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for December 22, 2021


This has been a very nice day. Hey! It's the first time I have been able to say that since Reggie passed. It still wasn't a wonderful day, though. I think it will be a while before I can say that. Maybe I will get close with the family coming in tomorrow night. We will see.

I got my car back! It looks beautiful. The body shop did a splendid job on it. I cannot tell or find a single little indication of any damage, replacement, buffering or even the least little hint of the paint job. I am indeed happy. Especially elated over the fact that I don't have to drive somebody else's automobile.

What was really funny was that since I have been driving other cars, I had to get use to where all the controls were on the dash and the steering wheel. Knowing where all the heat controls and how they differ from one car to another caused me to have to think about where some of my car's buttons and controls were. I had to remember where the seat heater button was, where the cruise control was located. It wasn't a serious brain glitch, but just a lot of razzle dazzle of the dash controls.

Janice's car is great, mine is great, and everything seems to be falling into place for Christmas. I had only one gift to purchase today. Well, two: I needed to go get the cats a new litter pan, one that is not tall around the sides as Whiskers is having a hard time jumping into the one they already use. She is 21 pounds and at 11 years old it is getting hard for her to make the jump. We are keeping the old litter box for Pixie as she has terrible toilet manners. When she pees, she stands up and without the sides in the big box, she would hit the wall or the floor if a wall is not behind her when she goes. Added to the fact that she never covers her stools after going that way and you have the makings of terror in the bathroom. The pan that I got was smaller and has sides that curve slightly inward, good enough for Pixie unless she faces away from the front of it; better for Whiskers since would not have to jump over and into it. If Pixie goes Number 1 and faces away, she will spray all over the utility room floor. She's an idiot.

The second and last gift I had to purchase was for Janice. I have already purchased one gift for her: a 14 inch sculpture replica of a 1948 Ford Pickup Truck painted in Green and Yellow with the Green Bay Packers logo on it. It was one of those novelty creations from the Hamilton Collection, a subsidiary of the Bradford Exchange. I reserved it when Janice saw a card with it's promotion on it and fell head over heels in love over the thought of having one. So, I paid the $129.00 plus postage and handling to reserve it and it was supposed to be released at the end of November. Then at the end of October I got a notice saying that it would be released and shipped by December 17. Then a month ago it was moved to January 15th. Now, I received another notice saying that the manufacturing process has taken longer than expected as they were only producing 350 of them and they had just hit the 350 mark. That means that they should be shipping them all out around the first of March and with the delivery system being slow, they are giving themselves the extra time. I happen to think that the reason they haven't finished producing them yet is because they are understaffed at the shop (thanks Democrats for making it preferable to stay at home and get paid by the taxpayers) and with the economy falling into the tank, not many people see the need to purchase such an item at such a price (thanks again Democrats, for the crumbling economy).

Since the sculpture won't be in, I went out this evening and bought a present that is always a sure hit for Janice: a gift card to Lowes. Yes, that is always a great gift for her. Come the first of spring, she will be in the lawn and garden section purchasing scrubs, plants and all the necessary mulch, fertilizers, whatever else she needs for the soil, like fish emulsion, chicken poop and other stinky stuff.

Brad and I also went in and bought her a complete nine piece set of stainless steel pots and pans with copper lining underneath that lays on the burner to even out the heat to the food inside. They came with tops so really it was a fourteen piece set. They were somewhat expensive and Brad wanted to go in halves with me, saying "after all, I will be doing some of the cooking and I would rather have something great to cook with." It is a blessing to have a culinary artist and professional chef in the family. It is too bad he burned out of his first love and is now studying to go into the HVAC business. I have been there and know what that is like.

I also bought her a big box of 240 Thin Mints which will put her in heaven with each bite. That is all she wants for Christmas: A Lowes gift card, good chocolate and anything that is a novelty and having to do with the Green Bay Packers.

Christmas shopping is over for me. Janice also finished shopping today, having taken Mariah for a final romp through Wal Mart. Most of my shopping was done via Amazon. I am getting to the place where I think my grandfather-in-law was a genious at Christmas buying. Everybody got a $20 bill and cologne for the men and perfume for the ladies. No one got more, no one got less. The kids, of course, receive other things, but always the same type of thing. So, this year, the grandkids, ages 10 to 16 got $40.00 Amazon gift cards, the one grandson over 18 and my two sons and daughter-in-law got $60.00 gift certificates and the two younger grandkids (both under 10) got smart watches with games and other fun stuff on them. And that is that!

I will probably blog about thoughts and feelings tomorrow and make it the last one until the kids and grandkids leave. Some go back on the 29th the rest on the 31st. I may post a couple if the time allows, but my family is a priority and they will also pre-occupy my mind in such a way that I can put most of the grieving on the back burner. Yes, I will probably sneak out each day to talk with Princess and Reggie. In fact, it is time to do so now, so I will say "arrivederci", "au revoir" and "auf wiedersehen."

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