they were at the memorial service, I cut the most difficult areas of Carolyn and Jim's yard, edged the sidewalks and blew the debris out into the street for the coming rain to wash away. I would have cut the whole yard, but Carolyn (aged 78) has decided that Jim would want her to keep his yard up as long as she can. She has been cutting it this year and as for the piece of yard between the sidewalk and street I have been pleased to cut it for her since she is a little intimated of cutting it with her riding lawnmower.

This little bit of physical exercise on my part has helped my body to wake up and the writing I am doing now is helping to get my mind awake. Next on my schedule is the final preparations for tomorrow's church service.

As I have said in previous posts, Saturday's can be extremely tormenting as I begin to wonder what tomorrow's service will look like and how it will be received. I already know of two main families (workers in the church) who will not be there tomorrow. My Deacon Chairman and his wife are gone with family on a 5-day vacation, only to come back and repack for a nine-week vacation to New Mexico starting on May 4th. Davis and Linda travel on long term vacations with a mobile camper trailer two, sometimes three times a year. They have also traveled to every continent on earth except Antarctica and Linda wants to see that land before she dies. She is 77 years old and gets around like a 55 year old. Davis is the main worker in the church and if all the councils, teams and Deacons were to have him on their respective squads he would chair them all, since no one wants to chair or preside over anything. Last year he was the Church Moderator, Deacon Chairman, Chairman of the Administrative Council, Chairman of the building team and once incorporated, he was selected President of the Corporate Council. He got all those positions by virtue of no one wanted to do it and backing out when nominated. Davis would have been Moderator this year and Chairman of the Administrative Council but he was term limited and we had a heck of a time getting someone to fill in for him. In the place of those two positions he was selected as the Church Finance Auditor and Chairman of the Stewardship Council.

No he is gone this Sunday, back the next, then gone until July 6th. He is the leader of everything except the church as a whole and will become that the first of the year when his year off expires. Davis is 75 years old and keeps telling everybody that he is getting too old to lead everything. He is no dictator by any stretch, but he is over-worked.

At my church, we suffer from no Summer Slump. It seems that the workers all go away, many at one time as if they got off in a corner and planned their vacations to coincide with each other. While they are away, we have many visitors and a few of our members to return. I can't figure that out because Summer is the time of escape. When the workers are gone, the "sitters" or "occasional" come in their place. I have been the pastor of that church 10 years this August 1st and not once have I been able to get everyone, or most everyone present at one time. Even on Christmas and Easter, there is always a few or more who go out of town or have visitors come in for a visit but won't be brought to or encouraged to attend church.

I am sure I will have a rant or two about tomorrow's service in tomorrow's blog. Right now I am going to stop as I am awaiting the arrival of my other neighbor to the other side of me. Tim is bringing a truck load of mulch for Janice and I need to help him off-load it. Besides, I have complained enough for today, if only about something that pertains to tomorrow and down the road in time.

Until tomorrow ...

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