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for December 18, 2021


Well I got the leaves raked up and bagged from what was left undone yesterday. It took only two hours and it was done in the cool of the morning. Mostly cloudy, southerly winds about 15 MPH, temperature about 66 degrees. I wore shorts and a t-shirt to get the work done. You would think, it wasn't winter time so why the leaves? They should still be on the trees, right?

After raking and bagging, I came in, fixed an egg with bacon and a Belgian waffle for a late breakfast and was planning on going to Starbucks to get a drink while Janice went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. But, just as she was about to go to the car I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. I had just had a bowel movement ten minutes before. Turns out, it was a good thing that I decided not to go with Janice. I had diarrhea. Yep, I had an hour and a half of trotting to do.

Then, after about six trips total, I was done. I think it was a precursor to tomorrow. By that I mean that my body was telling me it was time to turn on the fear factor. That is, the fear of what may happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday. The day when no one can predict if many or few will show up, if those who are participants in the service will be there and if the service will come off with as few of hiccups as possible.

If you have read any of my Saturday musings, three out of four express those concerns over the Sunday service which to me is right around the corner and ready to pounce. Many pastors go through the tightness of the stomach and mental anguish of wondering if he is prepared for the service. I concern myself over whether I will have to be a one-man show. I usually have that happen at least once in every six weeks. Three of the remaining five weeks are usually understaffed and I have to do extra work. The two other weeks are good. The next worry is if I forget something before service, like turning on the video for the Facebook folks, or remembering to make special announcements about an important event. Sometimes, I forget a good point that should be made in the sermon.

I wonder what is in store for me tomorrow? Well, thank goodness, I don't have to preach a full blown message, just give a brief Christmas devotion following the choir's Christmas Cantata. But, and this is a BIG BUT - the weather forecast for tomorrow is steady and sometimes heavy rain from about 7 am until 2 in the afternoon. You have to remember that the average age of my active attenders is 70, with many in their 80s. The heavy rain showers for the 80 somethings are sometimes as bad as 6 inches of snow for the young folks. It's enough to keep them at home.

Last year, we had one of the lowest attendance for the Sunday before Christmas in the church's history. Most of that was due to the pandemic with many of our folks still not wanting to gather inside with most of the folks not wearing masks. We have always averaged in the low 70's to mid 80's on this particular Sunday, but recently, with most folks leaving to see kids and grandkids, rather than the other way around, our attendances are down to about 60 and last year was only 54. What bothers me is that the choir has worked really hard to present this particular musical for this particular service and it was well planned and announced. I would really feel bad for the choir if we had less than we did last year. Janice would say, well, at least they know what you go through nearly every Sunday. You planned and prepare your sermon, sometime add a little extra to the service, maybe add a special song or have someone do something special during the service and still, a vast number don't show.

Well, maybe my diarrhea was an early warning mechanism, or maybe I was just getting the worst of my fears out of me early. I usually have those pains in my stomach on Sunday morning and half of the time I hit the toilet as soon as I get to church.

After the bout with the can, the door bell rang and it was the FedEx girl with my laptop PC that I order when I ordered the one for the Treasurer at church. They were sent a day apart but arrived at different ports from China and mine came five days after the other. I spent a couple of hours loaded all the apps, installing the drivers I will need and played with the settings to get it to look more like I want.

Janice came home and while I was working on the laptop she watched some football. Following that, we went into the kitchen to make chocolate covered peanut butter crackers. We literally made a couple hundred, some with white chocolate and some with dark chocolate. We are going to give them away as additional presents to our family and friends this coming week.

Following that and while Janice was cleaning up the kitchen, I went to the garden. It wasn't like last night which was more calm and easy than normal. I spent about twenty minutes in tears. I could have stayed longer as the weather was beautiful for an early winter night. A slight breeze, full moon with high clouds and behind me to the west were thicker and more onerous clouds moving in and setting the stage for tomorrow's rain. The moon was so bright I could read the words off of Princess's and Reggie's memorial markers. It was calm, quiet (with the exception of the traffic off in the distance riding down Interstate 664).

Yes, I talked with my little fury friends as if they were sitting beside me and because they weren't I cried. Well, I had a calmer night last night, that was one step forward, right? But, tonight, one step back. It really isn't getting that much easier. It is barely noticeable.

This is going to be a short rag tonight. I am tired and my is aching a little from all the raking yesterday and this morning. Plus, sitting up in a recliner working on that laptop wasn't helpful.

Tomorrow is another day - a church day! I guess I will have a lot to talk about in tomorrow's rant. I will probably skip the Ravens-Packers game and come to my home office to blog. They way the Ravens have been playing and with Quarterback Lamar Jackson messing up with the fear of blitzes, with his twelve turnovers in the last three games, the odds makers are giving the Packers four touchdowns to the Ravens three field goals. That sounds right. Justin Tucker, the best and longest field goal kicker in NFL history has been carrying the Ravens most of the year. If they are to have a chance at winning any of their last four games, John Harbaugh had better put Tyler Huntley in because he isn't afraid of the pass rush and all the teams playing the Ravens have now keyed in on Jackson's fear and will rush him hard until the cows come home.

I may watch the game if Huntley starts as QB, otherwise, it's another game full of punts, miscues and turnovers as the Packers roll all over the Ravens. We will see.

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