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for August 25, 2021


First of all, I was planning on taking a trip to see my youngest son this week and I was not going to post any blogs for the time I would be out of town. In fact, I was looking forward to a break from my PC as well as the grumbling, complaining and bellowing that usually comes with these writings, since most everything comes back to the lunatic left. This being the case, I have decided to take a couple of days off after I post this one and MAYBE, come back to this page on Saturday.

Before I take my break I just want to share some random thoughts - the things that have come across my mind during the last three days or so.

First of all, I have a new name for the Biden-Harris Administration. I call it "Mumbles and Cackles". Since Ole Joe sometimes garbles up or mumbles some of his sentences and phrases I thought I would just pay tribute to his current geriatric stage in life. He mumbles. As for Kamala Harris, if you haven't noticed, she always, ALWAYS answers questions with a laugh, a giggle or a hearty cackle. It's as if she is telling the reporters who ask her questions that their queries aren't worth the time to answer so she laughs at them. It's her way of saying "Don't bother me with issues." Maybe she would like to talk about her time as a prosecutor of marijuana possession and a back turner on murder while serving as a D.A. in San Francisco. Or maybe she would love to talk about her many trysts with former Mayor, the late Willie Brown. Maybe then, her laughter would turn to a pleasurable moan. But, she laughs. It's her defense mechanism. So, there you have "Mumbles and Cackles."

Another random thought is my contempt for all those who are propping up ole Joe in the face of his many debacles, more especially the Afghan withdrawal, which I call the U.S. defeat in Afghanistan, or more truthfully: The Taliban Victory over the United States. We lost! Pure and simple. It really pisses me off how the entire Administration simply blames former President Trump for this massive loss of property, planes, guns, and soon, American lives as the August 31 deadline passes and many Americans will be left there to suffer from the hands of the Taliban. You just know that if and when an American life is snuffed out and if and when one of the main stream media outlets reports it, they will spin it as a casualty of Donald Trump and blame it on the time-table he worked out with the Taliban; a timetable, I might add, that came with the condition that if they didn't honor to the hilt the conditions of free passage out, he knew where they lived and would rain down hell on their houses. That's what Trump promised. But Ole Joe just told them yesterday: "Okay, okay, we'll be gone next Tuesday and you won't have to worry about us bothering you again. Keep what we leave behind and do whatever you will with whoever is left. Just don't tell anybody." Meaning what? Meaning, don't let the cat out of the bag if you decide to kill all the Afghan Christians or enslave, imprison or kill any Americans. We don't want the American media, especially Fox News, Newsmax or One America News to find out.

A third random thought has to do with it being that time of the year. Many women talk about that time of the month; many men do to when that time of the month affects them in life-threatening ways. I talk about that time of the year. The reference here is what I talked about back in the last half of the August 2nd blog. It's the time where I usually get down and out on the end of summer. It's like a seasonal reminder that when one enters the autumn of life you begin to slow down, that the fun of summer and the fast pace happiness of life is ending. But, as I said in that blog, it has more effect on me than that. In fact, I really don't know the one real thing that triggers the sadness, or rather, the despair. So far, this year's summer ending has really hit me bad and I truly hope it doesn't get bad. It is just a little tiresome for me. Maybe it's the heat.

There are a number of other things that are or have passed through my mind during the last few hours. Janice and I took a brief trip to Williamsburg today so she could do some shopping at the Outlet Mall. She needed some new shoes and New Balance has an outlet there where at least one every other year she goes to pick up a couple of new pairs. She did that today, although they had to order hers in from another outlet since she wears a hard-to-find size. Oh you could get hers in a store that is 40,000 square foot, you know that could hold a football stadium, but Williamsburg is not that large. So her new shoes will be sent through FedEx and she should get them the first of next week. Anyway, while in Williamsburg we stopped by Buffalo Wild Wings and ate some wings and fried for lunch. I think I spent a whole hour in their with her, eating and talking and just having a good time. I actually did about 90 percent of the talking as I chose to reflect back on my high school and college years, my best friend in high school, Jay Perkins; then my dear friend and roommate in college, Byron Duncan. I talked about the trouble we all got into, the fun we had playing sports, music or whatever.

So basically the fourth random thought is about my mid to late teen years as I transitioned from being a dependent of my parents to becoming an adult and independent. When I look back and think about it, that was a major shift in my life which I didn't think much of before.

My final random thought goes out to what appears to be between 15,000 and 30,000 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan and we now hear that the Taliban is not letting anymore people onto the tarmac to catch a plane out - not even American citizens. What is Joe Biden and his State Department going to do about that? What are our European Allies thinking about us? What do the families of those trapped going to do, if there is anything they can do? And the big question: Why did Biden and/or the Pentagon take all the troops out of there while still leaving our citizens and about 5,000 more Christian refugees seeking asylum after having already taken over 20,000 Muslim Afghan refugees, non of whom were vetted, and dropped them off in St. Louis and told where to go to get the first of dozens of freebies from our government with the hope and prayer that they are all good guys and won't resort of Islamic extremism in our country.

I've said it before and I will say it again: We are in really big trouble as a nation. Our culture has radically changed and Marxism if fully ingrained into the minds of the last two generations who are almost making up the majority of our population. Couple that with the 20 million undocumented and illegal aliens who have crossed our southern border, the nearly 10 million Muslim immigrants to have settled in this country in the last 20 years (one of whom is in Congress and hell-bent on bringing this Republic down). We just aren't going to make it too much longer.

Yeah, these are random thoughts. They really don't have much to do with one another. And I could go on with a few more. Quickly and without explanation let me tell you about five of them:

  • I wonder about my neighbor two houses down in back of my house as to whether he has two wives, or a wife and a mistress or concubine. It appears the one "wife" is fast and sassy and I wonder what her story is.
  • I wonder if the dust will settle down at church between me and the woman I spoke of in Sunday's rant who is so far to the Left of the "reality" spectrum that she is not rational or trustworthy. Will she come to what little sense she may possess and see that I am not her enemy. I would settle for being a person with whom she and I could agree to disagree.
  • I wonder if my little doggie and best friend Reggie is doing alright. He can't see much, but now he isn't eating real well. He drinks a lot of water - not too much, and his bodily functions are functional. But he is truly showing his age and is really slowing down. I wonder how long I will have him around and this is not a good time of the year for me.
  • I wonder if I can get my doctor to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and ivermecton as a prophylactic since I won't be taking the vaccine due to my natural anti-viral immunity which could be compromised with the vaccine. The doctor probably won't but come September 13th and my next appointment with her I will be bringing my case to her.
  • I wonder if I will ever be able to stop watching and listening to the news from the main stream media, maybe just turn the damned television off forever. Can I ever content myself to just listening to music, reading good books and limiting my current events information to my favorite ten conservative sources? Will those sources still be around in five years? Then, a related "wonder": Will I have to go underground? You know, will I ever have to go off the grid? Live in seclusion? Move to the hills, or better to Montana or Idaho? Will I still have a church to preach for in five years, or better yet, will there be any conservative evangelical churches around in five years?

Yep, there is so much on my mind. There is so little time to talk about, much less deal with it.

Until Saturday, or later ...

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