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for April 25, 2021


Alright, John! Was it a good day? Or, was it a bad day in the House of the Lord?

Despite two of my workers being gone, it turned out to be a better day than I thought it would be. The only hiccup we has was audio interference from our FM transmitter that caused a loud hum through the PA system in the sanctuary. We had to move the transmitter box around to try to turn down or eliminate the hum, but we have to do some insolation work this week to correct that problem.

We also had a slight video problem with the connections between the PC and the three outputs, one to the monitor the media manager uses in the media room at church and the other two go to the projectors on either wall. We got those corrected by moving the converter box away from the new computer and changing the resolution on Windows for the so-called "second monitor" which is really the three outputs.

Other than the hum during the service, all things did go off well and we had a very nice attendance to boot.

Now I know my regular readers were sitting around, hitting their refresh buttons on their web browsers hoping that this post would replace yesterdays as everyone is concerned for my emotional, mental and spiritual health as Sundays always tests me to the hilt. Hey, it was a good day.

On another note, I am having trouble with my lower back. I have either pulled a muscle, have a nerve or two pinched or am working on a kidney stone. It has been hurting off and on for almost three weeks. I truly think that I don't sit right in the chair I am currently occupying while typing these blogs, working on my sermons, and doing research. This chair leaves a lot to be desires, like a lumbar support and being able to sit a little higher. I also sit with a square pillow while watching TV in the den which supports my lumbar a little, but not enough to push the lumbar in and a strong support. In fact, the pillow sinks in in the middle.

Also, as Janice has pointed out, my tummy sticks out a little further and I think it is time to go back on a diet. When your stomach pokes out that creates stress on your lower muscles in the back. So that may be a contributor. Janice also points out that I don't help out my stomach muscles when I bend over to pick up heavy stuff, by using my leg muscles as support. My posture is poor and my exercising is non-existent. I have to get back out and work out by jogging, walking, doing sit-ups and the like.

I am just 8 pounds overweight. I should be at 188 and am at 196, my BMI is just .8 over the limit. It's my diet and laziness that is getting the best of me.

Changing the subject: I am sitting here with my car (Pixie) sitting in front of my monitor, partially blocking me view of the screen as I type this missive. She is actually watching the words pop up as I type them and is very interested in the activity. When I move the house, the curser (pointer) gets her attention really quick. She used to actually put her paw on it as it lands some place on the screen and since I have a touch screen, she would make things move all over and sometimes cause a few aggravations. In fact, just now, as the screen moves down three lines when I get to the bottom, she jumps up and is thinking about an attack move.

Never mind. I just swatted her down and now I can get on with this--uninterrupted.

Rather than prolong this verbosity, I think I will go down and put some hamburgers on the grill. It is a beautiful day, a little windy and around 65 degrees, but it is just good enough to sit outside and grill, then eat. Janice already has pulled out a fresh bag of potato chips, and is going to cook some pork 'n beans. Bring out the lettuce, onions and mustard for the burgers and you have a nice afternoon treat.

Following that, I guess I will turn on the TV and take a nap. There is no football to nap to, and believe me, as far as the NFL is concerned, that is all I do now ... sleep through it. I cannot support Roger Goddell and his NFL. What is wrong with the entire professional sports world these days? Does everything under the sun have to be WOKE and politically correct? The Left doesn't want to do anything less than to make our lives miserable. The Left is not creative - only destructive. The Left hates order, fun and enjoyment. Like Dennis Prager says, "If you are enjoying your life, the Left wants to ruin that. If you are having a nice time, the Left wants to make it miserable." The Left hates good things, the Left wants you to suffer. The only thing they create is confusion and strife. The only things they make are war and misery.

So we all once enjoyed watching football on Sunday which is NFL day. Too bad! The Left has ruined that. Well, we are in between seasons so there is basketball! Nope! That is all WOKE too. How about baseball? WOKE! Soccer? WOKE. I know, why not watch thirty cars make 400 left had turns? NASCAR? Well, that is under attack and I am sorry to say that I never really acquired a taste for watching left hand turns all day. Besides, you can't sleep to NASCAR - with all that motor noise and commentator cut ins.

Anyway, let me go and fire up the grill. Just thinking about eating those hamburgers is a big distraction. Besides, my stomach is starting the think my throat has been cuts as it is growling for attention.

Until tomorrow ...

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