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for August 31, 2021


I can't believe this is the last day of August and officially the last day of Summer. Meteorologically September 21st will be the last day of Summer, but for vacationers who use the months on the calendar as a guide, after August comes BACK TO SCHOOL.

With me, August 31st is just a day. It's the month of September that will inevitably bring me to the brink of the doldrums. If bad things happen based on a month of the year, September brings it on for me. Ever since I stopped being a regular student (after graduate school), Septembers seemed to always have a major downer to happen which brings either pain, tears or anguish to my life.

Of the jobs I have lost, all three happened during the month of September.

Of the closest friends I have lost, their deaths occurred in September.

I lost my position as a Classical music announcer to a syndicated program and was relegated to producing the news (a move I detested) in September of 2002.

My most loved and loyal doggie, Princess, the subject of a couple of these blogs, passed away on September 16, 2016.

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in September, 1997.

The only church that asked me to leave started the move to oust me in September of 1984.

I could name a few other things that distressed me or worse that occurred in the month of September but that would bore you.

Well, anyway, tomorrow is the start of what has traditionally come to be known as "Tip Toe Month." By that I mean I most silently maneuver through the month and try and go undetected by the elements, lest I get found out and then stomped out. Some would call it "fate." I called it just plain unlucky.

Let me get off of that subject now, because tomorrow has enough worries of its own (so says Jesus, and true He was).

I don't really have much to talk about. I waited throughout the day to sit down and write and now that the sun has set, nothing really comes to mind outside of the usual ranting over the Democrats and especially what this doddering fool of a President has done to make out country look weak in the eyes of what few allies we still have. I mean I could really blast one out tonight. But first, as I sit here and the sun having set, I want to go out on the back deck and sit and listen to some good music again. Sunday night, I listened to Allison Krauss and Union Station. Last night it was Gordon Lightfoot. If I go out tonight I can't say yet who it will be but I have come to enjoy sitting out there in the evening and listening to music.

Last night was enjoyable because from the moment I sat down out there (it was around 8:00 pm) there was the so-called "heat lightening" coming up from within the clouds off in the distance. Now heat lightening is just a phrase without real meaning, but what is being described is really lightening without sound. In other words, when it flashes it is really so far off in the distance that the thunder doesn't register. Well, this heat lightening kept on for about 75 minutes or so and then became more frequent. The clouds got thicker and then it was no more "heat lightening." It became the real thing. We weren't supposed to get much of anything by way of rain, but it came anyway. By 9:45 the winds started to pick up, the thunder got louder, the lightening more frequent and what was once cloud-to-cloud lightening became cloud-to-ground.

It was exactly 10:00 when the bottom fell out. I had just five minutes before packed it all in and went inside. For about twenty-five minutes we had what my dad would call a "Joe Nailer." He coined that phrase to refer to what one would hear when "Ole Joe fired up his jack hammer." It was really cool! I enjoy the thunder and the fire show! You have read me go on about how I love to sit and enjoy the sound of the rain.

Outside of having to come in last night, the last two evenings have been so enjoyable. I want to do it again tonight instead of excoriating the Left. I know I will be getting that out of my system sometime soon - but not today. So I will once again make this one brief, but I am almost certain that tomorrow will afford me the opportunity to roast that decrepit imbecile in the White House.

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