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for April 26, 2021


Good Monday Morning (or whatever time of day it is when you delve into these words)!

As for me, I started the day with my daily vitamins, a cup of cold vanilla latte and then outside on a very cool morning to cut the grass and weed eat around the edges of the flower and vegetable gardens. You would think that I was on fire this morning, but, not really!

I really started the morning with a terrible backache. As I said in yesterday's rant that my lower back has been giving me trouble for about three weeks. I could blame it on Janice and her "Honey Do List for April" which includes all kinds of shoveling and slinging dirt, compost, mulch. It also includes every three years the rebuilding of vegetable boxes and a tomato hut.

You would think that incorrect posturing would kill my back, but I am becoming quite sure it is not a pulled muscle, a kidney stone or a pinched nerve. If it doesn't ease up soon, it's on to the doctor for me.

Anyway, a little exercise by chasing the lawn mower never hurts or aggravates the back. In fact, walking feels good. After doing the yard work, I fixed myself an early lunch - a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and then sat down to pen these words. What to say? What to Say?

Well, it's Monday so I think I should dedicate the rest of this blog to my favorite subject: The Dastardly Deeds of the Democrats!

An old expression notes that when you point one finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. This aphorism may have originated in the Bible when Jesus said, “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3-5)

Modern Democrats and the left embody this sentiment, quick to blame anyone and anything for problems that they largely created. They offer no thoughtful consideration of their own roles in starting the never-ending dumpster fires that they blame on their political enemies.

The psychologists call this projection, “unconsciously taking unwanted emotions or traits you don’t like about yourself and attributing them to someone else.” In the case of the left, I doubt this is unconscious; more likely, a deliberate Alinsky-style approach to winning the war of ideas, something the Republican Party remains clueless about.

The current example is the demonization of law enforcement along with calls for police departments to be abolished, as the harpies of “The Squad” demanded in response to the recent death of Daunte Wright in Minnesota.

But police defunding only affects you and me. While the Squad points a finger at us, their three fingers are pointing back at themselves, to the tune of the $32,000 they spent on private security for themselves while championing defunding the police.

Democrats tell us that law enforcement is evil, yet earlier this year Congress surrounded itself with a fortress of fences and troops. We should be on our own in a cop-less world, the message goes, but not elected officials, confiscating our money via taxes to keep themselves safe. One finger pointing out, three back at themselves.

Since Minnesota may soon be changing its nickname from the “land of 10,000 lakes” to the “land of 10,000 protests,” let’s look at who is running the show up there, in the land where cops are apparently out of control, shooting innocent black men for sport.

Minnesota has a Democrat governor, Tim Walz, who succeeded another Democrat governor, Mark Dayton. Minneapolis has had Democrat mayors since the 1960s, with one independent in the late 60s, and one Republican, who served only one day in office.

Minneapolis has a 13-member city council, 12 of whom are members of the Soviet-sounding “Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party” and one a member of the “Green" party. No Republicans.

Minneapolis police Chief Medaria Arradondo is described by Wikipedia (the bastion of all knowledge - NOT!) as the “first black chief of the Minneapolis Police department” but that he is of “Colombian heritage.” Does that make him a “black Hispanic”? Perhaps he is related to George Zimmerman, whom CNN and the New York Times described as a “white Hispanic,” although his Peruvian great-grandfather was black.

The chief was appointed by Betsy Hodges, a past Minneapolis mayor, and another member of the Soviet-sounding “Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party.” From the governor on down to the police chief, everyone is a Democrat. No Republicans. No Donald Trump. No Charlottesville. No white privilege or supremacy. The Democrats, party of KKK Exalted Cyclops Senator Robert Byrd, own this free and clear.

Who runs the city and state? Who hires and trains the police force? Who sets the rules of engagement? Who is responsible for the police force culture? The Soviet-sounding “Democrat-Farmer-Labor” party in Minnesota runs the show, yet the left blames Trump and Republicans for these shootings, whether in Atlanta, Ohio, or Minnesota. One finger pointing at Republicans, three fingers pointing back at Democrats.

It’s not just Minneapolis. Look at Portland, which has been a war zone now for almost a year since George Floyd died. Oregon has a Democrat governor, the last Republican governor leaving office in 1987. Portland’s last full-term Republican mayor served in the 1950s. Notice a pattern?

As John Nolte at Breitbart observed,

All the terrible problems the Democrat party and their media allies go on and on and on about — racism, gun violence, policing, etc. — those problems happen almost exclusively in Democrat-run cities.

Democrats and the corporate media attack Trump supporters as violent and racist and anti-environment, and yet out where we all live, out here in Rural America, out here in MAGA Land, most of us own guns and yet, we have no gun violence crises. Oh, and our air and water and streets are safe and clean and we have no racial tensions.

Protests and riots, crime and property destruction, murder and mayhem, all seem to find a home in Democrat-run cities. Failing public schools, too.

Brightbeam, an education nonprofit, wants “a better education and a brighter future for every child.” How is that working out in Democrat-run cities?

They observed:

Students in America’s most progressive cities face greater racial inequity in achievement and graduation rates than students living in the nation’s most conservative cities.

Progressive cities, on average, have achievement gaps in math and reading that are 15 and 13 percentage points higher than in conservative cities, respectively.

In San Francisco, for example, 70% of white students are proficient in math, compared to only 12% of black students reaching proficiency — a 58-point gap.

Imagine that. Democrat ruling-class elites point the finger at racist conservatives and Trump supporters as the cause of education failure in the cities they run. Yet the three fingers point back at them, as these are their cities, all run by Democrats, instituting the latest woke education curriculum of critical race theory and social justice.

Just like with calls to defund the police while they have their own private security, the leftist elites send their own kids, not to the dangerous and failing public schools they preside over, but to elite private schools where their children are educated in a safe environment, a stepping stone to an elite university and future employment within the ruling class. Not a life ending in tragedy as the lives of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, or Daunte Wright ended.

Yet Democrats continue to point the finger at anyone but themselves, not realizing or caring that three fingers are pointed back at themselves and their failed policies. When will voters say enough is enough and vote the finger pointers out?

And now that I have pointed out some of the more than a million dastardly deeds the Democrats are doing, I can do downstairs and cool off to a nice glass of sweetened ice tea.

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