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for August 30, 2021


Life in the office today was,... well, boring. I did work on my sermon for September 12 and this makes the third week in a row where I have stayed two weeks ahead. This was all due to the fact that I was supposed to be on vacation and when that happens I prepare the message for the Sunday I return, putting me ahead until I get back. Well, I had to prepare for one when the vacation was cancelled and from that time, I just stayed ahead. Whoopee!!

It's another hot day, nine days in a row and thirteen out of fourteen where the heat index has hit 100 degrees. Thankfully, the remnants of Ida will bring us some rain which means the clouds will bring the temperatures down a bit. They say we ought to be about ten degrees cooler on the temperatures by mid-week and lasting through the weekend, but I will believe it when I see it. Maybe just Wednesday - that's my semi-optimistic prognostication on the weather. It's just that the heat has been relentless around here the last two weeks. Give us a break, please!

I just stopped for a quick early supper and while eating my Chick-Fil-A sandwich I watched the local weather forecast for the middle and end of the week. The chance of rain have dropped from 70 percent to just 30 and it looks like the biggest part of the rain bands and any winds will stay away from us. That is somewhat good news but if we go unto the weekend without any significant rain we will be in the early stages of a draught. At my house, we have had .09 inches of rain since August 9th. That ain't good.

So I had a pretty long rant yesterday and after posting that, Janice and I watched a few episodes of Cheers as that is the show we are binge watching, if my binge watching one means watching the series all the way through over a certain period of time, but not at the exclusion of regular television viewing. We are finishing up season four which happens to be the first year that a youthful Woody Harrelson starred on the show. He plays a good natured semi-idiot and does it well.

Anyway, it being a work day today for Janice and having to be up at 4:00 am, she went off to bed around 8:00 and soon after, I took my Bluetooth Speaker bar out on to the deck, along with my Thermocell mosquito light and after I got it cranking, sat outside for about an hour and listened to Allison Krauss and Union Station. What can I say? I was in the mood for a little cross-over Folk and Bluegrass.

After that, I came inside and did a little reading and viewed a couple of videos from The Epoch Times which has produced a few series on Communism. Yes, I am still studying the subject if only to keep up with the Democrats and their plans to destroy the country.

Back to this days activities, well - like I said, it was basically routine, even if I do usually stay at home on Monday. I went in today because tomorrow I have what could be a very long funeral. I said yesterday that there will be a few contributors to the graveside portion which could make that an hour-and-a-half in length. It all starts at 11:00 so by the time it is over, so would my office hours. In two weeks, our Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study returns only we will be having it in the sanctuary instead of around a table in the fellowship hall. The renovations have started there and we would be sitting in saw dust, drywall dust and dust dust. So we will be dispensing with the refreshments until that is all completed and that appears to be around Christmas time. When Bible Study returns so I will be returning to the long day at church scenario.

Reggie went with me to the church today and slept in the office most of the time. We got home around 1:30 and I have been goofing off for most of that time up until I sat down to write these useless words. Well, they are useful to me because it allows me to "get it out of my system" - whatever IT is.

Janice got home around 2:30 and left around 3:15 to go over and work in the flower bed of one of our church members. It was the lady who invited us to lunch at her house yesterday. Good Ole Harriet (no disrespect using the word "Ole"). She is 93 years old and gets around like a 45 year old. She is active in two bridge clubs, the Daughters of the Confederacy, the Red Hatters League, works out at the WMCA, sings in the church choir, participates in a few local activities with neighbors and friends, goes to church every Sunday and never slows down. She was hosting one of the bridge clubs when she spied Janice outside her window and decided she should introduce hot, sweaty and dirty Janice to the group of women. Needless to say, Janice was embarrassed.

Janice got home around 5:15 and is taking her shower. Following that, we will watch some more Cheers. So, let me quit this musing and post it so I can fire up the TV.

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