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for April 27, 2021


I love my dog. He is truly an inspiration. He follows me everywhere I go and it is not so easy for him to do so. He is about 85% blind from cataracts and at age 15, he can't easily sustain surgery as it is not recommended for little dogs his age due to the amount of anesthesia he might need. He may not wake up from it.

Yet, Reggie just putters along. Every time I call him, he stops whatever he is doing - half the time he is just standing around trying to figure out where he is - and tries to figure out from which direction my call originates. In my house we have wood floors and between them and the walls, my voice bounces around and causes him confusion.

Reggie eats well, but he is picky. One day he loves his canned dog food, lamb flavor, the next day he turns his nose up at his and won't eat anything canned. So, we feed him already cooked chicken chunks from the cold food section of the groceries store - the king you put on tacos and the like. He will eat a whole bunch of those, but the next day he wants his hard food. Then it's back to the canned dog food only it had better be something other than the lamb flavor. Let's see, we have chicken flavor, turkey, venison, and beef. Beef is often a hit, but not more than two days in a row. So give him scraps from the table too, usually chicken, but last night it was steak! A grilled top sirloin! He thought he was in heaven!

There is a tremendous desire on his part of be where I am and he can see my silhouetted figure or a dark figure in the sunlight and he will move closer until he can get my scent. Once he smells that it is me he is right there! It is so loving and truly a beautiful picture to see him sitting a few feet away, looking at the silhouette of a human and waiting for me to speak. He looks with keen interest, his ears flopped down along the side of his head and those eyes fixed upon the image. When I speak, he moves somewhat quickly toward me as if he wants to put his paws around me and give me a big hug. How can anyone not feel tremendous joy at the site of him looking at me?

I hate it that he is old. I often well up with tears over that and the fact that the inevitable is just around the corner. Janice says we will never have another dog in the house again. She is tired of the mess they make with slopping food and water all around, wiping their faces on the den furniture, having accidents on the carpet when they are sick, or when we forget to put him out for a potty break.

Reggie often goes to the church office with me. Most of the time he goes on Thursdays, although he goes on Tuesdays occasionally. That would mean he attends Bible Study and he will often go in the fellowship hall where we have the study and he will eat a little of the food that someone brings as refreshments, and then he will go under someone's seat, or a table and start to snore as he dozes off into la la land.

Reggie is a great travelling companion too! He sits up in the front passenger seat with a doggie bed to lay on over top of the seat - unless Janice is riding with me. Then, he gets the back seat all to himself. Reggie rarely gets stirred up in the car unless I stop at a drive-thru to pick something up to eat. Then, he barks at the person in the window as if to say to them: "What's good to eat? Give me whatever he is having?"

We will still have two cats, both of whom will be 11 years old next month. Janice also says that we will have no more when they are gone. Whiskers is a fur-ball and more. She sheds all year around and in the hot months we see her pulling her fur out! Pixie is a little devil and she can't stop sharpening her claws on everything in the house. She has several scratch poles and boxes around, but she is insistent that the best remedy for claw sharpening are the arms of sofas, chairs and recliners.

So, in about 6 years everything will be a memory. Janice's 3 sons are grown and living elsewhere, although they live within 7 miles of us, we rarely see them. Matt, her oldest, and Timmy, the middle son, work 8 days a week, 30 hours a day and 397 days a year. Daniel, is her youngest son and he is a full-time stay-at-home Dad. He has one step-son who rarely sees his own father and Daniel has become the father figure he needs desperately. Daniel has a degree from Old Dominion College - a double major in accounting and finance. After four years and 340+ resumes sent out to private companies (he doesn't want to work for any government agency), he was passed by for people of color and women. Between 2011 (the year he graduated) and 2015 he received about four dozen "Thank you, but ..." letters, meaning they thank him for his resume and interest in the business, BUT they went with someone else. He has worked for Chick Fill-A and Outback Steakhouse while in High School and the first two year of college. Then he worked four years for Best Buy, two years for Lowes and a year and a half for Verizon - all in sales and customer service retail. Recently he worked as an Uber and Lyft driver and for DoorDash, but the pandemic put chinks into that armor and so it is stay-at-home while his wife works as a District Director of Distribution at Target, Inc. making well over 6 figures. He doesn't need to work and she owns her own home - half paid off already and she is only 32 years old.

My two sons live in other states. Bobby in Florida and Brad in Wyoming. They will probably never come back to Virginia to live. Besides Bobby is Conservative, Brad a Libertarian and with Virginia getting bluer by the day (thanks for the influx of far Leftist and people of color who always vote Democrat), they don't want to come back here for fear that they may be arrested and fined for improper political thinking.

So what happens when the pets are gone and there is no one about to entertain or otherwise keep us company? I guess we will just have each other. For entertainment Janice will have her garden and her various activities around the house. Me? Well, I will have my blogs. Huh Huh! You see, by the time Whiskers and Pixie are gone, I probably will be retired from preaching and all I will do is visit my children and grandchildren three times a year and then just sit around waiting for orders from the General as to what yard work needs to be done, what room needs to be painted or what things need to be fixed. And then, there will be this blog.

I was Brad a few days back about this situation, Reggie, the cats, the absence of their step-brothers and their kids, the absence of him and his brother and their kids too. The lonely house and the perspective of a petless home on day and Brad said: "Lay the law down, Dad! Tell Janice you need a dog or something!" Yeah, right!

I hate the loneliness of a house when no one is in it. I have tasted this before when Janice goes off to visit her aunt in Lenoir, North Carolina or for those short moments that I am at home and she at work. When she is out of the house I am so glad I have the company of Reggie and the cats. I talk to them as if they were human. I guess most, if not all, pets lovers do. But I hate the thought of them leaving me! Even though the pets can't speak or talk back to me, the walls don't listen and don't have eyes to look back at me to remind me I am not alone. And the walls will be all I have in the house, should I be left alone.

This whole blog note today is silly. Why am I sitting here wasting the time I could be spending with my cute little dog. He is my companion and every minute he is around me is more than an inspiration. With Reggie, like his "sister" Princess before him, I stare into the eyes of unconditional love and I know what kind of love my Lord has for us. And I thank him daily for my friend and companion, Reggie!

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