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for April 30, 2021


Man is this a picture perfect Spring day! The Dew Point is 32 degrees, humidity is at 35% and the temperature is at 74 degrees. The winds are coming from the Northwest at 20 MPH and it is just divine!

I am sitting in my home office, with the window open, and the birds singing sounds like life is just great! Reggie is at the groomers, getting his hair (bishons have hair, not fur which is why it grows so fast) cut, his nails trimmed and his ears cleaned out. He loves the groomer. Her name is Jessica and she loves talking to him. He loves the attention and she says Reggie is most responsive to her. He loves the baths she gives him (typical male, loving a woman bathing him). But the one thing he doesn't like about going to the groomer is having to have his anal glands cleaned out.

Poor Reggie! That's OK. He will come home feeling like a new man and ready to eat, poop and go to sleep for the rest of the evening.

I can't begin to tell you how much this weather has cheered me up. I have been teetering between just plan sadness and depression. Depression is an emotional feeling along with a pessimistic mindset. The sadness would come from boredom and that chronic pain in my lower back. I guess you could say I am both sad and depressed. My mother called it the "Boo-Hoo Blues." I miss my mom. She was a "glass is half empty" type of person. I get my disposition from her completely. My dad, on the other hand, didn't care what you thought - either about him or his actions and words. His favorite saying was that life is "mind over matter,...I don't mind and you don't matter." There are a great many times that I wish I could be like my dad, especially in the area of caring about what other people feel and think about me, or not.

So this is the last day of April. On this day, back in 1789, our first President, George Washington, took the oath of office in New York City. I was thinking this morning that if he were to come back to visit for a day, he would commit suicide. This is not the America he helped to establish. These are not the people he knew who honored the Constitution and cherished freedom. The people today do not possess the dreams and aspirations of making contributions to society and displaying patriotism and love of country. George Washington would be depressed himself.

However, there are times when I wish that I could resurrect him and his Continental Army from the dead, bringing them back to life to fight off the tyranny that is every growing in our land. He would quickly take note of the fact that the Democrat Party, along with their childish and emotional voters and the snobbish elites who put them there are the enemy. He would see that they are worse tyrants than the British monarch ever tried to be.

The cry of the American Colonists back in the 1770's was about the unfairness of taxation without representation. Today, with our Democrat Party, we have taxation with representation. Only the representation they give is for the media, big tech, corporations and special interests. George Washington would also take notice of the useless and lazy Republican Party and would say he wouldn't want to have any of them in his army, for they could not begin to shed the restraints of tyranny.

You know, I should stop right there, because seriously, just the mention of the Left and Democrats always brings me down, I lose perspective, I start pulling out my guns - to clean them, of course, and I just moan and groan over the end of Washington's Republic. I am talking about George Washington, not Washington, D.C. for the Republic is already over there. This is a beautiful day and I don't want to ruin it. I mean, with Reggie not here at the moment, I don't have to worry about taking him up and down the stairs, in and out of the house and making him eat his food. I don't have to worry about tripping over him or him walking into walls for these three or fours hours. I miss him, yes, but I should be enjoying these free minutes and this beautiful weather.

So you will forgive me if I cut this one short. Nature is calling! Uhh, wait a minute! Not that nature call! LOL

Tomorrow is Saturday and the first day of a new month. I will probably wake up on the wrong side of bed with thoughts of Janice being home and composing the Saturday "Honey-Do" list and that will start me down the road of "Foul Mood City." After a few hours of that state of mind, I should be in prime character to come back here and gripe and complain about any and every thing.

Until then, ...

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