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for August 24, 2021


Hallelujah, the contractor has finally started on our church remodeling project. The work started yesterday and since I usually am not at the church on Mondays, I hadn't seen where the work had been started and what all had been done on the first day. It turns out that the last thing they were supposed to mess with was the first thing they started tearing out. That is the Women's Restroom.

We had promised the women of the church that there would always be a bathroom available to them and that we were going to have the contractors start with tearing out all the kitchen fixtures and removing the cabinets and other stuff from the kitchen and then convert it as quickly as possible into a nice enlarged women's bathroom. Then, they were supposed to knock out the men's bathroom and convert the old women's bathroom into an enlarged one for men. The men would have to go outside behind a bush or something for the couple or three weeks their new bathroom was being remodeled.

So, the women's bathroom, as of this second day of deconstruction, is all but gone. The reason, which made absolute good sense is the money that would have to be spent on extra plumbing and pipe underneath the building and some of that would be temporary and latter have to be torn out, because to start with a new relocated bathroom would require tying into the old bathrooms until they could be relocated and that would then require replumbing of the new. We would have probably had to spend about $20,000 more dollars in plumbing work, not to mention that added time to install temporary plumbing only later to tear it back out again.

Well, enough on that subject. I am just glad they got started. It is five weeks late and the whole project, which includes a new, kitchen added to the back of the current fellowship hall, will not be completed in time for the annual Thanksgivings banquet slated for November 21st. In fact, it will be pushing it to have it completed by the Christmas Dinner to be held on December 19th. We may be renting the Community Center or the Ruritan Club House for one or both of those events. The contractor did say he will try to have it done with the use permits in hand by December 17th, but warned us that that would be unrealistic and we should expect to be able to use it by January 10th.

Not much else has happened today. I did decide not to wax political and talk about the irrational mind of the Left in general and Democrats in particular today. I think I did a more than adequate job of that yesterday.

I went to the office, as usual, worked on my message for Labor Day Sunday, since I already had my sermon for this Sunday done last week. Remember, I anticipated going to Canton, Ohio to see Brad and his work schedule precluded that. The latest update on him and his work is that a temp service was contracted and three cooks are in place to help cook for this new semester that just got under way last week. Today, Brad celebrates his first day off in four weeks! He will still be putting in about 80 to 85 hours until he can get all the cooks and a new Operations Manager hired to take over all the other crappy duties Brad has had to oversee or do, like cleaning the appliances, washing dishes, fixing or providing maintenance to any machines, purchasing, etc. The new Operations Manager will take over the duties off overseeing the kitchen help and maintenance. This will be a tremendous load off of him, but this new guy probably won't be available until after Labor Day.

So, I am a little ahead on my office work and tomorrow, rather than going out to hold hands, I will take the day off and travel to Williamsburg with Janice. She has 3 days off this week and tomorrow is the last. She is in dire need of some new work shoes and her feet are killing her. So we will make the trip to the Outlet Mall up there where the New Balance Store is located and try to find some shoes that will fit her. She has such an unusual size: 7 triple E. That means that since I am ahead on my office work, I will probably hold hands Thursday and leave my secretary alone to do her job.

Speaking of a job, I am waiting right now for the weather to cool down before undertaking the task of cutting the front yard. It got up to 92 degrees today and the heat index did hit 100. I will probably venture out around 7:15 and do the job. It will take about 45 minutes and that will be the time the sunsets and the mosquitoes come out in full force. They have been so numerous and all over the place this year. We have had a lot of rain, not enough to be ahead on the rain tables, in fact we are about an inch below normal for the year. It is just that when it rain, it drops just enough to create a heaven on earth for those pesky varmints. As for the back yard, it doesn't need it yet as I cut it last Friday and even though the rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday has given life to its growth, I still think it can wait to be cut Thursday after my hand-holding sessions.

Gotta go and get some supper. Tonight, Janice and I are going to watch a couple episodes of Cheers after I cut the grass and we will probably go to bed afterwards, which mean it will be early for me and late for her. Tomorrow night, she will get back on schedule and be in bed by 8:00 since she has to be at work at 5:30 Thursday.

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