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for April 6, 2021


The last two days have been, well, let me just say, they have been unorganized. I found my self on at least three occasions distracted by little things that come up at no particular time, but with the certainty of a monthly light bill or a refill when the gas in your car gets very low.

Anyway, Sunday afternoon - after I finished my last rather long muse - I started in on another book, but one that was published about four years ago and I just got around to picking it up. It is by the same author whose book, Primal Screams, I have already told you about. This book is entitled, It's Dangerous to Believe, also written by Mary Eberstadt is about the stamping out of any and all Christian views about life, love, humanity and God and how the far left is making the crusade to literally eradicate the West of all vestiges of Christianity.

I read the long introduction and Chapter 1 on Sunday and got in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 yesterday. Basically I am halfway through the book and the author has, so far, called on her previous book twice in this reading and that one, I had to order and was delivered just yesterday. It is called How The West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization. It seems with Mary Eberstadt I am going backwards as Primal Screams was her latest, just released last month. It's Dangerous to Believe was published in 2017 and the book that just arrived was published in 2014.

This woman uses deep words, many of which are rarely heard among academics and certainly not read except in scholarly journals. her words are not only deep, but her arguments are extremely well-thought out and backed up with data.

That's me! I love data, facts, primary sources and the like. Unlike the Left who base their truth-claims on emotion and feeling, I seek the facts. Little wonder why the Left wants to rewrite or out-right ban history.

So, in between reading, I have been writing a few articles for the website I contribute to with a few other pastor friends. Doing the research for these type of articles can't be done in just a matter of minutes. Yes! Most of what I write concerns the demise of our country at the hands of the Left. I know, yada, yada, yada!

Today was my Office day at church with Bible Study in the afternoon. Like Sunday, we had a lot of our regulars missing today. Over half, to be exact. I can tell you where each one was or what keep them from being present. I realize that everybody on the face of the earth has obligations and commitments. They need to meet those life demands. But it still seems really weird to me how everyone has things to come up at the same time.

Well, we had a good study today even though only six were in attendance. The topic was - GOD! Particularly the ever-presence of God. Based on John 14:8-26, Jesus speaks to His Apostles in the Upper Room on the last night before His crucifixion. He tells them that if they watched what He did and listened to the teachings He gave that they have seen "the Father." Then, the profound statement comes from His lips: "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father. I and the Father are one." What? Jesus is claiming to be God. And He is God.

The problem in any human's understanding of how Jesus can be God is the inability to comprehend the power of God. If God is all powerful, then He can make Himself human and if He is all-present (everywhere at once) then He can be in Heaven and on earth at the same time!

So the basic meaning of today's Bible Study is the power and majesty of God throughout the universe. Of course, Jesus goes on to say to His Apostles that He has to go away (back into Heaven) and by doing so, He doesn't want them to think or believe that He is abandoning them. There will be a "n" or "Comforter" given in His place to live within the hearts and minds of all believers. So Jesus talks a little about the person and purpose of the Holy Spirit.

Notice, then, that the topic of God is stretched to include not only His omnipresence, His omnipotence and His omniscience, but His ability to manifest Himself in both a body (as Jesus) and in Spirit (as the Holy Spirit). Our understanding of God is limited by our lack of understanding and through faith, we come to understand God - no need to get caught up in the confines of systematic theology!

Anyway, it was an enjoyable study with each of the five participants asking questions and putting in their own two-cents worth. I find it always funny that the best sermons preached and the most enlightening Bible Studies taught are done with fewer than normal in attendance. That is seriously another reason why I get so down at times (really a lot). It is hard to keep fighting off the despair and disappointments.

But enough about that.

You may have noticed that I left a little bit of a blog, really a brief message describing why I wasn't posting a blog last night. I attended another building team and properties council meeting to begin the finalization of our remodeling project and kitchen extension to our fellowship hall. We will have another meeting after service this Sunday to choose which contractor's bid we will accept and recommend to the church. I think we are trying to get this project into full throttle by the first of June.

The meeting last night went a little over and I just didn't budget enough time to write the blog. Oh well, I am averaging one day off every four weeks and so missing a day once each month is not a bad thing. I was just planning on missing it either today or next Tuesday. You see, Tuesday is really my busiest day of the week.

It is after 7 pm and I should get this up and posted for my many (really my very few) faithful readers who wait with baited breath for my exposes and adventures in trashing Democrats and crying over spilt milk. I really want to finish the book I started Sunday either tonight or probably tomorrow before I post again.

Until then ...Keep Smiling (or in my case "keep barking")

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