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for August 28, 2021


Let me start out by saying I did not miss writing and ranting over the last two days. I had a lot to preoccupy my mind which, as it turned out, was not important enough to write about.

Before bellowing about Biden (Hey that sounds like the title of a good book), I am reminded that tomorrow is Sunday and you know what that means. Over the last five Sundays we have gone from "bad" to "good" to "great" to "even greater" to just "above average." Tomorrow may be worse as we are returning to asking the folks, if they can, to wear masks in the sanctuary. Then, next week, we will fired up the parking lot ministry as we return to inviting people to worship from their cars again with the service being broadcast over the radio and an usher outside to care for the needs of the parking lot crowd.

This is because of the rising Covid numbers as many folks in our area have tested positive for the virus and even a few who have already had the shots have contracted it! I just hope the Democrats don't lock us up again. Believe me, it will be the Democrats who will do that for they were the only ones to do it last year. They were the only one bold enough to say: "To hell with your freedoms, you are on lockdown!"

I, therefore, think we will have a fewer less folks attending tomorrow for two basic reasons: This weekend is the last full week of vacation time before Labor Day weekend, and second, some just don't want to wear masks and will not attend. Couple these two reasons with the indifference of a few and we are looking for a smaller crowd than we have had since July 18th. We will soon see, won't we. And tomorrow's blog may be a rant, but there is hope it will just be a comment on how it could have been better.

Basically, I have been watching with interest how our country is just falling apart. The Biden Administration's actions in and with Afghanistan has cost the lives of 13 servicemen and over 100 innocent Afghanis who were looking for an escape from the certain death or enslavement that awaits them at the hands of the Taliban and, as it turns out, ISIS. Folks, other than the time I spent at the office at church on Thursday, it has been hours and days of emotion and downright contempt for this government. Joe "Mumbles" Biden looked terrible at the press conference on Thursday. He even bowed his head onto the microphone in front of him while he was trying to comprehend and come up with the answer to the Fox News  White House Correspondent, Peter Doocy's questions. He looked defeated and lost.

During the press conference and right as he was about to take questions, he admitted that he had a list of names given to him to call upon. In other words, he admitted he was to stay on script and only answer questions from those who had already presented their questions, presumably to the Press Secretary or other White House staffer. Biden said out loud that NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell was the first reporter he was “instructed to call on” to ask him a question during a Thursday press briefing following a terrorist attack outside the Kabul airport.

“Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell of NBC,” Biden said, kicking off the Q&A part of the briefing. What in all that is God's creation is going on with him? I am so certain his cognition is operating only on one cylinder. God help us!

Over the last week, President Biden has repeatedly addressed the American people and every single time he did he refused to admit that he had done anything wrong, refused to admit that what was happening on the ground was a failure, refused to change course, instead doubling and tripling down on a failed strategy – all else be damned.

Biden’s toxic shake of incompetence, inflexibility, and unwillingness to take responsibility had tragic consequences for the brave men and women in uniform serving in Afghanistan.

I thought that when Biden spoke late yesterday afternoon that things would be different, that he would have to admit his failures, that he would have to change course, that he would stop relying on the Taliban and stop capitulating to their demands.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. Biden’s address to the nation yesterday was more of the same. Biden absolutely refused to alter his policy to adjust to the situation on the ground.

Biden has decided to continue to rely on the Taliban to defend and protect Americans, Biden committed to sticking by the arbitrary August 31st deadline regardless of whether Americans would be left behind, and Biden failed to take immediate steps to strike back at the people responsible for killing of 13 Americans.

Biden has got to go!!

In a matter of days, America dropped from being the most respected and well-like nation of strength to the least respected and most shunned country on the face of the earth. The United States is no longer the great nation that it was with George Washington through Ronald Reagan and beyond. Donald Trump tried to revive its greatness after Barack Obama and his Marxist Democrats brought it down about fifty notches.

President Biden has brought it down to an indescribable collection of nothing. We have gone from "America First" to God only knows what.

This was done with one strike of the bat with this great big debacle. What is so important about Afghanistan? Why do we even care?

A vast majority of us could not locate the place on a map. It is more than 7,000 miles away. Its mountainous caves — though stunningly beautiful — are more primitive than anything we in America know. Only 3 percent of Afghan homes have sewage systems, according to the United Nations. They use gravel for toilet paper.

Yet, for some reason, politicians in Washington from both parties have spent trillions of your tax dollars and sacrificed thousands of your sons to modernize Afghanistan, settle ancient blood feuds, teach them democracy and enforce their borders.

At least 12 more U.S. service members were killed in bomb blasts Thursday — long after President Biden raised the white flag and announced to the world that the American mission there was a failure. How do you send four men to die for what you now say is a mistake?

A mistake you voted for and you supported? A mistake you deemed a failure — yet inexplicably doubled down on this week by sending more troops back in to oversee the slow-rolling catastrophe that is entirely the making of American politicians in Washington like you. There is no valley in hell deep enough for where people like you belong.

Still, the only question is this: Why are we there?

Most of us would say we are there to prevent another 9/11-style attack on America’s homeland. After 20 years and all we have invested, it is hard to measure that success anymore. Anyway, there are much better ways to protect our homeland, such as securing our own borders.

But ask Washington politicians what Afghanistan is all about, and you get some seriously deranged answers. Especially from Republicans. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told Sean Hannity this week that America’s disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan hurts us because it will make it “harder to fight future wars.”

Yes, he said that out loud, as if channeling the late Sen. John McCain from the grave. The problem with this disastrous war is that it will make it hard to get into the next disastrous war. And you wonder why these people lose so many elections to Democrats.

Earlier this week, Mr. Biden — the commander-in-chief who got our Marines blown up at the Kabul airport Thursday — sat down for an interview with fellow Democrat George Stephanopoulos. Mr. Biden dismissed concerns that he was once again putting our troops into harm’s way for a failed mission.

“But no one’s being killed right now,” he stammered before wrapping his knuckles on the small wooden table White House staffers had provided him. “God forgive me if I’m wrong about that, but no one’s being killed right now.”

Please resign, Joe Biden. Ride off into the sunset with your fading cognition and take your little wooden table with you.

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