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for December 19, 2021


Despite the rain, despite so many of our regular folks not being in town, and despite a few being sick, we had a really great attendance in the house of the Lord in Windsor. It was better than last year and once again, we went over the budget needs in our offering. We are now close to four weeks over the budget for 2021. The attendance was 12 better than last year.

Now I know you are waiting to hear if there was any bad news about the service today. Well, even though I had to run the sound system while the choir did their cantata and at the same time to the narration from the sound room, it went off without a flaw.

Well, that is not bad news. Give me some!

There were so many visitors as many members of the choir has family attending today.

That is still not bad news. Come on, what's the bad news?

The choir performed their best and, if I do say so myself, it was the best of the eleven they performed since my becoming their pastor.

So, there is nothing about today that could have made the service any better?

Yes, we had more visitors today than members. If any of the guest knew that, it would be an embarrassment as if to say, our members couldn't be here today as their interests are more important than welcoming you to the church today. Now I know that is not the case and that we do have some who have already left for the Christmas holiday on vacation. But our members ought to be embarrassed, at least a little. But I doubt that it has even occurred to anyone that more visitors were present than members.

I counted nine of the regulars that were unaccounted for. I also know that there were six out of town and two were sick. There were a few others who may have just decided that the rain was too much for them. I will say that a couple of the elderly surprised me by showing up despite the weather.

As for the two ladies who I am keeping an eye on, the ones I said in an earlier blog may have misgivings about me (they are the wives of the two deacons who run their lives and makes many of their decisions), they were both present today. Hey, after all, I didn't preach. I won't be there the next two Sundays and I am willing to wager they will be present. On my first Sunday back - January 9th - I bet neither one will be present.

One of those ladies is the Chairman of the Deacon's wife. She is a far left believer in socialism and all things Democrat. Socially she believes I should be more open minded to such things as performing gay marriage and not preach against such social issues as abortion, critical race theory, immigration and anything the Constitution disavows. There mere mention of Fox News sets her off on a tizzy and she see everything through the lens of politics, even the Bible.

The other lady is a pure materialistic woman. She can't stand the fact that one of her two sisters or even her brother's wife, might have something she doesn't have. If she wants what one of them have, she will go to great lengths to tap her husbands wallet to purchase it. She did not want to have dentures when she was to loose all her teeth. She wanted very expensive and prolonged replacement surgery as each tooth was replaced by prostheses which cost nearly $35,000 that was considered elective surgery and the health insurance wouldn't cover a single dime. She is also the one who gets upset if I visit her brother and not her. She wants the pastor to come out to visit her more than anyone else in the church.

Because I don't bend the knee to either one of these ladies, they hold a grudge, one that is so great, yet very petty that they will use stupid excuses not to attend church. For the first, it is the fear of Covid coming from those who refuse to wear a mask (which is just about everybody). Yet, she was there today! As for the other, she will have some sort of body ache or her partially disabled son may need her attention (like it being time to do his laundry which he is too lazy to do, but she is more than willing to do it for him, especially if it is on a Sunday).

Well, on January 9th the first can start her fear of getting Covid over again and the other can get a sore shoulder or answer her son's call to come and help him clean his kitchen. As for their husbands, there are times that I swear they are both glad they are not there. I know to some degree they are embarrassed by their absence and several people always seem to ask about them, as to where they are or if they are feeling bad.

OK, so enough for my rant and review of this Sunday's Church activities. I am in a very good mood over the welcome results of a high attendance, good offering, colossal performance by the choir and the spirit of Christmas that prevailed in the church today.

I am writing this blog on my new laptop which arrive yesterday. I am sitting in the den with the rain still falling outside (although it is almost over). The Ravens are playing the Packers and, like I said in yesterday's missive, I was going to watch it only if Tyler Huntley starts at QB for the Ravens. He did! At halftime it is tied 14-14. I believe that if Lamar Jackson had started, the score would be more like 14 to 3 or worse in the Packers favor.

Half time is about over and I am going to published this now so that I can watch with baited breath the second half.


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